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posted by XxLalasaysxX
*Zendaya- Scared
*Eminem- Berzerk
*Eminem- Like toy soldiers
*Zendaya- My baby
*Ellie Goulding- Burn
*Ellie Goulding- Starry eyed
*Ellie Goulding- Lights
*Miley Cyrus- Wrecking ball
*Katy Perry- Roar
*Katy Perry- Part of me
*Katy Perry- Wide awake
*Imagine Dragons- Radioactive
*Imagine Dragons- It's time
*Imagine Dragons- Demons
*Zendaya- Beat of my drum
*Zendaya- Replay
*Beyonce- Who run the world (girls)
*Ariana Grande- Baby I
*Victoria Justice- Best friend's brother
*Victoria Justice- Gold
*Chris Brown- Fine China
*Miley Cyrus- We can't stop
*Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- Can't hold us
*Psy- Gentleman
*Lmfao ft. Lil...
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posted by MutantGenius
I once had a fanpop friend. They found out I was thirteen and started trofeos lock yelling at me and immediately unfriended me. Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this?
And tumblr is a million times worse. They actually think that thirteen año olds drink and party and talk about sex. Oh sure, sometimes on the bus kids randomly yell out a certain part of the male anatomy, but that's because we're immature middle schoolers. And I'll have tu know NONE of my friends are overflowing with make up. And the only locker room video taken was somebody fully dressed and doing a cartwheel in an otherwise empty locker room.
And on Fridays some kids go play paintball. Not watch porn. Honestly. Maybe tu just live in a shitty neighborhood.
posted by flippy_fan210
yes, this is ripping off cupcakes. do not read of tu don't like blood and gore. for those who don't know the characters, cadence and shining armor are at the bottom.

chapter 1: Cadence

Cadence was walking to Derpy's new bakery with Shining armor. Derpy dicho she had something extra special planned for the three of them. “where is the bakery anyways?” Cadence asked. “i think it's the one with the huge mollete, muffin on top.” Shining armor replied. “yeah, that's gotta be it.” Cadence said, walking towards it. Shining armor followed her. They walked into the bakery, at first it looked as if...
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posted by flippy_fan210
life alert:
a guy is lying on the ground.
the guy:help, I've fallen an i can't get up! *stands up* i can't get up! *walks around* i can't get up! *runs around* i can't get up! *looks at the camera and talks in an angry voice* i can't get up! i can't get up! buy this crap so they'll pay me! *walks away*
a guy is at a beach.
the guy:this place if awesome! all the kids amor it!
(a kid drags himself towards the guy, covered in blood)
kid:i wanna go home. my everything hurts.
the guy:shut your mouth! *kicks the kid and walks away* we have the best refreshments.
(a woman in the background walks up to him)
woman:excuse me, there was a bone in my smoothie. also my husband died from poison in the beer.
the guy:NO REFUNDS! *pushes the woman down* anyways come here today.
(the whole place is blown up por a nuke and a guy in a toxic suit comes in) now less people will die.
The End Of Everything, The End Of Apolla
Song-Fic. Song: Lights por Ellie Goulding, The BassNectar Remix

Late in the evening, around 9:30 p.m., 12 año old Apolla Falconer awoke with a start. Everything around her was pitch black, all except from the naranja calle lights, who's beams came faintly through the blinded windows. Apolla quickly raised her head from the cold, sticky surface it was on. With her incredible night- vision, she found out that the surface was a escritorio from her school. Apolla looked around even más and saw that she was in her own classroom, in fact. "Why the 'ell am I in...
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posted by Codby
I feel like nothing. I feel empty. I don’t feel sad o happy o angry. I just feel like there is a black hole in me. A black hole where my corazón should be.

I don’t know what to do anymore. I write story’s and other stuff. I still go to school and I work. I still do everything but it just lost meaning. Why do I go to school, why do I work. Why do I write story’s and other stuff with happiness and sadness in it, while I feel empty.

I know the respuestas on these questions. I go to school and I work for a better future. I write story’s and stuff, just because I can.

I tried for days to become...
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posted by kndluva
hola who ever is lectura way out there in wonderland. I'm escritura a fan fiction about some teenage aliens from different planets, with different personalities, who registrarse together through a battle organization against evil forces. It's loosley based on an idea concept from the Codename: Kids siguiente Door mostrar from Cartoon Network. All rights reserved. Sorry, There is only 2 chapters up so far. If tu wanna see it, then here:

Please comment, give me some feedback, volunteer a character, troll, not troll, what ever.
Important Note for: readers of “Cabin for the Summer”

Hi guys! It’s me, the writer and creator of Cabin for the summer moolah. I have some HORIBLE news guys! And I am sooooooo sorry to spring this on you guys.

