my first Fanfic!~ummm...i suck at this stuff if u want to know how badly then read it
"Alice are tu sure Jack's gonna show" Greg asked
" YES of course why wouldnt he" I dicho quickly in excitment...
" Well i dont why he wouldnt but it's pourin outside and he if dont mostrar you'll have to walk inicial in the freezing rain because i'll be gone and i dont want that " he dicho sounding quite mad u could hear it in his voice..
" Ok ok" I dicho " Why dont tu leave me here with the car and tu walk home"
I giggled and he looked at and me then & said
" Yea sure so i can freeze my butt off on the way home! forget it! " playful now not angry any more..
" OK! I got it u go inicial now cause he just pulled up and no worries "
I gave Greg a hug and dicho goodbye then he left. He's my brother por the way...I ran up to Jack the guy that just so happened to steel my corazón jumped up and hugged him i nearly died the last time we had to part from eachother finally jack put me down and looked me all over saving my eyes for last as ushual and when he looks into my eyes I loose my breath and I swear my corazón skips a beat I was deadly in amor with him and just his eyes made me long to see him más and más and más and yet he was here finally I snapped out of thought and realized that we'd been standin there for like 5minutes staring into eachother's eyes he chuckled grabed my legs and swept me off my feet then pulled my face to his and kissed me, doing so carfully and trying not to draw attention but oh I could've died right there it wouldn't of mattered cuz he would be with me and I wouldn't notice it..the passion of the kiss could set the streets on fuego but I wouldn't of noticed it either though.....
****sometime later****
"Okay We're finally Here" he dicho taking the blindfold off of my eyes i looked around me in amazement it was raining hard but we were under a little roof on a balcony with a perfect view of the city, Londres stretched out before us beutiful and it set the mood right for the preguntas i wanted to ask him but distracted i totally forgot about the preguntas and had a nice cena and fun with Jack after we ate he blindfolded me again then he whispered into my ear softly
"You dont know where we are and i want to keep it like that if u dont mind"then he kissed my cheek grabbed my elbow & lead me away... we had a few words on the way but i kept silent and he must of been having fun with the blindfold cause every few minutos o so he'd chuckle o giggle over something...when the blindfold was finally tooken off Jack had me in one of the parks under a little canopy then he dicho it was his turn for the questioning and I had to answer atleast five before he really shot them at me and the funny thing is he seemed interested in every answer I gave him One pregunta was "If tu amor me tell me u do and then we will continue" I answered in the most romantic way I could without over doing it o embarrising myself "I amor tu Jack Ward and i always will u estola my corazón first glance and still u have it an-" at that Jack got up grabbed my waist & carfully pulled me off the little stone bench and onto his lap then he put his hand on my shoulder and pulled it down carfully he kissed from my cheek to the my jawbone and suddenly he stopped right there drew back to look into my eyes and after a moment finally he kissed me this time since we were alone he wasnt so carful with the way he kissed me I liked it best like that and after a few más moments we drew back and stared at eachother breathless it was just the smell of his breath and taste of his lips that dizzied me and i lost my breathe completely when he grabbed my waist and threw me over his shoulders I smacked his back with a playful swap then dicho in a pleeding voice"Put me down plz Jack 'o Jack plz put me down"
at that he chuckled and put me down he put his hand out and I took it then we begin to walk and Jack started on the preguntas again.
After the walk was done he took two cloaks from his bag because it was starting poor down rain he didnt want me sick and i wouldnt wear one unless he did so he put his on first it was very black it was leather and it seemed to smell of somthing good Freezia & rosas he gave me mind and i slid it on it smelled of fresh silk on the inside it was silk and leather on the outside it was also a black but sort of purple...finally he stopped in front of a door and Jack dicho that this was the end of our trail and that we still had three hours till i needed to return to the refuge of a inicial and he was about to say something else when finally i stood my ground pulled the capa capucha, campana down & asked jack the couple of preguntas that had been bothering me all day"Am i Pretty" I asked him and to my dismay Jack dicho "No" without hesitation ok so i moved to the siguiente question" Would u want to be with me forever" again without hesitation Jack answered "No" and my corazón sank but i had to continue..then i asked the last question..." If i walked away right now would tu cry" and he gave me his answer quick without hesitation again but this time softly"No" at that i fell apart and started to walk away Tears streaming down my face but just as i took my segundo step Jack grabbed my arm pulled me around to face him looked at me in awe then he reached up wiped away the tears with his hand and dicho *********
"You're not pretty Alice you're Beutiful, I dont want to be with tu forever, I NEED to be with tu forever....And i won't cry if you'd walk away I'd Die" with that dicho he grabbed me & kissed me I enredados my fingers in his hair and I couldnt let go of him nor did he the will-power to let go of his firm grip around my waist....~~THE*END~~
Alice's amor Jack
Alice's Brother Gregory o Greg