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Opinion by hetaliaitaly posted hace más de un año
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Everyone always tells me its the last time
But then why am i still here to be the one who is constantly crying
Im done with fake smiling
Im done with the crying
Im done with the lying
Because right now im the one that is dying
It's selfish for them to want me to stay
But is it not selfish to take my own life away?
No its not fair but nothing in life ever is
Everyday i cheat death is the día i took a dare
I keep up my strength not only for me
I keep up that smile because i want them to be happy
I feel the blood sinking in as a i put preasure on my life
Im just not a person who would take happiness from their to decide
But i can't go on like what i have been anymore
This whole time i have been staring at an unlocked open door.
Barely enough time to save me from myself but i have just that enough time to save someone else from themselves
what is sinking me down and burning my life is that one single time i decided it was time
Article by ShadowYJ posted hace más de un año
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I just made some up and put them all here-some are negative, positive and frases and sayings and others.

1. This is me. This is who I am. If tu don’t like me-don’t stick around.
2. Challenge me. It will make no difference. Why? ‘Cause tu are the one thats going to be dead in the end.
3. tu think make-up and fashion is the solution to all your problems? Well thats a big laugh.
4. Beautiful doesn’t mean blonde o skinny
5. Beauty comes from within-not from looks
6. Just because he/she is cute, doesn't mean they are made of dulces
7. tu can do anything-but not everything
8. tu may be physically here-but tu have to have your head in the game.
9. tu tell me tu amor me-but tu end up killing me
10. tu tell me I’m dumb? Oh thank-you ‘cause tu are twice as dumb as I am.
11. tu tell me I’m fat? What are you, the body police? Wheres your badge that says so?
12. tu tell me I’m ugly? Well at least I’m not as ugly as you!
Guide by chillyneon posted hace más de un año
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So alot of people I know have gotten superglue on them (including me) so I'm going to make this articulo for your help.

Super Glue on clothes = Throw away the clothes. The super glue burns it. Don't try to wash.

Super Glue on skin = Put skin in alcohol for about 1 min. Then, gently peel off glue.

Super Glue in eye = Wash out eye with warm water, then wait a little bit. If still irritated, go to the doctors.

Super Glue in ear = I don't know about this one................just go to the doctor.

So the thing is, when handling Super Glue, wear gloves o something to cover up your skin. Also, wear goggles to keep tu eyes safe.
Article by Draculaura10 posted hace más de un año
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This is hysterical. tu have to try this. It is absolutely true. I guess there
are some things that the brain cannot handle.


tu have to try this please, it takes 2 seconds. I could not believe this!!!

It is from an orthopedic surgeon................This will boggle your mind

and it will keep tu trying over and over again to see if tu can outsmart
your foot, but, tu can't. It's pre-programmed in your brain!

1). Without anyone watching tu (they will think tu are GOOFY....) and
while sitting at your escritorio in front of your computer, lift your right
foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.
Article by awesomeblossom1 posted hace más de un año
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Here's some of my fave "I wasnt that drunk" jokes hope tu like :)
"I wasn't that drunk"
"You saw a ginger girl eating blueberries and screamed 'No Foxface! Not the berries!'"
"You ran into Walmart and when tu heard someone talking on the intercom, tu fell to your knees and said, 'God has spoken!'"
"You grabbed my parakeet, threw it at my sisters piggy bank and yelled, 'ANGRY BIRDS!!!!!'"
"You told me to give tu a ride inicial and the part was at your house"
"You asked your girlfriend if she was single"
"You gave a midget a seta and yelled 'GROW MARIO GROW!!!'"
"You were cutting open pineapples and yelling, " SPONGEBOB I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!!!!!'"
"You were screaming into my closet "WHERE IS NARNIA?!?'"
"You walked up to a semi- truck and whispered 'I know your secret..... Optimus Prime'"
"You were splashing around in the sink screaming "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming'"
"You were in my pool screaming "WHERE IS NEMO?!?!'"
Opinion by jessy_an posted hace más de un año
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Most of time when tu talk to a person and start to talk about another person with them like how much they are nice and especial for tu so the person with whom tu are talking feel jealous that tu like another person más they think about it más and más and they start to hate tu can see how jealousy turns to hate and in this world we should amor each other because hate can destroy the world and the earth is only place where tu can live don't destroy it don't make anyone jealous I know it's happens to tu too.
PS: I'm bored lol idk what did i just write.
List by AislingYJ posted hace más de un año
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I'm bored, so I thought I'd share with tu a few websites online that tu can diseño characters! tu all probably have either created characters, like for fanfictions, stories, o just in your mind, and here are some websites where tu can diseño their appearance! o tu could always make yourself and use it as a snazzy avatar/profile pic, o make characters from books/movies/etc. that already exist! There are tons of websites out there, these are just a few.
This website is por far the best superhero generator I've found. Basically tu use it to make your dream superhero!!! (I use it to make the costumes for my Young Justice OCs) They have endless options of costume parts for both male and female characters, and they even allow tu to mover parts around, resize them, and color them. tu can save the character to the game, and then load it later, but if tu want to save an image to the computer, tu have to take a screenshot.
Article by johnnyboy-69 posted hace más de un año
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Hard drive - Trying to climb a steep, muddy colina with 3 flat tires and pulling a trailer load of fertilizer.

