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This misceláneo fondo de pantalla might contain playa, orilla del mar, costa, and costa del mar.

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doctor who
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I reviewed Jaws,,

Lets review the only movie of the series, that isn't complete shit.
A series starting with the stupidest moment is the tiburón jumping on the boat.. mean WHAT!?
And ends with a tiburón roaring, fucking roaring,
And a man escaping a plane being dragged down por a tiburón and escapes without a scratch "and nobody asking how". And that Sharks travel thousands of miles for revenge, and turns out the dicho revenge was poorly planned out, cause Michael literary jumps into the water, and Jaws swims away, even though the entire point of Jaws coming all that was the sole purpose of killing Michael....
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Well, Hello guys, I know for a fact that I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this rant, but, instead I want to get this off of my chest and someone needs to rant about her.

Now, first off, where do I begin? This is user is an absolute attention whore, I mean, she left this club 3 times because people are criticising her when she calls it 'bullying.' And plus, she thinks people hate her and want her to die o some shit.

After she publicado an answer 'Questionz' she publicado "Don't fucking correct me, I can fuking spellz."

However, then, a user, BlindBandit92, told her if she spells correctly, but spells...
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