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Article by Jamie38459 posted hace más de un año
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Pieyaiyai pieyaiyai pieyaiyai eat them till u cry. [wait 4 about 16 seconds, then do verse 1] The empty pie tins, were 1st known as frisbees, spinning, spinning, they look so dizzy. The tins looks shiny, it reflects the sun, yes bakerys r our number 1! [chorus] Pie ay ay, im a birdie who likes pies, throw little pecks straight down into peoples eyes. Pie ay ay ay, im a birdie who likes pies, keep throwing them at the cogs until they die. [wait about 16 más seconds, then start the 2nd verse] Now they have bakeries, so many snacks 2 taste. No, we shouldnt let them go 2 waste. From brownies to cakes, and galletas and pie, colorful, fruitful, yummy snacks oh my! [repeat chorus twice] Pieyaiyai pieyaiyai pieyaiyai eat them till u die. [wait 4 about 30 seconds, then repeat verse 1, after that u repeat the chorus 2 mor times, then wait 4 about 16 mor seconds] Pie ay ay ay, im a birdie who likes pies, eat all the treats, till ur so full u could cry. The end, hope u liked it(and san it rite).
Article by Jamie38459 posted hace más de un año
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Piyaiyai, Piyaiyai, Piyaiyai eat them till u cry[reapeat][1st verse] The empty pie tins, were 1st known as frisbees, spinning,spinning it makes me dizzy. They look shiny, reflects toward the sun, yes bakeries, R our number 1. [chorus] Pie ay ay, I'm a birdie who likes pies, throw little pecks, straight down in2 peoples eyes. Pie ay ay, I'm a birdie who likes pies, keep throwin them, at the cogs until they die. [verse 2] Now they have a bakery, they got all of the treats, all of the snacks, look good enough 2 eat. From cakes to brownies, galletas and pie, colorful, fruitful, tasty deserts oh my! [repeat chorus] piyaiyaiyai, piyaiyaiyai, piyaiyai eat them til cry[repeat]. [wait 4 about 30 secs, then repeat verse 1, and then repeat the chorus twice, and then wait 4 about 8 seconds] Pie ay ay, im a birdie who likes pies, eat them all up till ur so full u could cry. THE END, hope u liked it(and sang it rite).
Opinion by Cantwait4book5 posted hace más de un año
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I am not obsessed with Justin Bieber nor do I hate him. In just neutral about him. But I am soooooooo fed up with all these people bagging him out!

I just read a pregunta on this spot that asked "If tu saw Justin Bieber standing on the parte superior, arriba of a building getting ready to jump, would tu cry o scream JUMP FAG JUMP!". I'm sorry but if I saw someone (regardless of who they are) on parte superior, arriba of a building getting ready to jump off, I would do anything to make them stop.

Why do tu people have grudges against someone who hasn't ever done something bad to anyone tu know o care about. And people say that he sounds like a chick and that he is a fag but honestly, he doesnt. His voice may be higher than other guys but that doesnt make him a fag.

And anyway, whats wrong with it if he is gay? Adam Lambert is gay and he has millions of fans.

I dont like Justin Bieber but I am fed up of people posting s**t about him!!!!!

Anyone agree???
Article by Monicaluv posted hace más de un año
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Cartwheels!!!!!! Lollipops!!!!!!! Srry super bored. Boys!!!!! hola everyone come visit new club called lovin boys. ( if tu like boys) they told me to write a longer articulo so here i go. ummm.... Lovin boys is where tu can talk about your boy crushes and get consejos in the Dear monica section. Please registrarse this club. Anyone who joins gets 4 apoyar and i will become your fan. So please become a fan of this club. Thank tu . LALALALALALALALAL. Hobos for life. haha jk my friends texting signature. Does anyone get as bored as i do? HUMMMMMM..... LALALALLLALlalala. does anyone want to be a fan of me? LALALALALal. BOOOOORRRRREeEEEDDDD!!!!!!! Did tu know someone here knows jb miley and selena gomez.
List by Delilah_Scruggs posted hace más de un año
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NOTE: These "facts" have not necessarily been verified. They are just for fun.

