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Why was Bella Cullen (B. Swan) having those dreams about a boy?

I don't remember quite well because I've only read the libros once and i havent watched the movies..
but Bella was having dreams of a baby boy and all...
while doing math my thoughts wandered and i remembered how Renesme could mostrar visions and all..
so the dreams, were they caused por renesme.. well no maybe not..
but what was the whole point of them? so that she could think Nessie is a baby boy? and call him edward jacob junior (which tbvh im glad she isnt)? i mean it can't only be so she could find out she's pregnant..

i think im over thinking... maybe xD

I'm really curious, maybe the autor was trying to tell us som- OH GOSH IM TURNING INTO MY ENGLISH TEACHER

someone just answer this...
ticktockangel posted hace más de un año
 ticktockangel posted hace más de un año
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Flickerflame said:
I think maybe it was just to give a little twist with the revelation that she has a daughter. Possibly Stephenie Meyer thought it'd be too cheesy o cliche for Bella to correctly predict the kid's gender in a dream, too.

I never considered the idea that the dreams were Renesmee projecting. One of the dreams involved the Volturi attack. How could she have foreseen that? It makes más sense for it to be Bella's subconscious affected por the fact that she'd been remembering stories of immortal children before falling asleep.
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posted hace más de un año 
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