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 Beautiful Nature fondo de pantalla
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fondo de pantalla
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This misceláneo fondo de pantalla contains de haya, madera de haya, haya, kudzu, viña kudzu, pueraria lobata, kudzu vine, and vid de kudzu pueraria lobata. There might also be seto de aligustre, seto de privet, bosque de ribera, bosque ribereño, abeto de douglas, and abeto douglas.

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hola guys i recently found out about some amazing google features and thought to share it with tu guys. google not only made our lives easy but made it full of fun. Well we all agree to that, don't we?

NOTE: I use google Chrome so i don't if these also work on other sites.

Here are a few i like the most. Some of tu might already be familiar with them.

1. Do A Barrel Roll:

Type "Do a barrel roll" in the buscar bar and tadaa google will whirl. This ones a simple yet interesting one.

2. google Gravity:

Ok for fist tu "have" to type Google.com. Then at the bottom tu will see settings. Go there and...
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