One night Demi,Taylor,Selena,Tiffany and Miley had a sleep over.

Selena:Miley....How'd tu get in my house?

Miley:.......Well the door was open.....

Tiffany:just forget it.

Taylor:So tu broke in?

Miley:No...I just came in.

Taylor:So your trespassing.


Joe:Hey ladies.



Selena:You broke in to my house.

Joe:No...I just smashed the window and came in.

Taylor:So tu broke in?


Demi:Get out of here Jacob.

Joe:My name's not Jacob.

Demi:But your actuación like him.Your a stalker.

Joe:I'm not a stalker.I just follow Selena around everywhere and She doesn't know I'm doing it.

Selena:Oh my god!

Taylor:That's what stalking is Joe.


Miley:Joe your retarded.

Joe:Like your one to talk.

Miley:Shut up,you stalker!

Selena:Joe get out of my house!

Joe:But I amor you.



Demi:Don't tu have to be pregnant somewhere else?

Joe:I'm not pregnant!

Demi:Not tu moron!Miley!

Miley:I'm not pregnant!

Demi:Yes tu are!

Tiffany:Alright,lets all just calm down.

Selena:Get out,you stalker!!!

Joe:No.I can't leave.

Taylor:Yes tu can!

Demi:Get out!!

Tiffany:Just get out Joe!!

Joe:You can't tell me what to do.

Selena:That's it.I'm calling the cops.

Joe:But I amor you!

*Selena picks up the phone and calls the cops.Demi hits Joe on the head with a lamp*

Selena:The police should be here soon.


Demi:Shut up.

Tiffany:Hey guys,why do tu hate Miley?

Demi:Oh,so many reasons.



To be continued.......