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posted by Seanthehedgehog
This is a My Little poni, pony fan fiction. If tu do not like talking caballos that come in different colors, run for your life.

Song: link
 As the green lines come closer, so do the words.
As the green lines come closer, so do the words.

France, 1938

Two stallions were walking to a warden at a jail. They were outside, near the exit where all the prisoners were lined up.

SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Pierce Hawkins as....


Police poni, pony 54: All present, and accounted for sir.
Warden: Thank you.

Also starring Dragonaura15's Metal Gloss

Police poni, pony 95: *Playing drums for five seconds*
Warden: As of this moment, tu will all be transferred to another prison, far from here. Everypony living in France no longer has to worry about you. Forget France. She has gotten rid of you.

Then the warden walked down a crowded street, while soldiers, and police ponies escorted the prisoners to the harbor where they would board a ship to another prison.

Innocent Ponies: *Watching prisoners*
Soldiers: *Pointing pistolas at prisoners*
Movie Pony: *Filming prisoners on a rooftop*
Prisoner 44: *Carrying a bag*
Prisoner 41: *Lighting a cigarette, and smoking it*
Papillon: *Walking siguiente to two other prisoners*
Metal Gloss: *Walking siguiente to prisoners* Papillon. Papillon!
Papillon: *Looks at mare*
Metal Gloss: You'll be back Papillon. You'll be back.
Papillon: *Looks adelante, hacia adelante again as he continues walking with the other prisoners*
Prisoner 49: No tu won't.
Papillon: *Looks at his mariposa tattoo*

One thing tu should know about Papillon. His real name is Henri Charrière, and papillon is just his nickname because of his mariposa tattoo. papillon is french for butterfly.

The prisoners got on the ship, and they were heading for the new prison.

Prisoner 54: *Walking down the stairs*
Guard: tu go to the left.
Prisoner 54: *Goes left*
Guard: tu two go right.
Prisoners: *Go right*
Guard: Hurry up, let's keep this moving!
Papillon: *Walks down the stairs*
Gaurd: Go left.
Papillon: *Goes left*

After finding out where they were going to sleep, the prisoners went to the outside section of the ship, and were getting bread, and water. It was raining while they were getting their bread, and water.

Papillon: *Sits siguiente to a railing*
Louis: *Sits siguiente to Papillon* Do tu mind?
Papillon: Not at all.
Louis: Good. It's great to make new friends.
Papillon: What did tu get in trouble for?
Louis: Counterfeit. I was the best until they caught me in the act. And you?
Papillon: I'm a safecracker, but I got framed for killing a pimp.
Louis: How long have tu been in prison for?
Papillon: Seven years. How about you?
Louis: Four. I almost got in jail once in 1928, but I was able to get away from the cops as they were trying to put the cuffs on me.
Papillon: Swell. I wish I could've done that.
Louis: Not to change the subject, but how many other ponies have tu met here?
Papillon: Not many. You're the first one I talked to.
Louis: Well then tu better follow me.

Louis took him inside the ship, and they saw two other prisoners named Frank, and Johnny.

Frank: Hey. *Looks at Papillon* Who's this guy?
Louis: A friend. I just met him, his name is Papillon.
Papillon: Pleased to meet tu guys.
Johnny: Your name is Butterfly?
Papillon: Is it?
Frank: papillon is french for butterfly, ain't it?
Papillon: Yeah.
Johnny: Why Papillon?
Papillon: *Stands on his hind legs, and shows his mariposa tattoo* I made it myself when I was celebrating my fifth año in prison.
Johnny: What side of the ship do tu sleep on?
Papillon: The left.
Louis: So do we.
Frank: Will tu sleep near us? We would like another poni, pony to registrarse us.
Papillon: Sure.

papillon made three friends on the ship. They didn't know where they were heading, but they did know that the trip would take at least three days.

The prisoners were spending their very first night on the barco taking them to the new prison.

