1.skip randomly
2.pretend tu have a misceláneo obsession of llamas and tell everybody about it and talk only about llamas for the siguiente few days and buy all sorts of llama related stuff then one día dont say anything about llamas and when ppl ask why say "when was i obsessed with llamas?theyre ugly!but i loooovee hippos!"repeat the process several más times
3.after anybody says something say "thats what she said"
4.in a movie theater put your feet up on the chair in front of tu so no one sits there
5.in a movie theater if someone sits down say "that seats reserved" even if it isnt
6.laugh during sad parts in cine and cry during funny parts
7.when tu fart sigh dramaticly instead of saying excuse me
8.dont put the fan on after taking a crap in the bathroom
9.crack your knuckles, sniff, etc. repeatedly for no reason
10.set the ringtone on your phone to something really annoying and when it rings dont answer it and deny that your phone is ringing(this works best in a movie theater)
11.wear sweaters and pants on a hot día and tshirts and shorts on a cold day
12.in a public place loudly sing:"WHEN tu LEAVE MY COLOURS FADE TO GRAY!NUMA NUMA HEY....!"
13.speak in a retarded British accent for the whole day
14.walk up to someone and say "hihihihihihihihi"repeatedly and when they ask tu to stop just say louder and with increasing rapidity
15.follow someone around for a long time