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Article by rayrayrox posted hace más de un año
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Pretty/handsome. Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy. Seldom shows emotions. Takes time to recover when hurt. Sensitive. Down-to-Earth. Stubborn.

Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexiest out of everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too sensitive and easily hurt. Gets angry really easily but does not mostrar it. Dislikes unnecessary things. Loves making friends but rarely shows it. Horny. Daring and stubborn. Ambitious. Realizing dreams and hopes. Sharp. Loves entertainment and leisure. Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. Spendthrift. Tries to learn to mostrar emotions.

Attractive personality. Sexy. Affectionate Shy and reserved. Secretive. Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. Loves peace and serenity. Sensitive to others. Great kisser. Easily angered. Trustworthy. Appreciative and returns kindness. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Observant and assesses...
Opinion by adaug posted hace más de un año
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"Hey,Joan.It's Sam.Call me back...when ever...Or sooner.I've been calling hour.So,call me!"Said Sam as she left a voice mail for her friend,Joan.She started to get worried.Joan hasn't called her in a week!She wondered if she should go over to her house,And she did.When she knocked on the door,She heard footsteps.Running,Footsteps."Joan.Joan!Joan?"She repeated."Sh!"She heard come from the peep hole.Sam looked inside the hole.She saw a head peek up,A small head."JOAN!"Sam yelled.Nothing,No sound,Nothing."JOAN!I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!"Sam Yelled."Hey girls!"Joan's mom said."Who's at the door?"She asked.But por the time she opened the door,Sam was around the corner."Does she hate me?Is something wrong?"Sam thought.From walking home,She ran home,Tears almost coming out.But when she runs,She cries,A lot.The worse part,it was raining.Sam opened the front door,Ran through the cocina faster than her mom could ask if she was okay.Sam ran to her room and grabbed her pillow.The door peeked open."Honey?"Mom said,her head peered around the door."What?"Sam dicho between sniffles."Are tu okay?"Mom asked."I went to Joan's house,and saw if she was okay,She didn't call me back.But all she did...
Opinion by hetaliaitaly posted hace más de un año
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What i feel on the inside is not what i mostrar on the outside i dont mostrar amor i dont know vein my life will never be the same i cant tell tu how i feel because the hurt deep within my corazón is all so real the anger and hurt i cannot stand makes me feel like im the mist floating never going to rest in peace i dont no how i found this its maybe when people laugh and shout no matter what they say o how they feel i always think my life is not real.

(over 100 teens each año kill themselves o think suicide because of being bullied o teased it doesent matter if standing up for someone helps tu but atleast it helps someone else and it may save a life)
Fan fiction by nevenkastar posted hace más de un año
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Made by: ICEhanica (this is how the main character looks like =D)
1st of all....this is my 1st story so I know It's bad and please please don't be rude to me. I'm just at the beginning of learning how to write good. So hope tu like the story.