1.If tu keep a goldfish in a dark room, it will eventually turn white.

2.San Francisco cable cars are the only National Monuments that move.

3.Topless saleswomen are legal in Liverpool, England, but only in tropical pescado stores.

4.A Wisconsin máquina elevadora, carretilla elevadora operator for a Miller cerveza distributor was fired when a picture was published in a newspaper mostrando him drinking a Bud Light.

5.More people study English in China than speak it in the United States of America (300 million).

6.For every person on earth, there are an estimated 200 million insects.

7.A car traveling 100 mph would take más than 29 million years to reach the nearest star.

8.In Cleveland, Ohio, it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

9.Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33.

Opinion by hassleberrygirl posted hace más de un año
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it was a very warm day.So we decided to go to the park.we were walking in the park and we heared thunder and lighting.We continued walking in the park and its started to rain.We continued to walk in the park and it rained even harder.We continued to walk intill i hit a tree.Then my cell phone rang and anwsered it but no one anwsered.I was scaryed to death.I walked inicial with my friends.But i hit another árbol my friends helped me up.but when we got to my house we heared a ghost that dicho GET OUT.My friends all ran out of the house.Then my parents came out from hiding and scaryed the crap out of me and stabbed them with a plastic knife.They laughed at me. it was a funny stroy
Fan fiction by 123Jordan posted hace más de un año
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Mr.Mosby: I'm so glad zach is gone for my whole life!
Zach: Hi Mr.Mosby!
Mr.Mosby: *screams* what are tu fdoing here!
Cody: he's getting held back!
Mr.Moasby: and you?
Cody: I'm just droping him off.
Mr.Mosby: Oh great!
Brianna: Rich girls coming through!
Mr.Mosby: Oh tu must be the hetrick sisters!
Rochelle: yeah! now go find our maid!
Mr.Mosby: tu don't have a maid.
Brianna: Then go get us one!
Mr.Mosby: tu can't have a maid!
Rochelle: why not?
Zach: *wripers in Mr.Mosby's ear* Say that there too prety to have one.
Mr.Mosby: Your too prety to have one.
Brianna: oH well, that's great! Let's go Rochelle!
Mr.Mosby: Thank tu zach!
Zach: OH it's no problem!
Mr.Mosby: Well your in the sam cabina as last time!
Zach: ok!

Zach: Hi i'm zach!
Jordan: I'm jordan!
Zach: why dose the room look......... cl...............cle.........clean! *barfs*
Opinion by shutyourface posted hace más de un año
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The blode curdurling sound of a monkey killing a innersent plátano even the thought makes me scream.
i am the leader of a very special groupe H.B.S
that stands for help bananas society
every minite a plátano is being tortured but
there is someone helping that someone is me
bobby flobby hobbie jo thats my name but tu can call me bobby jo

i shall return with a más stories of the help bananas society

dum de de de dum dum dum de dum

(thats the tune of are clubes song)

plátano plátano oveja are there friends
List by Renesmee_XD posted hace más de un año
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An entire new strain of viruses has just been uncovered and we wanted to get this information to tu as soon as possible. Please share this with others immediately!!

Monica Lewinsky virus........Sucks all the memory out of your computer.

Lorena Bobbit virus..........Turns your hard disk into a 3.5 inch floppy.

Ellen Degeneres virus........Your IBM suddenly claims it's a MAC.

titanic virus................Makes your whole computer go down.

disney virus.................Everything in the computer goes Goofy.

Mike Tyson virus.............Quits after one byte.

Prozac virus.......Screws up your RAM but your processor doesn't care.

Woody Allen virus.........By-passes the motherboard and turns on daughter card.

Joey Buttafuoco virus........Only attacks minor files.

Spice Girl virus.............Has no real function, but makes a pretty desktop.

