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i'm kinda hungry now
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This misceláneo foto might contain ramo, ramillete, ramillete de flores, ramo de flores, cena, comedor, calle, escena de la ciudad, entorno urbano, configuración de la escena de calle, ciudad, and urbano.

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ill give u some tips.......:
1- if u r bored in fanpop,and there is no frnd online: go to anyclub u like o amor and start adding some Qs and picks,and then comeback and see ppl that answerd it....it is really fun.
2- if u want to earn más fans......add misceláneo ppl.to ur fanlist then they will add u back the u will earn más fans.in no time.
3- if u wanna earn medallas ...u have to add más pixxx in ur fav clubs....u can add articals too,and pix ppl will rate then u have más medallas .
4- another way to earn fans....go to the chat room and then meet new ppl know them u will get más fans.....and frnds too.

when i have más ideas ill give it......now i dont i hope this articulo will be useful have a gr8 día everybody and type ur comentario plz....thanks alot for listening...^_^ have a gr8 day.
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Hello fellow misceláneo fanpopers,
i am writting this to inform tu that a certain new fanpoper with the nombre de usuario of ajl has recently claimed she created this spot. She created a pregunta saying that she was the creator of the spot and she created a foros saying that she was the creator and we should respect her wishes and not post twilight stuff. Now tu will not be able to find these two contributions why tu ask well because when me and BellaCullen96 questioned her about being the spot creator she deleted both. but if tu want proof that she dicho this check out this forum
Now tu may ask...
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