Frank: *Sleeping siguiente to Papillon* Do tu know how old we all are?
Papillon: I never really thought about it much.
Frank: Alright, I'm 41, along with Louis, but he's months older then I am. I asked tu about our age, because Johnny is only 18.
Papillon: That's the youngest age anypony can be in order to get sent to jail.
Frank: Only problem is that Johnny didn't do nothing. Some crazy idiot got drunk, and beat Johnny down to a pulp, made him drink a lot of alcohol. por the time that guy left, the cops showed up, and saw Johnny was drunk. Me, and many ponies saw what happened. When those losers tried to arrest Johnny, I attacked one of them. That's why I'm on this ship heading to the new jail.
Papillon: I don't suppose tu wanna know how old I am.
Frank: *Smiles* I never really thought about it much.
Papillon: *Chuckles* 43.
Guard: *Blows his whistle*
Frank: *Whispers* See tu tomorrow.

They went back to sleep, and the guard stopped blowing his whistle.

siguiente morning, Louis was getting bread, and water when he saw papillon sitting on the floor. They were outside again, and the warm sun was making everypony feel overheated. Well, almost everypony.

Louis: *Sees Papillon* Don't tu get tired por the blazing sun?
Papillon: I'm used to it.
Louis: *Sits in front of Papillon* I want to ask tu a favor.
Papillon: If you're trying to registrarse me in an escape, the answer is no.
Louis: Very well. I was just going to ask tu for my help.
Papillon: Your help for what?
Louis: Well, it has come to my attention that this new prison we're heading to is on Devil's Island somewhere in the French Guiana region. Now someponies have told me that there may be a few.. Neigh sayers that will try to kill us.
Papillon: Is that so?
Louis: Indeed. Like I told you, I made counterfeit money. I can still make it even without any equipment. So, if tu prevent anypony from killing me, I'll get tu the money tu need to escape.
Papillon: Why would I need money to escape?
Louis: Bribe guards, o buy somethings from them.
Papillon: What kind of things?
Louis: Anything tu can think of.
Papillon: *Shakes Louis' hoof* Deal.

Later that night, all of the prisoners were sleeping again in the ship. One of the prisoners got out of his hammock, and was carrying a knife.

Papillon: *Whispers* hola Louie. *Looks at prisoner with knife*
Louis: *Whispers* I think he's heading for me.
Prisoner: *Goes towards Louis, and raises his cuchillo to stab him*
Papillon: *Grabs his knife, and stabs the prisoner's face*
Prisoner: AH! *Drops knife* AH!
Guard: *Blows whistle*
Prisoner 2: *Grabs knife, and tries to attack Louis*
Papillon: *Knocks prisoner 2 onto the ground, and gives Louis his knife* Hide this.
Louis: *Hides knife*

Smoke was being poured into the room to prevent the prisoners from fighting, but it only made them cough.

Prisoner 2: *Wrestling with Papillon*
Papillon: Don't hurt my friend!

After the fighting, papillon spent twelve hours laying on a floor near the engine room. All four of his hooves were cuffed, and chained together, and he was on his stomach. At least he was still able to have his bread, and water. por the time the guards set him free, the barco got close to Devil's Island, the new prison camp that Papillon, and the other prisoners would go to.

Frank: There it is.
Johnny: Devil's Island.
Papillon: Is there anyway to escape?
Louis: Not that I know of.
Frank: There is a way to escape, but it's very difficult. France is about fifty miles away from here, but tu gotta swim.
Johnny: tu gotta swim fifty miles nonstop?
Frank: Yeah. The hardest part is the start of your swim. The waves are so powerful that they can push tu back.
Papillon: And nopony has ever escaped from here.
Frank: Nope.

The barco stopped at the harbor, and all the prisoners had to wait for the guards to tell them to get off. It was then, the warden was arriving on a carro on rails being pushed por two other guards.

Papillon: *Sees the warden* Nice shirt, and tie.
Louis: I wish I had fancy clothing like his.
Frank: Hey, look over there. *Points at two ponies carrying rifles* Those are bounty hunters. The guards pay them cash to hunt down escaping prisoners.
Johnny: *Sees a car being unloaded from a boat*
Guard: Alright, time to get off the boat!
Frank: I'm gonna have an accident going off the boat. May I have your knife?
Papillon: *Gives Frank his knife*
Frank: *Cuts his left front leg with the knife, and gives it back to Papillon*
Papillon: *Puts cuchillo away*
Frank: *Walks down stairs, then falls*
Guard: *Blows whistle*
Prisoners: *Stop walking, and looking at Frank*
Guard: Keep moving tu idiots! *To another guard* Bring a stretcher.
Prisoners: *Walk off the boat*

As they walked off the boat, Johnny looked at the ocean. For three days, he was sailing away from France. Now he wanted to get back there no matter what.