Ronald Reagan virus..........Saves your data, but forgets
List by 12e444 posted hace más de un año
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tu know you're a 'Furry Fan' when...
Rabies replaces cancer as your number one disease concern.
Your favorito! character from estrella Trek is Lieutenant M'Ress (from the animated series).
tu think "Beauty and the Beast" was spoiled por Beast becoming human.
tu replace Elle McPherson pinups with those of Amy the Squirrel, Erma Felna, o Minerva Mink.
tu slip the word 'fur' into as many places as possible in your mail.
tu can identify a captionless book illustration as being Doug Wingers' in under ten seconds.
None of your favorito! female (or male) fiction characters are actually human.
tu go to see 'Pocahontas' for the animals.
You've seen "Balto" so often tu can recite the dialogue off por heart.
... and tu think Jenna is sexy.
Furry image files consist of over half of your PC's hard-drive capacity.
tu know what 'yiff' means.
The section tu most frequent in the video store is the children's section.
List by MidnaTikal8223 posted hace más de un año
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1. Q."Can I screw you?"
A.I would say: "No..."

2. Q/M."Would tu mind if I read this?"*Holds up some porn magazine*
A. I would say: "I don't give a da**..."

3. Q/M. *Hugs tu and takes a little something off tu would like him not to*
A.I would slap him and say "Don't do that, da** it!"

4. Q. "Are tu sure we can't f***?"
A. I would say: "If tu say that agin...I swear I'm going to get ticked..."
5. Q. "That somehow arouses me..."
A. I would say:"Get aroused all tu want, not like I care if tu are o aren't...As long as tu don't jump around..."

6. Q. "I want to sign your shirt..."
A. I would say: "Nuh-uh.I know what you'll do.But a [b]Sharpie[b] on my [b]back[b] will be fine"

7. Q. "The first line of Mindless Self Indulgence is a very good quote for me..."
A. I would say: "I know, hon, but no."

8. Q/M. *Rubs your a** *
A. I would: "Get your hand off there..." And moves his hand.
Article by sarabeara posted hace más de un año
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I got this in class one day, and it's pretty fun. Each pregunta contains the initials of words that will complete it correctly. Find the missing words. respuestas can be anywhere from units of measurement to song titles. respuestas at bottom. Answer as many as tu can. Good luck! :)

EXAMPLE: 26= L. of the A.
Answer: Letters of the Alphabet

1. 7= W. of the W.
2. 1,001= A.N.
3. 12= S. of the Z.
4. 54= C. in a D. with J.
5. 9= P. in the S.S. (this one is kinda incorrect now)
6. 88= P.K.
7. 13= S. on the A.F.
8. 32= D.F. at which W.F.
9. 18= H. on a G.C.
10. 90= D. in a R.A.
11. 200= D. for P.G. in M.
12. 8= S. on a S.S.
13. 3= B.M. (S.H.T.R.)
14. 4=Q. in a G. o in a D.
15. 24= H. in a D.
16. 1= W. on a U.
17. 5= D. in a Z.C.
18. 57= H.V.
19. 11= P. on a side in F.
20. 1,000= W. that a P. is W.
21. 29= D. in F. in a L.Y.
22. 64= S. on a C.
Opinion by shutyourface posted hace más de un año
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hello people of fanpop

i was thinking i like bananas and sheep's but
instead of escritura loads of different articles
i should just write a big story o a diary about

now this is were i need you
i and stuck on ideas and is in desperate help
of well ideas!

please write your ideas and become a fan
of me and my articulo so tu can tell me your
respuestas whenever

thankyou and
write a idea


List by lalaland101 posted hace más de un año
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every hora of every day, gamblers lose $696,000 in Las Vegas casinos

south africa fad: some boys in cape town have their upper teeth extracted to look cool

at last count, the U.S. had 612,020 fast comida cooks and only 393,730 farm workers

sean connery and lionel richie both keep their oscars in the bathroom

a heated quebrador de fauces, jawbreaker can explode when bitten into

studies mostrar that covering a wart with duct tape is más effective than having a doctor remove it

your más likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket then tu winning the lottery

a glass bottle can take as long as 4,000 years to decompose

in 2009 a 10-year-old british girl placed her grandmother for sale on eBay for 99 cents

oxford dictionary's 2009 word of the year:''unfriend''to take someone off your facebook friends list

a study por the a U.S. research firm found that 40% of twitter messages are ''pointless babble''
List by TDIlover226 posted hace más de un año
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Here is a short lista of clubes that I've made:

Noodle: link
Duncan and Courtney: link
Total Drama World Tour: link
Owen and Lindsay: link
Fanboy and Chum Chum: link
Geico's Kash:
Petpet Park:link
Himeko Shirogane:
Fan fiction by jblovesme4ever posted hace más de un año
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one día that ugly little rabbit waz walkin down the buunyy trail when suddenly a wich came out of now where she had the blackest skin peter asked wats ur name she replied with nastynes in her voice mrs white but of course that stupid bunny dicho hello there mrs white this made the wich angery so she took peter back to her cottege peter thought phh well were are just goin on our first fecha ohh how wrong waz he then wich finaally got him inicial AND TREW HIM IN THE CLOSET AND SILLY BUNNY DECIDED TO GO inicial AND SO WHEN HE LEFT THE CLOSEST A SWARM OF BEES CHASED HIM INTO THE WICHES ROOM AND HE WOKE HER UP ANS SHE dicho WHAT WICH MADE BUNNY CRI SO THIS MADE THE WICH HUNGERY SO SHE dicho COM HERE PLZ AND WHEN SHE DID WELL LETS JUST SAY BYEBYE BYEBYE BYE BYE PETER COTTEN TAIL HELLO BUNNYZSOUP


Opinion by jblovesme4ever posted hace más de un año
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parte superior, arriba 5 pets

1) hippo hungery hungery hippo
bad bad bad bad hippo tu ate me now i am aaaaaaalllllllllll ggggggggooooooneeee and i personly blame tu soorry but

2) bunny peter cotin tale hopin down the buunny tral then the end

3) teachers pet who lives under a desk
teachers pet who doeses my homwork
teachers pet

4)kitty cat hola its fun to say
plus they claw tu ggggggrrrr

5) hannah montana i hate her so she would make the peerrffaccctt pet i could slap her around

and plus there is one más a tiger becuse sweeelll they eould eat your teACHER AND Plus all thE anIMALS Above

bhye bye beye
Opinion by jblovesme4ever posted hace más de un año
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1) red is a flesh eating disese

2)red is EVIL

3)it only goese out with blue

4)red has big ears(bigger than dumbo)

5)red was born it italy and is now a world wide sensation(like shakira(soory spelling)hah)

6)red will one día take over the world

7)red lives in our mind

8)red's favorito! comida is pizza

9)red eats our brains(look at number 7)

10)hates the world

11)it plays your wii after tu go to cama at night

12)lloooooooveesssss twilight

13)kissed justin bieber

14)likes the pretty little liars tv mostrar

15)hates the preety little liar books

16)red hates the color red

17)is my motheres friend friends friend

18)only shops at the mall

19)middle name is code

20) last name is wow

21)loves me

22)hates tu

23)has a pet rock
List by simlover4 posted hace más de un año
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2.Broken bones
5.Anything gross
7.YOU!!!(just kidding!)
8.People being run over
9.People getting their head cut off
12.other people getting sick
13.someone in pain

do not try to make me faint using these ways becuse i will also puke everywhere and tu don't want to see that.i faint when i get teeth pulled...........PIE!!!!!!! thats all i want to write but it will be to short and won't publicar but it should now.maybe not pie! cake!yummy
List by jblovesme4ever posted hace más de un año
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parte superior, arriba WAYS TO ANNOY YOUR TEACHER

1)cry randomly

2) when the teacher calls on tu say whocares

3)when somone else answeres a qustion say i no ino and if the teacher calls on tu say how should i no