Keyboard - Place to hang your truck keys.

Window - Place in the truck to hang your guns.

Modem - How tu got rid of your dandelions. Usage: "We gonna modem dandelions"

ROM - Liquor often mixed with Coke

Byte - Beginning of an insult, often followed por the word "me" o "this"

Cursor - The person doing the cursing. What some guys do when they are mad at their wife and/or girlfriend.

Tab - What tu owe the bartender

Shift - How tu get to a different gear.

RAM - Great truck

editar - Past tense of "eat" "Wher'd that leftover possum belly go?" " tu editar afore tu passed out las nite.

Internet - Where her pescado were when she caught em ( In er net).

Fonts - That really cool guy from the show, Happy Days.

Laptop - Where the stripper sits.
Article by australia-101 posted hace más de un año
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100 Best Things to Do

1) Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that tu are them from the future.

2) Point at someone and shout "Your one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly.

3) Swear to do the siguiente misceláneo thing no matter how ridiculous o stupid.

4) Throw something at Justin Beiber. Do it. Now.

5) Call someone to tell them tu can't talk right now.

6) Thumbs up if your bored.

7) Put a walkie-talkie in a gnome and shout at people when they walk by!

8) Fill water balloons with soap and water and wash your car.

9) Go to McDonalds and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.

10) Buy a hamburger and give it to a homeless person.

11) Draw disturbing faces on all the eggs in the fridge, make them look scared!

12) Actually do the 2 siguiente misceláneo things tu see after this.

13) ACTUALLY do the siguiente 3 things that it tells tu to do.
Article by australia-101 posted hace más de un año
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misceláneo Things to Do Containing "act like"

Yell at your brother/sister untill they wake up and then act like nothing happened.

Video tape tu and your friends pretending to act like each other!

Walk up to a misceláneo person tu don't know and ask them for their autograph, act like they're a celeb.

Act like little kids in Wal-Mart with one of your friends being your mother/father.

Talk to someone tu don't know and act like they killed your dog.

Go up to a friend and act like tu are some one stupid.

Buy a party hat and put it on your head then act like a unicorn.

Act like someone tu don't like in the mirror.

Spaz out on the floor and act like it feels me....its fun!!

When the school campana rings yell, THE dinosaurios ARE COMING!!! then act like a dead hobo.

Act like a secret agent with a nerf gun in public.

Article by ShadowYJ posted hace más de un año
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This test is only for girls, so if tu are a guy, buzz off!
This is a fun test tu can chain mail to with any peeps o even family. Enjoy! (Won't work on fanpop o any other site, only used for emails)

P.S please say in comentarios what tu think of it!

FRIEND I don't really know if this test is true o not but the respuestas actually were the same as my personality Well, all i have to say to tu people is, try the test it's actually kinda fun!! 

This is no joke. It works (from experience). 

DO NOT just borrar this. DO WHAT IT SAYS!!!! FOR YOUR OWN amor LIFE'S SAKE!!! 

Read this now o forever hold your peace. 

This is not just your ordinary chain letter. Every person tu send it to, brings tu más good luck. 

If tu send it to no one, it will cause someone tu like to hate you. 
If tu send it to 1 person, your siguiente relationship will have lots of fun times. 