Johnny: *Walks towards the ocean*
poni, pony 36: *Staring at Johnny*
Guard 98: *Loads rifle*
Johnny: *Gets into the ocean, and starts swimming*
Guard 98: *Shoots Johnny in the head*
Johnny: *Dies*

The other prisoners were being escorted to the new prison por the warden, and several guards.

Prisoner 94: *Looking around*
Mares: *Stading in a house looking at the prisoners*
Prisoner 77: *Blacks out, and falls on ground*
Guard 35: Get up tu idiot.

When they got to the prison, the warden had them all line up outside. They were all looking at a guillotina while a guard was handing them uniforms.

Warden: Welcome to the French Guiana region. tu will be here until your debt to France is fulfilled. First attempt of escape will have tu sent to two years of solitary confinement. segundo attempt, add five more. Of course, más serious charges will cost tu dearly.
Guard 9: *Puts sandía at bottom of guillotine*
Warden: *Drops guillotina blade*
Prisoners: *Watching the sandía get cut por the guillotine*
Warden: Make the best of what we offer you, and tu will suffer less then tu deserve.
Guard 33: *Plays drums*
Guard 68: Go on! Get to your rooms, and get some sleep!
Prisoner 55: But the sun is up.
Guard 68: I dicho get some sleep!

All of the prisoners were sleeping. They had their back legs chained to a metal encuesta that could only be moved from outside of the room they were sleeping in.

Guard 75: *Moves poll*
Guard 54: *Moves another poll*
Guard 55: Wake up. Everypony wake up!
Prisoners: *Get unchained from the encuesta por other guards*
Guard 55: Let's go. We're putting tu to work.

In another room, Papillon, and Louis decided to try buying something from one of the guards.

Guard 3: *Sitting down*
Louis, and Papillon: *Walking to the guard*
Louis: Excuse me.
Guard 3: What can I help tu with?
Louis: I was just wondering, can tu get us two pairs of comfortable shoes?
Guard 3: Who's us?
Louis: Me, and my friend. *Points to Papillon*
Guard 3: For you, it'll be 1,000 dollars. Your friend's pair of shoes however are gonna cost 1,500.
Louis: Why are his shoes más expensive then mine?
Guard 3: He's a troublemaker.
Louis: I'll give tu $1,250 if tu give the both of us comfortable shoes to wear.
Guard 3: Pass.
Papillon: *Pulls Louis away from the guard* Try again.
Louis: *Goes back to the guard* Very well. I want two pairs of shoes for the both of us, and you'll get $2,500 for it.
Guard 3: Good choice.

After getting their shoes, Papillon, and Louis joined the other prisoners in a health exam. They formed a single file line for the doctor to check them.

Doctor: *Checking prisoner's pulse* You're good. *Paints a red mark on Prisoner's leg* Next.
Prisoner: *Walks away*
Louis: *Walks to the doctor*
Doctor: Open your mouth for me.
Louis: *Opens mouth*
Doctor: *Turns on flashlight, and looks inside Louis' mouth. He gets a popsicle stick, and presses it on Louis' mouth* You're healty. *Paints a red mark on Louis' forehead* Next.
Louis: *Walks away*
Papillon: *Walks to the doctor*
Doctor: You're healthy.
Papillon: How do tu fail an examination like this?
Doctor: Next!
Papillon: *Walks away, and sits siguiente to Louis*
Co-Warden: *Wearing a new suit* Hello tu two.
Louis: Do we know you?
Co-Warden: No, but I know you. As co-warden I have to know every single prisoner in here. tu are Henri Charrière, and Louie Dega.
Louis: Correct.
Co-Warden: I had a wife that made a lot of money from you. The only problem was that it was counterfeit.
Louis: That's too bad. I could've sworn it was real money.
Co-Warden: tu were the one that made it.
Papillon: Do tu two have some kind of a history?
Co-Warden: Yes, and what have tu done to get here?
Papillon: I got framed for the murder of a pimp.
Co-Worker: Well that's too bad. How did tu two meet up?
Louis: We were on the same boat, and we became friends.
Co-Worker: Oh really? Well one thing you'll like at this prison is that we never separate friends, especially old ones. Now, allow me to assign tu two to your new jobs.