I have a normal life, if we could call it that way.
Well, tu see I'm a Vampire. Now, now, I'm not a killer. I don't kill people, I'm Vegeterian. I almost never drink blood, but I'm not weak. When I need to drink blood I drink animal blood. I amor animales so It's very hard to look at they're cute face and kill them. =( I live in the UK, to be más precisely in London. In a small, dark street. The name doesn't matter. Maybe tu want to know how I look like. First of all I wanna say I'm not an Emo, Punk o Goth! I'm a normal girl, who's a Vampire. I have long curly brown-blond hair and red eyes of course (MEMO for the reader, some vampiros have red eyes and some yellow, so think about the color as tu want. :P), but I hide them with blue contacts. I live with my small blond sister Emma who is a little annoying, my mom who is a normal "killer" Vampire and my dad who is...just like any other mean dad. Maybe tu are asking yourself how can I stay...
Opinion by MsMindlessAztec posted hace más de un año
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1. We dont ALWAYS want sex...only sometimes
2. we dont like it when tu tell us wat to do
3. never, ever look at other girls with us...otherwise your kicked out
4. borrar any pictures of ANY other girls on your phones/computers
5. tu need to listen to us
6. if tu going to ignore us at least do a good job at it.
7. dont always say "i amor you" like 5 times a day, then we think somethings up
8. bringging us to a club and getting us drunk for sex is a bad idea
9. if tu get in a fight, admit that your wrong...we like that
10. never say that your the "king of MY casle"
11. always tell us if your borrowing money
12. before sex, let us change into something sexy o nothing at all
13. its a bad idea to tell us to hurry up when getting dressed to go somewhere
14. dont tell us what to wear o when to wear it
15. we hate it when tu bring to your friends house jus to mostrar us off
16. when taking us to dinner, take some where nice
Fan fiction by 90sfan posted hace más de un año
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One day,a bunny named Sparkle was having a picnic with her friends.There was a cat,a panda,and a of Sparkle's friends said,"Hey,where's Usomi?"Usomi was another one of Sparkle's friends who was supposed to mostrar up for the picnic.He was another bunny.Nobody knew where Usomi was,so Sparkle decide to go look for him."It's OK,guys",Sparkle assured."I'll find Usomi.You guys stay here 'till I get back."Sparkle then went to look for him.And started her quest.Her Sparkle quest."I wonder where he could be",Sparkle dicho to herself as she came across a group of blobs!Sparkle had her estrella powers,though,and she was able to defeat them.She jumped really high and got one.She got tackled a few times,but she kept getting back up.However,the strangest thing happened when she defeated them.Baby chicks were inside of the blobs!Oh my gosh,Sparkle thought.They must have been trapped.Sparkle decide to take the baby chicks with her.Soon,she came across a pig."Hello,little bunny",he said."Can tu help me find ingredients for this sopa I'm making?""Of course!"Sparkle agreed.You see,the pig was a chef and had an outdoor resturant.Sparkle grabbed the ingredients and gave them to the pig."Thank you...
Opinion by Me_Iz_Here posted hace más de un año
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I got really bored last night and decided to look these up. So...yeah. Some small roles are included.

Italy and Kid

Narrator and Liz

Greece and Spirit

Chibitalia and Yumi

America and Justin

England and Harvar

France and Giriko

Russia and the clowns

HRE and Jack the Ripper
Austria and Dr.Stein

Hungary and Medusa

Liechtenstein and Patty

Belarus and Tsubaki

Lithuania and Ox

Sweden and Mifune

Sealand and Crona

Rome and Eibon

......Yep. I'm most likely missing some, though.

Article by hetaliaitaly posted hace más de un año
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One día there was a little girl called Emily She had a toy doll the doll seemed so normal but with one exception it was missing a finger one night before Emily went to cama she sat the doll above the fireplace and went to bed.

Emily was fast asleep but then "Emily im in the lounge room coming to get you" Emily thought she was dreaming so she ignored it but then "Emily im on the staircase coming to get you" Emily hid under the covers,

Everything was quiet but then "Emily im in the hall way coming to get you" Each time the voice spoke it got louder Emily was very scared and then "Emily im at your door coming to get tu the voice sounded really close now.

Emily coudn't here anything but then she felt something land on her cama "Emily im on your cama coming KILL you" the siguiente the Police found Emily dead in her room but she was missing a finger no one could find the missing finger and sitting on the fireplace was the doll it was so still but something had changed the doll no longer had a missing finger.
Article by anime7reality posted hace más de un año
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Hello my darlings. Here is 11:00 PM in Romania.
One hora untill The New Year. Im so exited(somehow). Whatever I will miss 2011 it was a beautiful año but we have to watch forward. Thats the life.
All those years have passt very fast. I didnt see them. But 2011 left a very important vision of life to me.
2012 is a new year,a new beggining to discover the life......

Ahh whatever maybe in some countries is 2012 already so I say Happy New Year!!!

P.S. Im a bit tired and distracted but I will continue siguiente año 2012 :)
Will be continuing... Happy New año till then
Ah and make a wish ...
Opinion by 16falloutboy posted hace más de un año
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Bad Shows on Disney
So Random
A.N.T Farm
Good Luck Charlie
Lizzie McGuire
The Proud Family
Phil of the Future
Dave the Barbarian
brandy, aguardiente and Mr. Whiskers
The Buzz on Maggie
The Emperor's New School
Good Luck Charlie
pescado Hooks
Shake It Up
The Replacements
Austin & Ally

Bad Shows on Cartoon Network
Cow and Chicken
I Am Weasel
The Powerpuff Girls
Ed, Edd n Eddy
Johnny Bravo
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
Camp Lazlo
My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Class of 3000
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
The Secret Saturdays
Adventure Time
Regular Show
The Amazing World of Gumball
Chop Socky Chooks

Bad Shows on Nick
Article by pokemonyellow posted hace más de un año
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amor is a mystery, but don’t worry, Sewlock Holmes is on the case!

