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posted by ultimatefredde
I just wanted to share my story.

My parents were both killed when I was 3, I had no friends and people on the calle kept laughing at me, One día an old man decided to adopt me, he was like a father to me, when I turned 10, he revelaed to me he was the C.E.O of the police here on Mexico. He decided to let me in for a while, however 2 years later my new "father" died due to medical problems, I also was told tha tI had 2 brothers, which also died, an dbesides the time I went to school, I was bullied and had no amor life. right now I´m 16, Im still at the station and no longer go to school, I just want to find a true friend and true love, and I hope tu fanpop users can listen to this, and support me as much as I willl support all of you.
posted by tamar20

2. Don't use any punctuation.

3. Purposely spell things wrong and then get really upset when people don't understand you.

4. Overuse the comma, for example: "today, I, really, had, a, bad, day."

5. Use Sticky trofeos Capitalize every other letter.

6. Forget the grammar And when someone asks tu what tu mean just repeat it the exact same way.

7. Capitalize each word This annoys some people very, very much.

8. Use absolutely no vowels.

9. Answer every thing they say...
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posted by merlinfanatic
Welcome to The Weakest Link.

Here is a very simple little test comprised of four preguntas to determine the level of your intellect.
Your respuestas must be spontaneous and immediate, with no deliberating o wasting time.
And NO CHEATING. On your mark, set....GO!!!

1: tu are competing in a race, and overtake the runner in segundo place.
In which position are tu now?

If tu answered that you're now coming first then you're completely wrong. tu overtook the segundo runner and took their place, therefore you're coming second.

For the siguiente pregunta try not to be so dumb.
2 : If tu overtake the last...
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posted by Ninjacupcake
Hate is everywhere. It can be because of race, gender o if someone is gay/lesbian/bi. Sadly, a lot of us have to live with it. What I want to speak about are the hatings of people with different sexual orientations.

Most of tu have heard Born This Way por Lady Gaga. I want to say that everyone IS beautiful in their way cause God makes no mistakes. Even though I'm straight, that does NOT mean that I hate others. I amor everyone. It makes me mad, but also sad, because that's a human being tu are hating. They have red blood when they bleed, need comida when they are hungry, and DANG, their poop...
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posted by darktheheghog
ok i HATE getting a cold ya know why because i cant see my friends at school i cant go outside and i always cough about every 5 minutos AND ALSO I GET A STUPID STINKIN SORE THROAT which always annoys me i know getting a cold happens to everyone and i know some of tu would say "getting a cold is the best u dont haft to go to school" and its kinda true but some peeps like going to school and hate getting sick i dont really like going to school but i do like going to school to hang out with my friends ya know also when u get a cold u also get a MASSIVE head ache sometimes which i have right now...
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posted by AnimeFan66
 The San Antonio Zoo
The San Antonio Zoo
Hello! Most of tu already knew that for the whole weekend, I had not been online because I went to San Antonio with my mom, my older sister and her boyfriend. I am glade to return inicial and to return on here as well- I have missed inicial as well as my greatest friends on here and in honor of this I would like to give to tu all a short story about all of what I did on this trip.

My family and I left the house last Thursday around 2:00 PM. We had to stop por at my sister's house first because her vehicle was más "on the trip" go unlike our camioneta, van which has serious proublems. After we left the residence...
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posted by fly210
I bet tu can't keep up with this oneshot.

I was walking down the road when I triped on a napkin. I know. a napkin right? but it was a wet napkin and for some reson my sidewalk is made of tial. so I slid on the napkin and bumped into the worst thing ever. Barney. Why barney was there I don't know. Barney started canto so I shot him. But then cops came. But they giggled like little girls and shot barney them selfs. They then dicho they would give me a ride. but then I found out one of the cops was that like 12 año old boy who drove the car in rebecca...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
1. Don't care about her feelings.
2. Don't allow her to go out without your permission.
3. Your friends, the game, and your video games are más important than her.
4. She needs to get tu comida while tu sit and do whatever tu want.
5. Call her a "whore" and a "bitch".
6. Beat her when she's not obeying you.
7. Never reply to her texts. Remember, you're "busy".
8. tortazo her culo and grab her boobs.
9. Never tell her that tu amor her.
10. She pays for dinner, not you.
11. Force her to have sex with you.
12. She's pregnant? Break up with her. mover somewhere far, far away.
13. Never use a condom, even if...
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posted by LittleOtaku1
1 dress up as hidan on the first día of school
2 when the teacher asks why your not doing anything, tell him/her to shut the fuck up
3 ~normal clothes~ impersonate your teachers movements
4 sing friday por Rebecca Black over and over again
5 when tu get in trouble, tell the teacher that he/she aint got no pancake mix
6 steal her markers
7 draw a penis on the whiteboard with her permanent markers tu stole
8 poke him/her in the stomach and ask him/her how it feels to be the dough boy
9 sleep
10 dress up as Italy from hetalia ~or however tu spell it~ ad yell pastas, pasta all day.

i made these!!
According to the fanpop link, these are the only things not allowed to be publicado on fanpop

The following is a partial lista of the kind of Content and communications that are illegal o prohibited on/through the [Random Spot]. fanpop reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate legal action in its sole discretion against anyone who violates this provision, including without limitation, removing the offending communication from the fanpop Service and terminating the membership of such violators o blocking your use of the fanpop Service and/or fanpop Site. tu may not post Content that:...
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1.You abuse our amor tu lose it.
2.When we find the right guy we amor him and NEVER want to lose him.
3.Our amor is a privlige NOT a right.
4.Our hearts are delicate items, so when we do give them to the guy we amor be careful with it.
5.Drinking will NOT impress us in any way shape o form.
6.Guys tu should respect our feelings.
7.In our relationship with tu (the guy) We have dominance to.
8.We're as good at listening as we are at talking.
9.When it comes to the guy we truly amor we will devote A LOT of our time to only you.
10.When tu (the guy we love) break our hearts, you've pretty much killed us until we heal.
posted by kinga10111
..... misceláneo Facts .....

