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Obviously there are más than ten beaches in the world. And I really couldn't just leave it at the ten from my first article. So here are ten más beaches worth checking out.

10. Bunes Beach, Lofoten, Norway

I can't not mention Norway on one of these lists. In my opinion, Norway has some of the most alluring scenery in the world. It's beaches are no different. Bunes playa is completely surrounded por stunning cliffs (it can only be reached por boat) and is great for both hiking, swimming, and camping all wrapped up in one pretty & scenic package. A trip there in the winter is just as worthwhile...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

Cincinatti Ohio. Four men were in a black Suburban were driving towards a warehouse called M&M Metals International Inc. One of them was Johnny Lightning.

Johnny: *Looks to the man sitting in the back with him*
Narrator: Before joining the CIA, I was a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I didn't like the fact that it was corrupt, and decided to transfer. Some federal boys on the other hand, did not want me to transfer to the CIA. Once a mes since my transfer, they've been sending me at least five E-mails, trying to make out deals to get me back.
Driver: *Stops the Suburban*...
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posted by deathding
HEY! What do tu think you're doing!?

???: Excuse us, but the administrators of fanpop have told us to lock tu in here. But have no worries, for we have dado tu a fun task to work on while they want tu trapped in here!

Oh yeah. Because solitary confinement is so much fun. >.<

???: They want tu to jot down any and all thoughts that come open your mind. Let us know when you've gone insane! :)

*Door Slams*

That was the worst fuckin' prologue ever. 1/10 for character development, and 0/10 for kindness.

Well, since I have nothing else to do, here it goes. I suppose.

Wait a minute, I might be...
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Several of my favorito! fictional characters are great alone, but others need a another good character to balance things out. This lista is about the 5 duos that I like the most. I hope tu read it and enjoy the list.

5. the Black Snow Princess and Megumi (Accel World)

Accel World is a anime show. The Black Snow Princess (Kuroyukihime) is the main female character and Megumi is her best friend. The 2 of them have a heartwarming and adorable friendship. The 18th episode is focused on them and it's easily my favorito! episode. In that episode it's reveled how much they mean to each other. I'm not...
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So. I saw this movie once.

I can agree much of the actuación is hard to take seriously.
But it's a lot better then people give it credit for..

The one thing that reached my attention when lectura the reviews of this movie.
Is that someone stated that using a "blonde" girl wasn't a good choice..

But here's why that upsets me so much.

A girl I knew, Dean. Was one of the most popular girls in my school (yes, she was blonde). Was struck por cyber bullying.
And tu know what happened?
She killed herself!


My best friend, KILLED HERSELF!


Now tu know why I was effected so strongly por this movie..

And fuck cyber bullies!
Fuck them all!!
posted by sweet_n_silly
I laughed so hard when I read this and I just had to share it

1. Guys hate sluts even though they have sex with them!

2. "Hey, are tu busy?" o "Are tu doing something?" ~ two phrases guys open with to stop from stammering on the phone.

3. Guys may be flirting around all día but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about.

4. Before they call, guys try to plan out a little about what they're going to say so there aren't awkward pauses, but once he's on the phone he forgets it all and makes it up as he goes.

5. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile when they’re...
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1.In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. I'll have twenty.
2.Sometimes tu make me so mad i wanna throw tu in the middle of on-going traffic; but then i realize i would probably kill myself trying to save you.
3.im the type of girl who would burst out laughing in the middle of silence because of something that happened... yesterday.
4.so ill walk the plank & jump with a smile if im going down ill do it in style tu wont hear me surrender.
5.the truth hurts so we lie
6.silence is golden, duct tape is silver
7.i know your probably thinking oh no she didnt but i just so totally...
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posted by chowjoyi
41 ways to annoy your parents

1. Follow them everywhere.

2. When they say your name, moo loudly like a cow.

3. If tu have a dog, follow the dog around on all-fours and say "Bark." over and over again really loudly.

4. Talk to a pen constantly.

5. When your friends come over, pretend to be talking in code and have your friend say 'Your-a pa smells-a like a woman-a." If they crack the code, play stupid.

6. Have a dozen of imaginary friends that tu ask their opinion of everything.

7. After tu have your bath, envolver, abrigo a bath towel around tu and then walk outside of the bathroom. When your parents ask...
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posted by mistymaydawngo
100.coconut (its fun to say! Cooocooonut.......yea)
99:flip flops (I know its 2 words......SHUT UP! Gosh people)
98.Lolipop (lolipop lolipop o loli loli loli lolipop!)
97.refreshing (I don't know why I just like the word it sounds cool!)
96.growl (groooowwwwlll like groooowwwl........I don't know)
95.theif (theif! Theif! Once again I don't know)
94.swiftly (I like the word!)
93.Tuna (tuuuuunaaa this ia also fun to sau)
92.freak (we are all freaks here aren't we?)
91,moist (it sounds weird and like epic at the same time)
90.oyster (I don't know........again I just like the word!
89.manatee (come on who...
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posted by ginny_potter_97
1.    Sell your old stuff at a garaje sale. You'll clean out your room and make a little cash at the same time.
2.    See one of those big blockbuster summer movies. Bonus points if it's in 3-D.
3.    Make a bird feeder and wait for someone to stop por and check it out. (It'll probably be a bird.)
4.    Fill up some of your community service hours.
5.    Lay out por the public pool (with plenty of sunscreen on, of course).
6.    Set up your sprinkler in the backyard (or the front...
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Reasons why being a guy is so much easier than being a girl.
1.First off tu aren't sick once a month.
2.You can't get pregnant so tu aren't the one stressed on birth control , tu do it and that's it.
3.You don't have to spend hours picking an outfit.
4.You don't have to spend hours putting your make up on.
5.You don't have to spend hours making your hair to stay decent.
6.You get ready to go out in just 30 minutos tops.
7.You pee standing.
8.Your parents don't tell tu at what hora to be inicial when tu in high-school.
9.You can sleep every night somewhere else than inicial as a teenager cause your parents...
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posted by simpleplan
There are many words i could use to describe how I feel about tu right now. None of them are nice

To know me is to amor me, to hurt me is to dig your own grave.