4)scream out nerd when tu walk por somene

5)call smart ppl nerds

6)read magizenes when tu are supposed to do work

7)read this lista as your history reportar and say this should be an a ppls

8) play your ipod and say this is my fravorite song

9) always say yea when tu get an f in a test

10) say i llove tu to your teaachers

11)the end is always the begining of your project
Article by moolah posted hace más de un año
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The Cause of Stupidity:
Long hace in Southern America their was a donkey named, Ferine. Ferine was super smart. He was smarter than all the animals. His IQ was 409. His parents were very proud of him.
One día Ferine went to the market and was buying pears. He picked up the pear. The price was 2$. Ferine wanted to buy 2 pears but only had 3$. So, Ferine went up to the counter with 2 pears. The cashier, Monkey said, “That will be 4$ sir.” Monkey was nervous talking to the smartest animal. He was the dumbest animal and his parents were not proud of him. Ferine frowned, “What do tu mean? I added it up and it came to 3$.” Monkey scrunched his face up and said, “Sir-it is 4$. 2 pears 4$.” Ferine nodded, and quickly slipped the tag off the smallest. “But, sir shouldn’t this be 1$ since it’s much too small to come to 2$?” Monkey thought about that, “I guess you’re right. You’re so smart.” That día Ferine got his two pears.
Everybody listened to donkeys from then on because they were descendants of Ferine so everyone thought they were smart. But they weren’t; their IQ’s were always 1 2 3 o 4.
Fan fiction by HaleyDewit posted hace más de un año
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Chapter two: The time-travel
Bianca grabbed Chris por his shoulder and shimmered him to the attic. She gently lay him down on the floor and went to the Book of Shadows. She feverously started paging, but didn’t find anything that could possibly help. She slammed the Book and threw it on the floor, frustrated . “There has to be something!”, she screamed, while she tried to stop the tears from coming.
Chris groaned and lifted up his head to look at Bianca. “Maybe if there was a whitelighter available…” Bianca shook her head. “The whitelighters are all dead, as well as the Elders”, she dicho hopeless. But than her eyes started to gleam and she gasped. Chris frowned and wondered what she was thinking of.
“There are no whitelighters in this time, but in the past there are thousands of them” Chris’s frown got even deeper. What the hell was she talking about? She watched him and could see por the confused look in his eyes that he didn’t understand a single bit of what she was saying. She started to explain.
List by breebree446 posted hace más de un año
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hola hey!!!!!!!!!

Bored online, so I just decided to make a lista of iconos I think are really cool. I got all of them from Glitter

Awesome website people!

Check it out some time!

Why am I typing like this?

I'm taking up space!

They won't let me publicar the articulo because I don't have enough typed in the articulo space!

Well, haha, fanpop people!


Well, I guess this is about it.

Scroll for misceláneo insanity!




Plz comment!!!!!!!!!!
Article by simpleplan posted hace más de un año
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Coca-Cola would be green if colouring weren’t added to it.

What is called a "French kiss" in the English speaking world is known as an "English kiss" in France.

In 1386, a pig in France was executed por public hanging for the murder of a child

The average person laughs 10 times a day!

12 newborns will be dado to the wrong parents daily, on average!

The average person has over 1,460 dreams a year

The storage capacity of human brain exceeds 4 Terrabytes

According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored día for self-destruction.

gatos sleep 16 to 18 hours per day.

The most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million.

In Cleveland, Ohio it is illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

por the time a child finishes elementary school she/he will have witnessed 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television.

Opinion by jblovesme4ever posted hace más de un año
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[]miley cyrus the girl who many of whom look up to but why[
resons to hate her(feel free to add más on comments)

1)[]her music]: she doesnt write it on her own and her newest song untamed wow the part where she says I GO THOUGHT BOYS LIKE MONEY:and the only good song she has is the climb: and that is not saying much!!!:patry in the usa wow that is the s&^%$#@ música vidio i have seen it a while

2)money: the only reson she is here is bcus she wants money: she has to get payed to do chairty events:and she is always just talking about it to

3)she doesnt care about her fans: she may say she doese but no o why else would she insist on being payed for charity events

4) she is a fake: her cloths r picked out for her she isnt herself she doesnt even have a fashion sence : her song untamed was partly her she had ideas but that is the only one she helped with(her dad waz totoaly against it)

5) she is gay!!!!!: no profe needed