Don’t worry, everything is fine between me and my boyfriend, “Laken” but unfortunately my friend, “Chelsea” broke up her boyfriend, “James”. This sprung upon me and I am really upset because now I can’t bring you the marvelous adventures of them. BUMMER!! :’[. Also “Ella” is thinking about breaking up with her boyfriend, “Zack”. I don’t...
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Always & Forever
By: moolah
Chapter One: Tuesdays
    Hi! My name is Naomi Locket. I am 15 years old and I have no parents. None! They died in a horrible car accident, but that’s all right por me, it gives me más time to spend with the hottest guy alive-Thomas Richards. He’s my boyfriend of 2 years. He has auburn hair and green eyes. But, the disadvantage of having a boyfriend, and being so close, is the often result-babies. Our daughter and son (twins), Jordyn(girl) and Emmett(boy) are about 6 months old. Jordyn is the most adorable little baby,...
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posted by invadercalliope
Invader Calliope: HIIIIIII GIR!
Gir: HI!
Invader Calliope: Thats all tu have to say! HI!
Gir: Sorry but it's hard to stay in character and
Oh no we are out of time good bye now and in joy the suprise picture!
The End!
I was walking along the playa with my boyfriend. Everyone treated him like a celebrity. But to me he was just a normal guy. When I met him on my vacation in Hawaii he thought that I was some crazy fan. But then we kept on running into each other and then we started to hang out and after a couple of days he asked me out. Now we were dating for 2 months. And there was a lot of rumors about me not him ME.
“chris?” I turned into his direction. And looked into his eyes.
“yes” he answered with his beautiful voice. I amor him but sometimes………
“the last 2 months ive been spending with...
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posted by MJangellover
Almost everyone now uses the internet.In Europe,the number of link letters is three times less than ten years hace because,nowadays,we all use e-mail to communicate with each other.Although technology behind the computer is very hard,it is very easy to use the internet.In fact ,you don't have to know anything about computers to be able to use the internet .All tu need is a computer and the World Wide Web;a system that stores information from computers all over the world.

There is nothing the internet doesn't have information about.You can find out about different books,films,sports o anything...
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posted by MJangellover
1-a phone conversation between Mr Wong and Mr Davis:
Mr Wong:Hello Mr Davis
Mr Davis :who is speaking?
Mr Wong :this is Jack Wong from barking , east england .
Mr Davis:oh, yes. thank tu for ringing
Mr Wong : how is the hotel?
Mr Davis:Oh,it is fine.,can tu tell me about the arrangements for tomorrow?
Mr Wong : yes ,sir .I'll pick tu up at eight o'clock at your hotel
Then,I'll take tu to the office to Meet Mr Michael.Is that OK,sir?
Mr Davis : Yes that's OK, but I need to check out the deal before taking me there ,Is That working?
Mr Wong :yes,sir. With a lot of pleasure
Allex: Miss Carey, where are we going to perform our play?
Miss Carey On the stage in the school theatre.
Allex/Mady/Ed/Nicki: Wow!
Nicki: Are we going to wear costumes?
Miss Carey: Oh, yes! And we're going to have scenery and props, too.
Ed: Have we got scripts? We must learn our words.
Miss Carey: I've got one copy os the script. We need ten copies.
Allex: I can make copies, Miss Carey.
Mady: We can help you!
Ed: Here's the photocopier.
Mady: Put the script in here and press these buttons.
Allex: OK. We need ten copies. 1..0...
Nicki: It isn't working. Try again.
Allex: OK. 1...0... Is it broken?
Ed: Did tu press the start button?
Mady: Press it now.
Nicki: Oh no! What's happening?
Ed: It's making too many copies.
Allex: 1...0...1...0... It's making one thousand and ten!
posted by invadercalliope
At james madison
TODAY at the girls locker room my friend
Tamarra (shes a smal ugly miggit XD) and her bf
(who is pretty cute and tall) Who went into the girls lockr room and i keept repeating
"Get Out Get Out" tamara dicho "no he can stay" and then he kissed her and left.
so then i keept repeating A kiss :3 A KISS
Tamarra: it was just a kiss
me: :3 A KISS
tamarra: SHUT UP
me: A kiss :3
Tamarra: SHUT THE F*** UP
me: A KISS
me: nyuu......

Well the descripción of this story is i was so adorable that día X3