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How high, in your opinion, are chances for a renewal?

Curious to hear people thoughts. Maybe someone has any predictions for other shows that will leave free el espacio for Reign. I might sound too obsessed, since I'm already literally pulling my hair out of my head for this mostrar (when it hasn't even aired yet), but I just feel that it's going to be so great, that I can't help. Want to hear your thoughts, guys. :)
 lovebirds posted hace más de un año
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happytales said:
I'll give some of my pros and cons.
+ I think at the end of may 4 shows were doing "not so great" in network: HOD, BB, The Carrie Diaries and Nikita. So any of them can go anytime. It's hard for me to tell on which is más likely so sail away though. I've heard HOD is extremely cheap, so it can be the reason it might stay for longer.
+ Let's be honest, new shows (apart from TTP and The Originals) don't look so prommising either. I doubt SC o The 100 will get 2 season. Maybe SC will, since I've heard some good reviews from Andy rápido, swift and TV guide (although in my opinion the promo looked like it's shot on Nickelodeon channel (no offence to anyone)), on the other hand I haven't seen one single positive review for "The 100". But then again, it's just a pilot. People can't really judge a book por it's cover.
+/- Reign really covers a unique audience, since it's completely new kind of mostrar for CW network. While it's a dulces for CW teen girls, according to not so long time agone cancelled CW teen shows "90210" and "GG", I might say this audience has vanished somewhere. I mean if the mostrar is aiming these 1.2 mil. viewers, there is no way Reign will live. But We've heard that Reign is also getting supernatural elements, and this is something that can bring additional viewers from sci-fi shows. When it comes to soaps, I think the whole reason why GG and 90210 both got of fthe hook is because of "too much" bedhopping happening within the group. This might attract some viewers, but everyone understands when situation gets out of control, so that the whole situation becomes hilariously stupid. I think Reign will give más depth to mostrar than both 90210 and GG alltogether. Because the mostrar is taking place in decades when actually some morals excisted, So we probably will be seguro from all the ridiculness teen focused shows usually become. Which concludes that mostrar might not loose viewers as fast as GG, when it went all lust.
- The huge minus for Reign is the budget. I heard it's VERY expensive, and it might play a bad role for us. But let's stay possitive.
We can for sure say that the mostrar will get picked o cancelled after 2 episode. But let's stay positive.
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posted hace más de un año 
headstrongshiho said:
Well, if the siguiente few episodes do not see an increase in ratings, I think it will be canceled soon. Because, it's too expensive. They can allow shows like Hart Of Dixie having such ratings o even lower, because it has lower budgets, but Reign costs too much, plus CW has a whole line of new shows, The 100, estrella Crossed, Carrie Diaries and the final season of Nikita coming I'm saying it doesn't look good for Reign right now.

But, but Reign does have a very unique genre, it's something they've never done before and created a lot of buzz, they did ordered an additional 3 scripts, so maybe CW will keep it because they are confident in the show.
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posted hace más de un año 
HaleyDewit said:
If I'm not mistaken, the mostrar has been renewed.
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posted hace más de un año 
Elaina_30 said:
Want to see all kinds and queens reign down the lista of the few that reign . Make sure u go in depth before during and after industrial revolution.
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posted hace 11 meses 
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