If tu have 3 quarters, 4 dimes, and 4 pennies, tu have $1.19. tu also have the largest amount of money in coins without being able to make change for a dollar.
The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the lincoln Memorial.

President Kennedy was the fastest misceláneo speaker in the world with upwards of 350 words per minute.

In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.

Odontophobia is the fear of teeth.

The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties...
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posted by KateKicksAss
This is a bunch of the funnies FML's I've found on FML lately.
Credit: link

"Today, I went to the cine with my boyfriend. As we got to the ticket booth, a couple of girls queued behind us. My boyfriend graciously introduced me as his little sister, and invited the girls to registrarse us. We've been together for two years. FML"

"Today, I found out that my dad makes me wear dresses and skirts not because I look pretty in them, but because he was sick and tired of people asking him if I was a boy o a girl. FML"

"Today, I was swimming at the water park, when out of nowhere a lifeguard bombed into the...
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 Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts.
Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts.
Not that anyone's interested, but here are my current parte superior, arriba 11 female 'celebrities'.

1. Cheryl Cole. (yeah, I didn't think you'd be surprised.)
-Words just can't describe how much I amor this woman. If I try to then I'll take up this entire article.

2. Amy Lee.
- She has the most stunning voice, and she's absolutely beautiful; evanescence wouldn't have ever been evanescence without her. She's amazing.

3. Avril Lavigne.
- I'm a big fan of her music. She's cool, she's cute, and with all this, she has amazing hair. :3

4. Hayley Williams.
- She also has amazing hair, like all the people on this lista actually....
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When having a nightmare and tu suddenly realized you're dreaming, try not to wake up. Try to explore your dreams...this is cool because you're getting to know that all of those things around tu are made por your brain which tu sometimes think is completely empty... Also if tu know you're dreaming, tu can control your dream and tu will find it very cool because when you're conscious in your dream, everything is in 3D form. So here are some cool and fun things to do when tu suddenly realized you're dreaming...

1. Try to think of your favorito! celebrity. Call out his/her name..like this,"When...
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posted by nymph_tonks
Stranger: hi

You: hi asl

Stranger: 20 m

Stranger: u?

You: 15 female

Stranger: nice to meet you!


Stranger: yeah!

Stranger: what are tu up to?

You: ther was this lady earlier who told me i shouldnt be on the internet at 15.

Stranger: lol

Stranger: and where should u be?

You: probably outside ithout any basura comida o soda

Stranger: fair enough

You: i would survive.

Stranger: do u like talking to strangers?

You: online, through text.

Stranger: where r u from?

Stranger: I am from UK btw

You: im from the us.

Stranger: nice

You: im bored

Stranger: oh...and I am italian

Stranger: we could do something...
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Dress Up Websites

link - An awesome Doll-maker website where tu can make things like angels, pirates, and animals. My personal favorito! are the element girls. The artwork on all the games are really beautiful.
link - Another Doll-making website. The only difference is that tu can create a profile, write stories to go along with your dolls, and make friends.
link - A dollmaking website with new games made every day. The graphics are amazingly real and the clothes are adorable!
link - A cool website where tu diseño the clothes yourself!
link - A website with enlaces to hundreds of dress-up and design...
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posted by sahian5
CAUTION:there will most likely be consequences!!

1. Follow them around the house while giggling loudly.
2. Moo whenever they say your name.
3. Pretend to have amnesia.
4. Say everything backwards.
5. Run into walls.
6. Say that wearing clothes is against your religion.
7. Go into their room at 4 in the morning and say "Good Morning Sunshine!"
8. Snort loudly when tu laugh.
9. Say all of the words in a film.
10. Pluck someone's hair out and yell "DNA!!!"
11. Go around the house saying: "Beep, beep!" Then hit your head with a book.
12. Have a lively conversation with a pen.
13. Have 20 imaginary...
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posted by Sheetal1256
How to Tell if a Guy likes You
How to Know that a Guy Likes You

Here are the 500 ways to tell if a guy likes You....

01. He smiles at tu a lot.

02. He likes talking to you.

03. He compliments tu a lot.

04. He always agrees with you.

05. He asks if tu are single.

06. He asks tu out for lunch.

07. He asks tu out on a date.

08. He knows your zodiac sign.

09. He never burps around you.

10. He really cares about you.

11. He treats tu like a lady.

12. He walks tu to your door.

13. He wants to see tu often.

14. He always wants to hug you.

15. He tells tu he likes you.

16. His friends know...
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posted by hrsagar
A boy had cancer & he had 1 mes to live . He amor a girl who was working in a CD shop. Bu t he didn't tell her about his . Everyday he went 2 the CD comprar & bought a CD 2 talk to her . But he found she never dicho anything to him. After a mes he died . When the girl went to his inicial & asked abt him , his mom told that he died & took her to his room . She saw all CDs r unopened . The girl cryed & cryed....;-(
Finally she also died .
* u know why ???
Bcoz she kept her own amor letters inside the CD packs. So it means , she also loved her !!
So if u amor some1 say 2 her/him directly . Don't wait 4 the destiny of role.............