The "job" was to carry fallen trees alongside a muddy river. All the prisoners had to walk in the mud.

Guard 84: Come on!!
Prisoners: *Slowly moving a fallen tree*
Papillon: *Wearing a bandana*
Guard 84: mover faster tu idiots!
Prisoner 49: *Gets tired, and falls into the mud*
Prisoners: *Stop moving the tree*
Papillon: *Helps the fallen prisoner stand up*
Guard 84: Leave him alone!!
Prisoner 49: *Leaning on tree*
Guard: I dicho leave him alone!!! *Whips Papillon*
Papillon: *Gets back to work*
Prisoner 49: *Falls down again*
Guard 35: *Grabs a rifle*
Papillon: Get down!
Prisoners: *Get down*
Guard 35: *Shoots a crocodile*
Guard: *Pointing at Papillon, and Louis* tu two, go get that crocodile, and bring it to us.
Papillon: Alright, let's go Louie. *Walks to crocodile*
Louis: *Follows Papillon*
Papillon: Alright tu grab the tail, and I'll get the head.
Crocodile: *Goes towards Papillon*
Louis: *Scared* It's still alive?
Papillon: *Sees cocodrilo go under the mud* Oh great. Where is it?
Crocodile: *Goes towards Louis*
Louis: Ah! *Falls into the mud*
Crocodile: *Goes towards Papillon*
Papillon: *Backs up*
Louis: Alright, let's try again. Where's the head?
Papillon: No, I'm getting the head.

After catching the crocodile, Papillon, and Louis brought it to one of the guards.

Guard 27: *Grabs a knife, and cuts a hole in the crocodile's stomach*
Papillon: *Watching the guard*
Guard 27: You're siguiente job is to go catch butterflies. What the buck are tu waiting for?
Papillon: *Leaves guard*
Louis: *Follows Papillon*

Catching mariposas was not as easy as it sounded. They were going really fast, and the prisoners were tired.

Prisoner 52: *Swings his net, but misses a butterfly*
Guard 93: You're supposed to catch them tu idiot.
Prisoner 52: *Runs after butterfly*
Louis: *sees mariposa on a bush, and grabs it with his hooves*
Papillon: *Arrives* How did tu do that?
Louis: I just did it. I don't know how.
Papillon: What do they even do with these things?
Louis: I think they get sent to Equestria to be used for making clothing.
Papillon: How is that possible?
Louis: They use the material from the wings. *Gives mariposa to Papillon*
Guard 83: *Checking mariposa sent to him from a prisoner*
Papillon: *Walks to guard with butterfly* Where do tu send these butterflies?
Guard 83: Into the United States.
Papillon: *Stands on his back legs, and shows his mariposa tattoo on his chest* How much would it cost to send this one out of here?
Guard 83: How much have tu got?
Papillon: I have $1,000.
Guard 83: Guard!!
Papillon: Okay $2,000.
Guard 83: Let me think about it.
Guard 86: *Arrives* What's the problem?
Guard 83: *Shows mariposa from Papillon* Look at this amazing specimen that was dado to me por this stallion. Why doesn't he have a net? Go get one for him.
Guard 86: *Walks away*
Papillon: So you'll help me?
Guard 83: Down the river, towards a small island with a lot of trees. tu can't miss it. It's very easy to find. Be there in a week.
Papillon: Alright, I will.

Later that night, Papillon, and Louis were sent to a camp where working prisoners would sleep. Barely any guards were around, and they met another prisoner named Andrew. The two of them got sopa for dinner, and saw Andrew finishing his.