Holmes remembers his first love…

“Crocheting is not a girly hobby!” dicho Holmes, defending himself against bullies, who were making fun of the crocheting pins and yarns that noodle out of his backpack when they hustled him on his way home.

Earlier that day, Holmes had excitedly packed the scarf he had made for Winnie. She was Holmes’ favorito! person in school. They had bonded together geekily (in Science class), when they were discussing protanopia, and Holmes found out that she was one of the rare girls who had the disease. Giving her a scarf that Holmes had crocheted all por himself—which he learned to do from grandma—was Holmes’ way of saying he wanted Winnie to be his Valentine. It was blue and yellow, two of Winnie’s favorito! colors. He didn’t see Winnie all day, and was walking inicial dejectedly, when he ran into the bullies.

He picked up his yarns and crocheting pins on the ground when one of the bullies picked up Winnie’s scarf. Holmes yelled, “Hey, that’s Winnie’s!”
Guide by pokemonyellow posted hace más de un año
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Dandruff in a bottle? Don’t be gross! It’s a winter wonderland! Capture the wonders of a white navidad with this homemade snow globe!

•    Empty Jar
•    Super Glue
•    Christmas Figurine
•    Pack of Glitter

Step 1: Get a clear glass jar with a lid. Clean it with a piece of newspaper o tissue. Remove any labels o glue residue.
Step 2: Choose a sculpture o any clean object that tu want to put inside. Apply super glue to the bottom of the object.
Step 3: Glue the figure to the underside of the lid. Let dry.
Step 4: Now get your empty jar and fill it with water. Leave a small el espacio at the parte superior, arriba of a jar, so it will not overflow when tu add the glitter.
Step 5: Slowly sprinkle some glitter on the surface of the water. tu can use different colores o just stick to one.
Step 6: Put glue around the rim of the jar and screw on the lid. Tighten it and wipe off any moisture left outside.
Opinion by pokemonyellow posted hace más de un año
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•    Clear empty bottle
•    Matches
•    Lukewarm water

Step 1: Pour a small amount of lukewarm water into your bottle. Shake and pour out the water when you’re done.
Step 2: Light a match and quickly drop it in the bottle. Shake it until the match burns out; notice that the smoke from the match will fill up the bottle.
Step 3: Using both hands, squeeze the center of your nube bottle as hard as tu can. After several squeezes, you’ll see that a small fog will form as tu release your hands. Place the bottle near a dark background to better see your very own nube in a bottle!

Source: K-Zone Philippines

Guide by pokemonyellow posted hace más de un año
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Lights on for this awesome glow-in-the-dark bottle!

•    Bottle filled with a very small amount of yellow-colored soda
•    Highlighter
•    Hydrogen Peroxide
•    Dishwashing liquid

Step 1: Begin the experiment por adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a very small amount of yellow-colored soda.
Step 2: Add one to two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide. NOTE: For a brighter solution, tu may also add fluorescent dye found in highlighters. Just cut small pieces of the highlighter refill and add to the solution.
Step 3: Immediately sello the bottle, and vigorously shake it. Turn off the lights if tu want to see a brighter glow.

How does it work?
What you’ve just seen is a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence. Peroxides, with their ability to release large amounts of energy during some chemical reactions with fluorescent liquids o dyes, usually trigger the bright glow. Glow sticks, however, make use of a stronger chemical like phenyl oxalate ester mixed with hydrogen...
Opinion by r260897 posted hace más de un año
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now standing on last día of año
i look back and see smiles and tears
somedays it was new too
somedays our mailboxes were filled with greetings
greetings of arrival of 01/01/2011
día por día we got used to
night por night we got close
so many starts so many ends
so many left so many got friends
learnt so much taught so much
learnt to smile learnt to give
learnt to die learnt to live
with loads of hugs and kisses
bye bye 2011
siguiente time we'll say
"damn our corazón still misses
THE 2011"
.they wanted a longer articulo :P
List by jeniffer2200 posted hace más de un año
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i'm a tumor
Family guy quotes:

*Black Jesus!* "I rode this town on ass!,Yo mama's ass!" *Black Jesus*

"Meth is a hell of a drug."