If tu send it to 2 people, tu will get a secret admirer. 

If tu send it to 3 people, you'll get a fecha for the siguiente school...
Fan fiction by akatsuki_lover9 posted hace más de un año
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it was a normal día in the akatsuki. Konan was practicing origami, Deidara was blowing things up behind the base, Tobi was bugging deidara. The rest of the members were sitting watching TV. Hidan and kakuzu were in one of their arguments again. “well I don't see why I can't do rituals in our room, I deserve rights too.”hidan dicho angrily. “you can't because tu always get blood all over everything!” kakuzu snapped. “i do not!” hidan yelled back. “besides, your the one who leaves money lying everywhere.” Pein turned to hidan and kakuzu and punched them both in the head. “will tu two shut up, some people are trying to watch TV!” hidan rolled his eyes then replied. “can't we at least-” “no, just shut up!” pein cut him off. “don't worry pein, I'll keep hidan's mouth shut. After all, I am the responsible one.” kakuzu said. “thank tu kakuzu, if tu succeed then I'll pay tu $20.” pein replied. Kakuzu nodded his head then dragged hidan away por the ear. “thank god they're gone.” pein muttered. Then there was a knock on the door of the base. “I'll get it!” kisame yelled, walking to the door. He returned a few moments later. “pein, it's some...
List by Surfer_Girl_16 posted hace más de un año
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._. o (._.) indecisive
:-) o =] o :) o =) o :] o :^) o :D o :^D Smile o happy
:-L o =L o o¬o Drool o Zombie. Being tired.
,':Y An inquisitive duck.
:-( o =( o D: o D= Frown o Sad
<3 )~ A mouse
xP o XP Straining, disgust, bad joke, dead, dead from laughing, silliness
xD o XD Laughing hard (often taken as Cartman from the television
mostrar South Park)
X8 laughing hard while covering mouth with hands
:S o :s o =S o =s confused
:Þ o :þ o =b o =Þ happy, dropped jaw, raspberry
:/ o :\ o =/ o =\ Skepticism, annoyance, uneasiness, o a slight
frown; dissatisfaction, lack of favourable opinion on the subject,
:T o :| o =| Indecision, deadpan, a solemn look, a lack of response,
o indifference; shock - also often used with a contrasting statement
to convey biting sarcasm (e.g. "That was hilarious. :-|")
;) o ;] Wink
BD o 8D Laughing while wearing cool glasses, comedian
Article by cookie-do posted hace más de un año
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GIrls only (or gay guys..) yea both So tu have to read this now....haha for girls eyes only here all girls! hola girls! IF YOU'RE A BOY, LEAVE THIS CUZ IT RUINS EVERYTHING GIRL TALK: Did tu know besar is healthy. It's good to cry. Chicken sopa actually makes tu feel better. 94% of boys would amor it if tu sent them flowers. Lying is actually unhealthy. Only apply mascara to your parte superior, arriba lashes. It's actually true, boys DO insult tu when they like you! 89% of guys want tu to make the 1st move. Ya but 99.99% of girls want guys to make the first move. chocolate will make tu feel better! Most boys think it's cute when tu say the wrong thing. A good friend never judges. A good foundation will hide hickeys...not that tu have any. Boys aren't worth your tears. We ALL amor surprises!! Now.... make a wish! Wish REALLLLLLY hard!!! WISH WISH WISH WISH * *** ***** ******** ********* ********** *********** ************ *********** ********** ********* ******** ******* ****** ***** **** *** ** * ** ***** ******** ********* ********** @@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ##################### $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ %%%%%%%%%%%%% ***********...
Article by ssook78 posted hace más de un año
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me: omg where are my keys *looks at sister* ......
*cuts her open and gets her guts out and finds my keys* there it is
mom: O_O
dad: o_o
brother: mommy!
me: uhhh hi?
sister: moves arms
me: heh heh *shoots my family*





heh heh *rocks* i amor tu teddy
rockysss lelele
List by Quirnechia posted hace más de un año
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más people in history of war have been killed in the name of God (any religion) then any other reason for war
Hellenologophobia - the fear of greek terms
If tu sneeze too hard, tu can fracture a rib. If tu try to suppress a sneeze, tu can rupture a blood vessel in your head o neck and die.
Nearly a third of all bottled drinking water purchased in the US is contaminated with bacteria.
Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over 1 million descendants.
tu are más likely to be struck por lightning than to be eaten por a shark.
tu are más likely to be infected por flesh-eating bacteria than tu are to be struck por lightning.
más people working in advertising died on the job in 1996 than died while working in petroleum refining.
mariposas taste with their feet.
A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.
In 10 minutes, a hurricane releases más energy than all of the world's nuclear weapons combined.
Article by australia-101 posted hace más de un año
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Desktop Fun Prank

