Over the many years of pikachu,if tu look closely pikachu has been getting thinner and thinner.When it started he was this cute,fat little chunk of Pokemon,but now he's a skinny little freak.Which can only me one thing....Ash has forced him to become bulimic!
Ash:Jeez,Pikachu your so fat!



Ash:Loose some weight tu fat bastard!


Ash:No stop eating!Your just gonna get fatter!

*Ash shoves his finger down pikachu's throat to make him vomit his comida up.Pikachu throws up till he passes out.*

Brock:Ash stop!Your going to kill him!

Ash:Not before I kill you!

*Ash try's to put his hands around brock's throat*

Brock:Get away from me tu little psychopath!Run pikachu,I'll distract him with my brockness.

Ash:Yeah and while your running loose some weight!

Ash:Look at it!Look at it!

*Ash screamed while he continually pushed a picture of Tristan Taylor from yugioh into his poor little mousey face*


*Pikachu began crying*

Ash:Throw up tu little fat ass!

Ash:Your so fat,I hate you!


Ash:Pikachu,It's a girl run!And while your running loose some weight!

Misty:Ash what's your problem?

Ash:Pikachu's just so over weight!

Brock:Run,before he try's to kill tu to!

*Brock dicho as he crawled from the bushes,brutally maimed*

Ash:There tu are!

*Ash smiled*

Brock:No!No not again!Run Misty,run pikachu!

Ash:Pikachu,Why aren't tu running?I told tu to run because there was a girl.Why Aren't tu loosing weight?!You worth less piece of crap!Get out of here and don't come back until tu loose some weight!