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posted by hornean
Brian found a salamandra in the woods. It was a little naranja salamandra that crawled through the dried leaves of the forest floor.
The salamandra was warm and cozy in the boy’s hand. “Come live with me,” Brian said.
He took the salamandra home.

“Where will he sleep?” his mother asked.
“I will make him a salamandra cama to sleep in. I will cover him with leaves that are fresh and green, and bring moss that looks like little stars to be a almohada for his head. I will bring crickets to sing him to sleep and bullfrogs to tell him good-night stories.”

“And when he wakes up, where will he play?”
“I will carpet my room with shiny wet leaves and water them so he can slide around and play. I will bring árbol stumps into my room so he can climb up the bark and sun himself on top. And I will bring boulders that he can creep over.”

“He will miss his friends in the forest.”
“I will bring salamandra friends to play with him.”

“They will be hungry. How will tu feed them?”
“I will bring insects to live in my room. And every día I will catch salamanders. And I will make little pools of water on parte superior, arriba of the boulders so they can drink whenever they are thirsty.”

“The insects will multiply, and soon there will be bugs and insects everywhere.”
“I will find birds to eat the extra bugs and insects. And the bullfrogs will eat them too.”

“Where will the birds and bullfrogs live?”
“I will bring trees for birds to roost in, and make ponds for the frogs.”

“Birds need to fly.”
“We can lift off the ceiling. They will sail out in the sky, but they will come back to my room when it is time for dinner, because they will know that the biggest, juiciest insects are there.”

“But the trees—how will they grow?”
“The rain will come through the open roof and the sun, too. And vines will creep up the walls of my room, and ferns will grow under my bed. There will be big mushrooms and moss like little stars growing around the árbol stumps that the salamanders can climb on.”

“And you—where will tu sleep?”
“I will sleep on a cama under the stars, with the moon shining through the green leaves of the trees; owls will hoot and crickets will sing; and siguiente to me, on the boulder with its head resting on soft moss; the salamandra will sleep.”
posted by hornean
Henry wanted to fly. Everybody in his family had gone up with the balloon, but The Man always declared, “I’m not flying with that cat!”

The Man had been taking pilot’s lessons, and this time he was going to solo.
Henry grumbled and his tail switched, as he watched the people crunch around on the crusty March snow.

The Kid and The Woman open the mouth of the colorful balloon, while The Man blew it up with a gasoline-powered fan. Then the Instructor blasted warm air into the balloon from the burner mounted on a frame below it.
“Watch your fuel gauge,” he told The Man. “You don’t want...
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posted by hornean


Boy 1: Mrs. Rudolph, come see what Tom did.
Boy 2: Look what Tom did!
Boy 3: All por himself.
Girl 1: How did he reach?
Girl 2: Wow.
Girl 3: He must feel proud.
Girl 4: He’s a genius.
Boy 4: That’s some el espacio capsule!
Boy 5: He used up all the blocks.
Boy 6: It’s great, Tom.
Tom: Thanks.
John: I could do that.


Boy 3: Poor Tom.
Girl 2: I can’t look.
Boy 2: John’s always doing things like that.
Girl 1: He has no feelings!
Boy 1: Mrs. Rudolph, come see what John did!
Boy 4: He did it on purpose!
Girl 4: You’re mean!
Boy 6: You’re spiteful!
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posted by hornean
Cows are grazing in an open window. They are dairy cows, the leche makers.

Other animales make milk, too. But dairy cows make most of the leche we use.

There are five common breeds of dairy cows. The Holstein-Friesian is the most popular because it can produce más leche than the other breeds.

A cow is able to make leche when she is two years old and has dado birth to a calf. Her leche is the comida for her baby. She makes más than her becerro will ever need—so we use the extra milk.

A few months after her becerro is born, a cow is bred again to have another calf. She will be pregnant for nine months. Two...
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I live at 165 East 95th Street, New York City, and I’m going to stay here forever.

My mother and father are moving. Out West.

They say I have to go, too.
They say I can’t stay here forever.

Out West nobody plays baseball because they’re too busy chasing buffaloes.

And there’s cactus everywhere tu look.
But if tu don’t look, tu have to stand up just as soon tu sit down.

Out West it takes fifteen minutos just to say hello.
Like this: H-O-W-W-W-D-Y, P-A-A-A-R-D-N-E-R.

Out West I’ll look silly all the time.
I’ll have to wear chaps and spurs and a bandana and a hat so big...
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Alistair Grittle was a sensible boy.

Every día he made a lista of the things he had to do.
Then he made a lista of things he did not have to do.

He was always on time for school. The school clock was set por Alistair’s watch.

He hung up his chaqueta every night and put his shoes in plastic bags.

Alistair took especially good care of biblioteca books. He washed his hands before he read them so that he would not smudge the pages. And he always returned them to the biblioteca on time.

One day, when Alistair was returning his libros to the library, something unusual happened.