This works best on someone without much computer knowledge. If tu know of someone who is constantly talking about how stupid their PC is, o always seem to be lucky enough to get the newest virus before anyone else...this trick is for them.

tu will need:

- Access to their computer
- Ability to take screenshots, change desktop wallpaper, and other basic computer skills

How this prank works:
tu take a screenshot of someone's desktop (with o without apps running o photoshopping "enhancements"), than place that image as their desktop wallpaper. If tu are decent with using photoshop o another graphic editing program tu could open up the image file that the person is using for there desktop and use some of your creative genius to make something extra special.

Other ideas: make a "windows warning" box that says something confusing /devastating to someone not familiar with the technical aspects of Windows. Like: "Warning... Unable to mount drive... Ram will implode in 4 minutes".
Article by australia-101 posted hace más de un año
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How To Beat Carnival Games

Rope Ladder:
The trick to climbing carnival rope ladders is to completely ignore the "rungs" and only use the outside ropes to climb on.

While applying equal pressure with your right foot and left arm, mover your left foot and right arm uat the same time. Then do the same thing with the opposite limbs -- shimmying yourself up the ladder.

Do not mover both hands o both feet at the same time - tu will lose your balance.

Ring Toss Game:
Snap your wrist as tu throw the ring to achieve the most spin possible, this will stabilize the ring making it easier to land cleanly on your target.

Balloon Dart Throw:
The balloons are under-inflated, and the dart tips are dull. Forget accuracy and throw the dart as hard as tu can. Most people aim for the middle, so the game operators will often hide the "good prize" etiquetas behind balloons on the outside edges.

Shoot out the Star:
Article by Happy_Aura39 posted hace más de un año
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Rolling thunder hear my cry.
Please save me before I die,
if tu can't than let me fly,
please let me fly.

Don't save yourself if tu can't save me.
Revenge is my priority,i'm a jealous chick
just wait until tu see...

This world is a retched place (hell yeah).
It's all do to the human race.
But i'll keep fighting,until I stop breathing....

Take me,from the clutches of this messed up evil world!
Save me,save the spirits of those broken hearted girls!

Tired of living in this world in wonder.
Bet I'd do better being 6ft under.
I just can't take it anymore no way no how!!
Please save me now.

más to come :-)

Guide by Lady_Rebel posted hace más de un año
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People die everyday. There are people dying as I write this, as tu read it, in the future, and in the past. It’s the same across the globe. But what isn’t the same is how people bury the deceased. We in the U.S. generally bury our dead in the ground. People in europa used to bury their dead in cairns. Every culture has a different means of putting the dead in their final resting place, but the culture whose method I am going to tell tu about is Ancient Egypt. más specifically, he process of mummification. Mummification was a long and complicated process involving spells, knives, and a lot of linen. Anubis was the god of death, and watched over the embalming process.
When a person died, a crier went through the streets, calling out the death to the people. Meanwhile, the body was taken to the “ibu” o “place of purification”. The body was washed with palm wine and rinsed in water from the Nile.
The priests then made a small slit in the left side of the body near the stomach. Through this, they removed the liver, lungs, stomach, and intestines. They left the corazón in the body; because they thought that the corazón controlled the body and contained the soul....
Opinion by sideshowbobbart posted hace más de un año
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This short insight as the main aim takes one particular social group – fangirls. Scientists argued (and still do) many times whether distinguishing aforementioned group from the rest of society is valid o not, but one brilliant researcher pointed out that even sociopaths are being classified as separated group, so why not fangirls. This small research is written in his memory, because the group, he spent his entire life researching on, got him into their hands and now his relics are unable to be traced por Interpol. But probably are worshipped somewhere. Along with the part of his shoelace.

