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posted by tari-tari
I dont feel like going on long rants so yeah

First off, I would like to point out that no one owns this club. So tu can't go off actuación like it. Sure there's a creator but he/she doesn't own it. tu should all know who he is por now.

Why is this always misuse? Seriously. We have a muro and polls. Use it. It's stuff like this is what rapes most users updates. Who cares if it's a stupid question. tu can always use sarcasm. tu have no real rights to reportar the user. If they're spamming thats when tu can tell them off. tu should know what to post and what's not. tu can't always post anything...
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posted by xboxrocksx45
tu just shut the door i fell like más when tu say i'm shy i cry saying why? why? do tu make sure to amor me even though i'm shy do tu ever ever ever think to try? do tu think of me? when tu say shy shy shy i say why and i'll sit and think about waiting when tu say hi well than tu won't be mine! yes this is amor but does it hurt? when i cry? when tu say shy and i know it's true but i'm alright i and i amor you! why would say means things why would tu say the stuff that stings why would tu say that word when i know tu much? i don't think i would be with tu if i knew a thing o two about your life tu backstabbing cuchillo i trusted tu and yet tu still flew without me
From mariposas to praying everyone was okay.I ran to the back room where Ben was.John ran after me.
I saw Ben pointing a gun at a aunt of John's.I grabbed my shoe and threw it at the gun.It slid out of his hand.John's aunt ran away.Ben starred at me.Then,slowly got out another gun.He kept looking at me with a confused look.I looked at John,then,quivering,I knew I had to do something.
"Blondie,Leave.NOW."Ben demanded.John fled,I hope he was bringing help!"Well,well,well.Nanette.I told I'd get you.You thought I'd lie?"He asked."N-n-n..."I stuttered and just shoke my head.This,wasn't the end!I...
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posted by andresandru
"argggg!" Lawrence shouted, as he died, everyone was near him, James, a 12 year-old boy, was right beside him, and Philip, his 15 year-old brother, too.

Lawrence had many adventures when child, he went to almost every country, he tried everything, it was no surprise the old man died 3 days before his 102 birthday.

Eventualy, after many coughing, Lawrence closed his eyes, James started crying, and his brother hugged gim, it's hard when tu lose a familiar, but when they where going to leave, James, who was holding still Lawrence's hand, felt a hard grip.

"James?" Philip saw he didn't go, so he...
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It was Friday,exactly when Molly got inicial she went to bed."UGH!So tired!Stupid school."She dicho laying down."Molly!I need tu to fill up the fridge with water bottles!"Mom yelled."MOM!I JUST LAID DOWN!"She shouted."I don't care!Now come on!"Mom demanded,even louder."FINE!!!"Molly's voice cut through the air.Molly stomped in there."Here!Get to work!"Mom said,handing Molly a bottle of water."Fine!"Molly dicho watching her mom walk off."Make your bed...Fill up the fridge...Clean the walls."Molly mumbled.Then."Man.Now I want water."Molly picked a bottle and opened the top.But a little spilled,Molly...
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posted by anime7reality
All night was snowing and today at school we had snow fights.We had snow everywhere even in our class.All the people were wet.

So,our class is at the 2nd floor.The windows were opened and down were angry schoolmates; they stared to throw with snowballs....My classmates started to *********** and thats the reason why those kids were angry...

Really I forgot what was the point.....

The boys start saying thinks like: "Who is sitting is a big stupid" o "Who is looking at me is cool"

But it was very funny....
posted by ivoryphills
As I write this, I feel deep disgust, sadness, and anger churning in the pit of my stomach. What had set off these emotions is what I saw: a gang rape scene.

It was on a TV show, so I know that it was just acting, but still, to see such a filthy act was so upsetting. I mean there she was, held down against her will as a group of men just attacked her, laughing with contempt as the victim screamed for help (how could filthy animales enjoy making an innocent person suffer like that so much?) I felt so disturbed at seeing that because even though it was acting, I still wanted to scream, cry,...
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posted by poniesaremybffs
begins in their point of view it will have their names.
Edward wasn't a school today, too sunny, I'm guessing. The Cullens are probably out hunting. Charlie had dicho that where the Cullens "hike" is filled with bears. I'm pretty sure that they are hunting somewhere else today, so I would like to see how it looks up there. I pulled on some hiking boots and got in my truck.
Eventually I reached the place. I was standing on the side of a small cliff. I found a few oso, oso de prints, and started to wander why I came here in the first place. There was a forest to my left, and it was filled with...
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posted by nevenkastar
 Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
1st of all....this is my 1st story so I know It's bad and please please don't be rude to me. I'm just at the beginning of learning how to write good. So hope tu like the story.

I have a normal life, if we could call it that way.
Well, tu see I'm a Vampire. Now, now, I'm not a killer. I don't kill people, I'm Vegeterian. I almost never drink blood, but I'm not weak. When I need to drink blood I drink animal blood. I amor animales so It's very hard to look at they're cute face and kill them. =( I live in the UK, to be más precisely in London. In a small,...
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posted by MarMar_XigLux
Holy Pooping Skeletons! Guys, I don't know how I survived, but I did, and now I am here to tell tu guys about my encounter with the Slander Mawn.
It all started when me and my friends..Okay I don't have friends..Well me and my..Myself were Trick o Treating in Halloween. "Awesome! I hope I get Candeh!" I said. "Me too!" dicho myself. I was dressed as a elefante and myself was dressed as nothing. "Hey myself, I dare I can go into that scary Forest that most likely contains hombres lobo and Sparkly vampiros with underage girls!" I said. "Lololo -- tu just dared yourself!" dicho myself. "I accept!" dicho yourself. Yourself, myself and I entered the Forest and walked and stuff and it was dark and scary.

"Maybe I should head back.." dicho myself.

"And lose the dare? NO WAY!" dicho yourself.

"Um, guys I think I saw something!" I said.

Then a tall guy came and we died so much than we went to Heaven and came back as Ghosts.

posted by Musiclover456
My corazón is cold
and sad
My corazón is angry
and nothing more
My corazón is crying
and lonely
but my corazón can be warm
and happy
My corazón can be happy
and everything else
My corazón can be smiling
and with friends
but people hate me
so my corazón reflects that
i cut myself from
tu and everyone
i cut myself from the
my corazón hates being alive
so please help me
i give up
and i start dying
from the inside
so be strong and help me
mostrar me what it mean to be alive
mostrar me the way to happiness
mostrar me what being happy means
mostrar me before my
give out