ok, so today i looked up how to make your own lip gloss on google and looked through what came up to find an easy one. well i came to this one, and this seemed the easiest without having to use and get a thousand materials. i made some and it turned out awesome. so i wanted to share this with the rest of you, enjoy.:)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

To make your own lip gloss, tu will need the following:
Petroleum gelatina, jalea (Vaseline)
Lip gloss containers
A microwave-safe dish—one with a spout if you've got it
To individualize your lip gloss, tu can add your choice of the following:
Colorant: Lipstick o Kool Aid
Sparkles and/or glitter
Flavoring: A small amount of honey and/or vanilla, mint o almendra extract

Step 2: Making Lip Gloss

Since the petroleum gelatina, jalea is your base, the amount of it tu use will be roughly equal to the resulting amount of lip gloss. The recipe can be easily adjusted to produce más o less lip gloss. tu may have to do a bit of experimenting with the ingredients to get the right mix, but that's part of the fun!

To make your lip gloss:
Place some petroleum gelatina, jalea into your microwavable container
If tu are using lipstick, use a cuchillo to shave off some lipstick scrapings and add them to the petroleum jelly
Microwave the petroleum gelatina, jalea for 30 segundos to one minute—it doesn't need to be hot, tu just want to melt it a bit to make it easier to mix your ingredients together
Add glitter, Kool Aid, and flavoring if you're using it
Mix well

Step 3: Pour and Store

Pour o spoon your lip gloss into the containers. If tu are making the gloss for your first time, tu may want to fill one container, refrigerate it for a few hours and then test it out. If you're happy with the result, simply reheat the remaining lip gloss a bit and transfer it to the containers. If tu want to make adjustments to your gloss, just heat it up again add más ingredients as tu desire. Once tu are happy with the gloss tu have made, pour it into the containers and place the containers in the fridge for a few hours to let them set.