To better understand this mercury[1]-swift group, we must first understand its place in the animal kingdom, and its place in human society.
Although researchers did come across some males in the group, called “fanboys”, they do not take much responsibility in the group. It is even hard to check if they perform any procreation tasks. This led many to think that fangirls multiply por parthenogenesis. It is also possible for normal human being to transform into fangirl in an instant. The origin of such change remains unknown. It is probably due to some...
Fan fiction by Draculaura10 posted hace más de un año
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Classes up until lunch went por in a blur except for finding out that Eve, Emmah, and Mellissa all had the same schedule. The three girls walked over to an empty mesa, tabla and sat down. "So, tu guys, what do tu think Ms.Winters wants us to come to her for? tu don't think it's one of her discipline lectures, do you? I sure hope not. One time I heard someone was in there for an hour!" Emmah said.

"I honestly don't know. hola Eve, where'd tu get that bracelet? It looks so cute. It would look cuter in purple though." Mellissa said. Both Eve and Emmah had a confused look on their face. "Me? I don't wear bracelets. What are tu talking abou---" Eve looked down and saw a beaded black bracelet around her wrist. "And Mel, tu already have a purple one." Emmah dicho like it was obvious. Mellissa looked at her wrist too. Sitting there was a purple bracelet, identical to Eve's black one. "Emmah, check your wrist too!" Mellissa dicho in a panic. Emmah looked down and saw a white one. "Maybe we should go see Ms.Winters now. It could take our mind off this crazy stuff." Eve dicho getting up from the round lunch table. "Good idea" "Agreed"...
Opinion by TheDirector posted hace más de un año
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I don't know who's going to read this, but I'm going to write it anyway...

I've noticed that there are a lot of preguntas pertaining to the subject of popularity, well-known users, and admiration on this club... Some people find it harmless. Others don't care. But a lot of people do and this articulo is for those who feel like they're not important. tu know who tu are.
All I have to say is... tu are just as important as everyone else on this club. The person with 1 fan is just as important as the person with 1,789 fans. They're just numbers. A lot of tu need to realize that fanpop is just a website on the Internet. Popularlity on a social network should be beneath your notice.
The reason there seems to be "well-known" users on this club is because people have made it so.
por posting preguntas and foros and artículos about "well-known users," tu are making everyone believe that there is a popular group when there really isn't.
List by wantadog posted hace más de un año
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I thought I might do something and this is what came to mind.....

[Top things disney cine have taught us(Part One)]

[The Lion King]

1. Don’t trust an uncle with large black facial hair.

2. Never intentionally scream in an area where a stampede/avalanche/other disaster of that sort might happen.

3. If necessary, tu can survive on bugs.

4. Don’t play in graveyards(is also taught in most zombie/horror movies.)

5. Lions can grow up in about 15 segundos just por walking across a log.

6. Clouds can speak.

7. Baboon’s always have the catchiest songs.

8. Always treat warthogs with proper respect(refer to them as sir/madam)

9. Doesn’t matter what type of fight it is….the girlfriend will always kick your butt.

10. Brothers are d***’s!

[The Little Mermaid]

1. tu are never far from a musical band of canto sea creatures.
Fan fiction by Draculaura10 posted hace más de un año
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Eve Dipalo stared up at the brick building. It looked the same but it felt so different, so... weird... "oof!" Someone pushed Eve aside and ran off into the school. Eve was about to say something, but she thought better of it. Besides, who would even listen to her of all people? She sighed and pushed open the doors to the school.

Right when she walked in she felt out of place. She pulled a piece of white paper from her backpack's side pocket and studied it. She walked over to one of the bright red 7th grade lockers and glanced back down at the paper to check her combination. she tried her locker but it wouldn't open. She tried three times then gave up and kicked the locker. If she tried one más time she'd be late for class. It then creaked open, leaving Eve annoyed. She set her libros inside and was about to walk off but noticed a someone scooting towards her. "Um hi?" Eve said, confused, when the brunette came up to her. "I'm sorry if I creep tu out o something, but for some reason, I felt... drawn to you." The girl said. "I---uh don't know what to say." Both girls lunged adelante, hacia adelante in pain. "OUCH!" They both almost yelled at the same time. Everybody turned to...