dear Alice.
i don't know why i say alice anymore, i think now i write these emails to myself, to secure me that tu were real, that tu all were , that he was.
There is evidence that tu were here. and was my best friend. But sometimes i dont know wheither i was dreaming o not, But i stop that thought to think again, if it was a dream and tu diddnt exist,then how did i know your name, o did i make tu up, along with every one else. Maybe i'm going crazy, from without tu i dont know. But i want to find out. Do tu think a crazy person can be the one to digiosed themselves?? Lets hope for my sake that they can.
I know tu wont read this, o that fact that tu havent even read one. they jsut get sent back to me, unread, failed, jsut like i know this one will to.
But i think this is the only thing that stops me from doing what i shouldn't do. what ever that is.
Charlie would say hi, if he knew anything. I've been so quite that me andcharlie no longer talk.
And jake. Well, he reminds me of you. Your friendship, your beauty, your loveliness. And the easiness to be normal around, someone i diddnt have to try,that i will never experience again.
But jake could never replace you.
school sucks, i think only tu and him was my only exucuse to get up and out of cama for school.
i havent spoken to my mum in ages. she calls and calls and abuses dad. but i just cant. she will be too concerned and ask preguntas that i dont want to answer o just hear.
Well i amor tu alice. i have to make cena for charlie, in silence again..
talk to tu in the siguiente few days. funny how i say that, when i wont."

amor bella