A team of parte superior, arriba scientists and engineers at Battelle, a world famous technology organization based in Ohio in the USA, has compiled a lista of the parte superior, arriba ten technological trends that will shape our world over the siguiente 20 years. Here are some innovations that they have predicted:
These are microsopic machines, as small as atoms. They will revolutionize several industries & may do many things for us - from heating our homes to curing cancer.Battelle researchers see the medical industry as the most important area for this technology por 2020.'We may be able to develope nanomachines that will go into our body and find and destroy individual cancer cells,' says Battelle Senior Research Scientist Kevin Priddy.

Advances in micro computing will lead to smaller, más powerful computers & electronics that will add amazing intelligence to appliances & other products. For example, telephones will probably have extensive phone directories, intelligent comida packaging will tell your horno how to cook the comida inside & fridges will help tu make your shopping list.


Computers will be everywhere. We will be in constant contact with miniature computers. These computers may first appear as watches o jewellery. Later, we will have computers in our own clothing & possibly implanted under our skin.


Private & public transport systems will be integrated. New information technology in our car will mostrar tu the quickest route to your destination. Traffic jams will disappear as people drive their cars to remote parking areas & take highly advanced & comfortble train into central cities.