"I'm a tumor,I'm a tumor...I'm a tumor!,I'm a tumor,I'am a tumor...I'am tumor! oh oh! I'M A TUMOR!"

"Pick up my poop!"

"I have the power! He-Man!"


"Luis! Luis,Luis,Luis,Luis,Mum,Mum,Mum,Mum,Mum,Mommy,Mommy,Mommy,Mommy,Mama,Mama,Mama,Mama,Ma,Ma,Ma,Ma,Ma,Mom,Mom,Mom,Mom,Mom,Mummy,Mummy,Mama!,Mama! WHAT!? HI! eheheheheh"


Spongebob Quotes:

"Oh Please! I have no soul"


"I defy tu corazón man!!"

"I don't think Wumbo is a real word...Come'on! tu know i wumbo,You wumbo,He,she,me wumbo! Wumbo,Wumboing,WUMBOLOGY! The study of wumbo! it's first grade spongebob!"

"Is mayonnise an instrument?"

"I amor YOU"

Article by 16falloutboy posted hace más de un año
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Dani Stump Quotes

“Like my friend always said...this sounds like a personal problem”

“The weird thing about being married to the lead singer of Fall Out Boy and being a lead singer myself is that Patrick's a Rock singer...and I'm a Heavy Metal singer”

“The música genre that always got to me was Heavy Metal...that's why Party Poison can be classified as a Heavy Metal band”

“The ones who influenced me was Dragonforce and Metallica....the ones who influence me now is of course Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance”

“I'm a wife, I'm a mother, I'm a artist and I'm the fucking lead singer of Party Poison”

“I have a few jobs...I'm a singer, a model, a cook and giving Patrick what he wants”

“I also am very interested in Death Metal, who says a sexy girl cannot amor Death Metal?”

“I get pissed off easily so make sure tu watch what you're saying around me”

Opinion by dudelol17 posted hace más de un año
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Once there was a girl named Amy. Amy was 9 years old and she was just terrible at art. She always had bad grades and her friend Lexi was always bragging. ”ha ha tu are so horrible at art! Your cubism is a mess, your Ice sculptures are always just a stickman, and don’t get me started on your paintings! They are just big swirls of nothing! Who in the world would want to give that an A? “ Lexi said. Amy just smiled, looked at the painting, and then she frowned. Amy was silent until she said, “ I may have big gigantic swirls, but I will paint something better then a swirl! tu will see!! Lexi laughed, yeah right!! Just then Lexi put red paint on her clothes. AWW MAN!! She said. Amy studied the color. What type of color is this? Amy said., its called cereza, cerezo red fruitcake, if tu want to make even más stupid swirls. Lexi said. Oh, Amy said, I wasn’t going to paint a swirl, I wanted to make finger prints, she said. Lexi replied in a nerdy voice, “IM AMY AND IM SO STUPID BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO MAKE REAL ART!!” Everyone in the classroom laughed, Amy ran out the door and she raced into the classroom. Her eyes still full of tears, she had brought her painting with her....
Opinion by Usui--takumi posted hace más de un año
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I'm Against death penalty. Looking at the death penalty system in action, tu realize that the only purpose it serves is retribution o revenge, it is seriously (and intrinsically) flawed in application and that there is a serious and continuing risk of executing innocent people. And, it costs much más than life in prison.
130 people wrong fully convicted people were sentenced to death and were lucky to be exonerated and released, eventually. DNA, available in less than 10% of all homicides, can’t guarantee we won’t execute innocent people. If someone is convicted and later found innocent tu can release him from prison, but not from the grave.
The death penalty doesn't prevent others from committing murder. No reliable study shows the death penalty deters others. Homicide rates are higher in states and regions that have it than in those that don’t.
Life without parole, on the libros in 48 states, also prevents reoffending. It means what it says, and spending 23 of 24 hours a día locked in a tiny cell is not a picnic. Life without parole costs less than the death penalty.
Opinion by Usui--takumi posted hace más de un año
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Drug addiction is now a global problem. This social cancer has spread its poisonous claw all over the world. Frustration is the cause of this addiction. Unemployment problem, political cataclysm, lack of family ties, lack of amor affection etc give rise to frustration.Again this addiction gives rise to social crimes. When the addicted can not afford to por drugs, they commit many kinds of social crimes like hijacking, looting , plundering killing, robbery etc. Drugs oso, oso de a terrible effect on human body. They kill them slowly but surely. No physician can stop the changes that take place in the body of a drug addict.Drug addicted people feel drowsy , lose appetite and sleep. The skin of their bodies begin to change its colour. Drugs also damage the brain and all internel function of the body. However this curse should not be allowed to go on unchecked. At any cost we must get rid of this social cancer por highlighting its dangerous effect on human body and society. The remedy for drug addiction is not very easy. Greed of drug traders has grasped the whole world. Drug business is punishable.When each and every person is sincere to drive this curse of drug addiction from the society ,...
Article by hetaliaitaly posted hace más de un año
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something un happy they fight so hard
they fight to see the ones they love
not ever knowing when o how but one día some how
will find out how
bombs and pistolas caballos and them
all leave together but rest in the end
the fight of honor
the fight for friends
all the things that matter in the end

