1.Stand at the counter and ask for everything that they give out free (including smiles)
2.Keep walking back and forth suspiciously and taking straws, 10 at a time
3.Put “out of order” signs on all their cashes
4.Change your mind whenever your total is dado to you
5.Take a chair and sit at the counter to eat
6.Only ask for ketchup. Do this at least 10 times.
7.Make an “important” phone call while you’re ordering. If they ask tu any preguntas tell them to be quiet.
8.Demand to get the smallest super-size meal they have
9.Throw ketchup packets at them from a distance. If they kick tu out stare at them through the window and make faces.
10.Bring your own comida and them to heat it up for you
11.Quietly ask them if it’s poisonous to eat the urinal cakes
12.After tu say each item say, “Can tu hear me now? Good!”
13.Play your mp3 player really loud and start yelling “I can’t hear you” whenever they say something
14.Ask for help about how to use the toilet
15.Ask them to give tu a tour of the restaurant
16.Tell them all your problems in life instead of ordering
17.Ask for fresh ice in your drink
18.Ask them a bunch of technical preguntas (ex. “What temperature do tu cook your fries at?”).
19.Pick things up off the ground and ask if tu can have “3 of these”
20.As if they give free refills. If they do ask for a refill on your nuggets.
21.Pay in Japanese currency