I want a tazer =)

Has gone to play in traffic.

Is breathing oxygen

I don't have anger issues...You have acceptance issues.

You can correo electrónico your complaints to gofuckyourself@idontgiveashit.com

Is wondering if people are two-faced, does that mean tu get to slap them twice?

Has new boxing gloves and a nasty temper, fancy your chances???

I like it when people give me a reason to nurture my dark side

SMOKING SAVES LIVES ... It stops me strangling...
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posted by spunkyonyx
Angel Eyes
Angel Face (to me this one is a little werid)
Babe ( I like to be called this one)
Baby (I amor to be call this one too)
Baby Doll
Baby Face
Baby Girl (I amor to be called this one)
Baby amor
Beautiful (this one doesnt fit for me)
Blue Eyes (or in my case brown eyes)
Chunky (If a my man called me this ohhhh lord he be crusin for a brusin)
Dear corazón
Dewdrop (all I have to say is lolz)
Dream barco (this one makes us sound kinda...
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posted by invadercalliope
I am your forgotten dream,
Broken and unseen.

I hurt myself,
So I can feel alive.

The hardest thing to do is watch the one tu love,
Love someone else in return.

Don’t say tu amor me unless tu really mean it,
Cause I might do something crazy like believe it.

Feels like tu could kiss my imperfections away,
And I would stand por your side until the sun turns the sky.

I swear to tu on everything I am,
And I dedicate to tu all that I have,
And I promise tu that I will stand right por your side,
Forever and always, until the día I die.

I’m not crying over what tu said;
It’s what tu didn’t say that...
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misceláneo Things to Do Containing "act like"

Yell at your brother/sister untill they wake up and then act like nothing happened.

Video tape tu and your friends pretending to act like each other!

Walk up to a misceláneo person tu don't know and ask them for their autograph, act like they're a celeb.

Act like little kids in Wal-Mart with one of your friends being your mother/father.

Talk to someone tu don't know and act like they killed your dog.

Go up to a friend and act like tu are some one stupid.

Buy a party hat and put it on your head then act like a unicorn.

Act like someone tu don't like...
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Really corazón touching....... .A Must Read por all...

I was walking around in a Big Bazar store making shopping, when I saw
a Cashier talking to a boy couldn't have been más than 5 o 6 years

TheCashier said,'I'm sorry, but tu don't have enough money to buy
this doll. Then the little boy turned to me and asked:''Uncle, are
you sure I don't have enough money?''

I counted his cash and replied:''You know that tu don't have enough
money to buy the doll, my dear.''The little boy was still holding the
doll in his hand.

Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give
this doll to.'It's...
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-Russia's coastline is 23 000 miles (37 015 kilometers for those who use kilometers), if tu stretched out all of your blood vessels, it would be 93 00 miles (1 496 69 kilometers)

-In Iceland your last name is your fathers first name and son o duter added to the end. Leif Erikson? Leif Erik's son

-The numbers '172' can be found on the back of the U.S. $5 dollar bill in the bushes at the base of the lincoln Memorial

-In the average lifetime, a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator

-Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese

-Rhode Island is the smallest state; yet it has...
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posted by 7things
How can tu get four suits for a dollar?
Buy a deck of cards.

How do dinosaurios pay their bills?
With Tyrannosaurus checks.

What do tu call a dinosaur that smashes everything in its path?
Tyrannosaurus wrecks.

What do tu call a dinosaur that wears a cowboy hat and boots?
Tyrannosaurus Tex.

How do we know the Indians were the first people in North America?
They had reservations.

How do tu make a hot dog stand?
Steal its chair.

How do tu make an egg laugh?
Tell it a yolk.

How do tu prevent a Summer cold?
Catch it in the Winter!

How does a pig go to hospital?
In a hambulance.

If a long dress is evening...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Abbaye de Belloc
Abbaye de Citeaux
Abbaye du Mont des gatos
Affidelice au Chablis
Afuega'l Pitu
Aisy Cendre
Allgauer Emmentaler
American Cheese
Ami du Chambertin
Anejo Enchilado
Anneau du Vic-Bilh
Ardi Gasna
Armenian String
Aromes au Gene de Marc
Aubisque Pyrenees
Baby Swiss
Baguette Laonnaise
Barry's bahía Cheddar
Basket Cheese
Bath Cheese
Bavarian Bergkase
Beenleigh Blue...
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posted by R33n33sm3
I found this on the net:

During a thunderstorm ...

Beth: hola Ben! Sup?
Ben: Uhhh ... nothing much about to go to a party ... haha you?
Beth: Haha nice ... uhhh just staying in for the night.
Ben: I have this huge favor to ask tu ...
Beth: Yeah ... what?
Ben: Can tu please come over and watch my brother for me? I won't be able to go if no one watches him.
Beth: Ughh ... well ....
Ben: Please Beth!
Beth: *Sighs* Alright. I'll be over in a few minutes.

A few minutos later, Beth arrives at Ben's house.

Ben: Hey, thanks so much!
beth: Hehe. No problem. por the way, tu look really nice.
Ben: Thanks! Anyways,...
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