Andrew: Hey, how are you?
Papillon: Not bad.
Louis: I've been better.
Papillon: *Sees a poni, pony laying on the ground near another bowl of soup* Is he going to finish that?
Andrew: Not with the way he's feeling if tu know what I mean.
Papillon: Oh.
Louis: I guess it's for us then. *Takes extra sopa bowl*
Andrew: Three way split.
Louis: *Pours extra sopa into Papillon's bowl, then his own, and then pours the rest into Andrew's bowl*
Andrew: So how do tu like it here so far?
Papillon: I don't know. So far it's our first día here.
Louis: I just think it's torture.
Andrew: Yeah, I've only been here for a week. *Takes pills out of pocket from his prison uniform*
Papillon, and Louis: *Stare at Andrew*
Andrew: What? These aren't the kind of pills that kill you. It's prescribed to me. *Takes pills, and swallows them* I need to have them with my dinner, o else I get a big pain in my chest.
Papillon: We get it.
Louis: May we change the subject?
Andrew: Eh, sure. How long are tu gonna be out here?
Papillon: I'm not sure. We might be heading back to the prison camp soon, but we could come back here tomorrow.
Andrew: The idiot guards have been keeping me out in this jungle for three days now. I'd rather stay inside the prison.
Papillon: I gotta agree with you. tu have no idea what we've gone through.

siguiente morning, Papillon, and Louis were sent back to the prison por two guards. The warden wanted to mostrar them something.

Guards: *Dragging out a prisoner*
Prisoner 94: No! Let me be! I'll do anything if tu let me go!
Guards: *Bringing the prisoner to the guillotine*
Warden: I have warned tu all about what would happen if tu committed any serious crime in this prison.
Prisoner 94: No! Let me free. I spit on your face. *Spits on both guard's faces*
Guards: *Chaining Prisoner to bottom of guillotine, and puts his head in the hole* Ready when tu are Warden.
Prisoner 94: No! You're making a mistake!
Warden: *Lets guillotina blade fall down*
Prisoner 94: *Gets his head chopped off*
Warden: This stallion did not make the best of what we offered him, and he payed the price.

Gunshots were heard nearby.

Guard 98: *Holding a wound on his leg*
Warden: What happened?
Guard 98: Rebels sir. We'll get them.
Warden: Guards, send the prisoners to do their jobs.
Guard 77: Yes sir.

Papillon, and Louis were on their way to work. The sun was shining, but it was raining.

Papillon: *About to cruzar, cruz a bridge going over a stream*
Guard 65: *Points at Papillon, and Louis* tu two, come here.
Louis: What does he want?
Papillon: This better not take too long.
Guard 65: *Points to a dead poni, pony on a mule* Get him off.
Louis: *Gets dead poni, pony off of mule, and sees a hole in his neck. This makes him nauseous, and begins to vomit*
Guard 65: Guard! Come quick!
Guard 52: *Sees Louis vomiting*
Papillon: He didn't mean it sir. I'll take care of him!
Guard 52: *Gets to Louis who is still vomiting* Stop that at once tu pig! *Punches Louis*
Louis: *Falls on ground, and his glasses fall off*
Guard 65: *Breaks Louis' glasses*
Papillon: *Gets in front of guards* I'll take care of him sirs.
Guard 52: *Pushes papillon away from him*
Guard 65: Shoot this stallion.
Louis: Why me?!
Papillon: *Grabs a boiling pot of water, and throws it at the guard*
Guard 65: AH!! *Holding his face* AHHH!
Guard 52: *Blows his whistle*
Papillon: *Runs onto bridge, and jumps into water*
Prisoners: *Staring at stream*
Guards: *Run onto bridge, and aim their rifles at the stream* Where is he?
Papillon: *Emerges from water, and swims*
Guard 84: *Shoots two bullets, but misses*
Guard 52: *Fires two shots, but misses*

Later that night, Louis was with Andrew again. They were sitting near a fireplace, and Louis was trying to fix his glasses.

Louis: Did tu hear about what papillon did?
Andrew: Everypony has been talking about it. What do have to say?
Louis: What can I say? He saved my life.
Andrew: How are tu going to fix your glasses?
Louis: Most ponies have difficulty with it, but I always have an easy time repairing my glasses.
Andrew: What do tu do?
Louis: tu know how they always tell tu to make the lens fit the frame?
Andrew: Yeah.
Louis: Well I do it the other way around. Instead of making the lens fit the frame, I make the frame fit the lens. I just envolver, abrigo it around, and it looks just the way it did before they broke.
Andrew: Genius.

Later, at a small island with lots of trees, papillon found the guard that he bribed to help him escape.