He was picked up por a el espacio ship and...
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posted by hornean
Have tu ever seen dinosaur skeletons in a museum?
I have.
I visit them all the time.
I went again yesterday.



I like to say their names.

SCOLOSAURUS was just where I had left it.
And TYRANNOSAURUS REX looked as fierce as ever.
TYRANNOSAURUS used to scare me.
I still can’t believe how big it is.
Just its head is almost twice my size.

I’m not afraid of dinosaurios anymore.
Sometimes I call them “you bag of bones” under my breath
I can spend hours looking at them.
I used to wonder where they came from and how they got into the museum....
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posted by hornean
Run outside to play in the warm summer sun where the césped, hierba grows tall and sunflowers fill the fields.

Baby bears play just like you.
They grow fat and round on fresh summer césped, hierba and learn to catch their first pescado cena down por the riverbank.
Summer is time to learn and to grow.

Baby mountain oveja learn the safest path to summer meadows. ansarino, gosling wings grow stronger, their voices louder.

Up in the trees, the songs of spring suddenly soften. curruca, reinita mothers and curruca, reinita fathers, busy feeding their young, have little time to sing. Hummingbirds sip nectar for themselves and catch bugs for their tiny...
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posted by hornean
“It’s there! It’s really there!”
The rotting hull of a ship has been found on the ocean floor. Within the wreck lies a fabulous treasure.

The story of each underwater treasure hunt is different, but each goes back to the same beginning…the sinking of a ship. The story of the hunt for the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, a Spanish galleon, begins the same way.

The Sinking

It is 1622. The Atocha with its fleet of sister ships, makes its way back from South America to Spain. The Atocha is a treasure ship, laden with gold, jewels, silver bars, and thousands of coins.
The fleet makes a...
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posted by hornean
“Good morning,” dicho Wilbur.
“You’re late,” grumbled the director.
Wilbur had only ten minutos to get made up, go to Wardrobe, and finish learning his lines.

“Hold still,” dicho Maxine, the makeup woman. “I have to make tu look strong and smart. It isn’t easy, tu know!” she joked.
With practiced skill, the Wardrobe Department transformed Wilbur into the Bionic Bunny.
First they snapped on his costume with the built-in muscles.
They tied his bionic sneakers, which made him taller.
They strapped on his bionic wristwatcher, which supposedly let him see anything anywhere.
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por Ogden Nash

Winter is the king of showmen,
Turning árbol stumps into snow men
And houses into birthday cakes
And spreading sugar over the lakes.
Smooth and clean and frost white
The world looks good enough to bite.
That’s the season to be young,
Catching snowflakes on your tongue.

Snow is snowy when it’s snowing
I’m sorry it’s slushy when it’s going.

por Karla Kuskin

We’ll play in the snow
And stray in the snow
And stay in the snow
In a snow-white park.
We’ll clown in the snow
And frown in the snow
Fall down in the snow
Till it’s after dark.
We’ll cook snow pies
In a big snow pan.
We’ll make snow eyes
In a round snow man.
We’ll sing snow songs
And chant snow chants
And roll in the snow
In our fat snow pants.
And when it’s time to go inicial to eat
We’ll have snow toes
On our frosted feet.
posted by hornean

Sweeper: the deeper I can play
the faster I can lay
out my traps for their fullback
moving too close to mid field.
I shine along the sidelines
from mid field
back to our goal.

I am the quickest,
most intelligent,
most modest,) player on
in this league.

I have the
I have the need to do a little
than play only one position. I
defend. I score. I run lik
across the maíz fields of
I am a brown tornado on a
The opposition knows
I come to play with
all I bring. They

watch me on the wing.


You are at the line. tu take a deep breath....
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In Ms. Frizzle’s class, we had been learning about animals’ homes for almost a month. We were pretty tired of it.
So everyone was happy when Ms. Frizzle announced, “Today we start something new.”

"We are going to study about our earth!" dicho Ms. Frizzle. She put us to work escritura reports about earth science.
“And for homework,” she said, “each person must find a rock and bring it to school."

But the siguiente day, almost everyone had some excuse.

Only four people had done their homework. And Phil was the only one who had found a real rock.

“I guess we’ll have to go on a field trip and...
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posted by hornean
Lolly, araña and Sam had a picnic on the beach.
“I’m as full as a tick,” dicho Lolly.
“Me too,” dicho Sam.
“Hot perros and limonada always hit the spot.”

“Now for a swim,” dicho Spider.
“Oh, no,” dicho Lolly.
“Not so soon after lunch.”
“Rats,” dicho Spider.

“How about a nap?” asked Sam.
“Oh, no,” dicho the others.
“Naps are no fun at all.”
“Very true,” dicho Sam.

“Want to hear a story?” asked Lolly.
“I brought along my reader.”
“A fine idea,” dicho her friends.
“Then let’s begin,” dicho Lolly.


The rata saw the cat and the dog.
“I see them,”...
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