some will live some will fall
a hero is made in the hearts of them all
the white flag wont be raised not until the peace is made
children cry knowing why there brothers and loved
ones leave for them so they may live in the end

smoke and ash fuego and blood covered por cries
of the ones on death life and things that come to an end will be remembered por the ones they left
medallas and crests amor and hope a hero will be remebered not for them never why a peace will be made when the hero dies the white flage lays

blood stained in the hand of a man of war killed por the one that fort this war
Opinion by adaug posted hace más de un año
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After that...
S:Lets watch a scary movie!!!
S:(Flips channels)Here...
95 minutos later
P:(Falls over)
S:You guys never seen this one?I've seen it a hundred times!
C:My FLIPPING EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then a sound came
???:(Foot steps)
C:That wasn't you?
E:That wasn't me what?
Everyone:HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!
S:That sound!
E:I didn't hear anything.
N:Maybe it was just our imagination
Then that sound came again,No body did anything.
The sound came again...Louder.
Screams rose from that room
They we're all frightened.They called the police...the line died after they dicho ten words.
Opinion by adaug posted hace más de un año
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It was The night of Scarlett's sleepover,The guests arrived quickly.
S:Hey!Chloe and Nancy are already here,Penny.
P:Okay,Um...Where do I put my sleeping bag?
M:Bye Honey!I gotta go to work!
S:Bye mom!
N:Can we play 'Truth o Dare'?
S:Don't see why not.
Scarlett got a almohada and put it in her lap.
N:Okay,Chloe!Truth o dare?
C:Grrr.Okay.Penny,Truth o dare?
C:Alright,I dare tu to...Name ONE Scary movie you've watched!
P:Oh...Well....lets see...(gulp)...HARRY POTTER!
S:As much as we hate him....Doesn't count.
P:(Thinking)OH!Geppers Creppers!
P:Okay.Scarlett.Truth o dare?????
P:I dare tu to...Try to scare us!
S:You little...
C:You have to do it!!
S:Fine!Hang on...Be right!
Opinion by adaug posted hace más de un año
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There once lived a 10 año old girl named,Scarlett.
Her family lived in a Big,HUGE,Mansion.
M:If I say Fine,will tu stop?
S:(Hugs mom)THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!WOO HO!!
Scarlett ran up to call her 3 friends,Nancy,Penny,and Chloe.
S:(Calls)SHE dicho YES!!!
Then her brother,Ethan,Came in,holding a bag of chips.
E:SHUT UP,SCARLETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then he stomped out.
M:Scarlett!I just remembered!I have to work tomorrow!
S:So?We're responsible,Mom!Besides,(mumbles),pretends to barf)Responsible.
M:Um...I don't know
S:Don't make me say it...AGAIN!
M:Fine!!But tu have to help me with the groceries!
S:(Makes face)Fine!Last deal!
M:Come on!
Article by hetaliaitaly posted hace más de un año
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darker then light brighter then bright
nothing stands
but never lands
nothing i do ever makes me feel
nothing anyone does will make me real
im not really there and i dont care so why do i feel as lonely as air
something there but no one cares

just one thing that no one thinks is there
just something thats as quiet as death
im not there i never was not until
im ever loved
but i dont no one cares so why am i ever even there i am not real i am not there im just as dry as a volcán flair.

(well heres another poem
and its about death so yep there we go)