Guard 83: See? I told tu it wasn't hard to find.
Papillon: Yes tu did.
Guard 83: Only trouble is..
Bounty Hunter: *Points shotgun at Papillon's head*
Guard 83: You're a week too early.
Bounty Hunter: Don't move. You're worth just as much dead as tu are alive.

papillon was sent to another part of the prison where the entrance read Solitary Confinement.

Warden: Welcome to Solitary Confinement. Silence is golden, especially in this section of the prison. We will lock tu up in a cell for two years. Like a slaughterhouse turns animales into food, we turn criminals into harmless ponies. tu will stay quiet, eat what we give you, and jacking off is prohibited. It wastes energy tu need to survive.

After the speech, papillon was placed in his cell. He wasn't allowed to talk, but he figured if he whispered, nopony would hear him.

Papillon: *Sits on bed, and slowly rocks back, and forth* you're gonna make it. you're gonna make it. with celestia as my witness, i'm gonna survive this. *Looks up, and sees a catwalk where guards are walking across. He jumps up, and holds the bars at the parte superior, arriba of his cell*

The siguiente día

Papillon: *Walks slowly across his cell, and counts the steps he takes* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. *Turns around, and walks towards the other end of his cell* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. *Turns around*
Guard: *Blows whistle*

Now what? They couldn't have possibly heard him talking.

Papillon: *Looks towards the door, and sees another small door in the muro being opened. It reveals a bucket of water, and a big bucket of soup. He drinks the water, and eats a little bit of the soup, then coughs* no. tu gotta have it. tu need every bit of it to survive. *Eats the rest of the soup*


Papillon: *Doing push ups*
Guard: *Blows whistle, and opens a small door inside the door*
Papillon: *Walks to door, and pokes his head out*
Doctor: *Checking Papillon's mane for lice*
Papillon: *Looks to the left, and sees other prisoners*
Old Pony: *In the cell to the left of Papillon's cell* psst.
Papillon: *Looks at old pony*
Old Pony: i'm Dutchmen. what's your name?
Papillon: papillon.
Old Pony: do I look okay? i feel okay, but i need somepony to tell me that i look okay.
papillon: tu look swell.

siguiente día

Papillon: *Sleeping in his bed*
Guard: *Blows whistle, and opens small door in wall*
Papillon: *Goes to door in wall, and puts the sopa bucket, and water bucket inside*
Guard: *Refilling buckets with soup, and water, then puts them back in Papillon's cell*
Papillon: *Takes buckets. He looks at the sopa bucket, and finds a coconut inside with a note. He begins to read it* dear papillon, hope this helps, louie dega. *Finds a small hole in the wall, and puts the note inside it*

The same thing happened on the siguiente día

Papillon: *Doing push ups*
Guard: *Blows whistle, and opens small door in wall*
Papillon: *Goes to door in wall, and puts the sopa bucket, and water bucket inside*
Guard: *Refilling buckets with soup, and water, then puts them back in Papillon's cell*
Papillon: *Takes buckets. He looks at the sopa bucket, and finds a coconut inside. He eats the coconut, then jumps up, and holds onto the parte superior, arriba of his cell* i'm still here tu idiots.

On the siguiente día

Papillon: *Doing push ups*
Guard: *Blows whistle, and opens small door in wall*
Papillon: *Goes to door in wall, and puts the sopa bucket, and water bucket inside*
Guard: *Refilling buckets with soup, and water, then puts them back in Papillon's cell*
Papillon: *Takes buckets. He looks at the sopa bucket, and doesn't find a coconut inside. Instead, he finds a cangrejo which pinches his hoof. He has his mouth open, but doesn't shout anything as he shakes the cangrejo off of him*
Guard: *Opens door on the door while blowing his whistle* Prisoner, mostrar yourself!
Papillon: *Sticks his head out of the door, and gets choked por two guards carrying a nightstick*
Warden: You've been receiving coconuts. Unless tu give us the name of the poni, pony who has dado tu these luxury treats, your rations will be cut in half.
Papillon: *Coughs* I don't know.
Warden: Don't know what?
Papillon: I don- I don't know who sent me those coconuts.
Warden: Guards, put this stallion on half rations, and block all light going into his cell. The light does wonders for you. *Walks away*
Guards: *Putting sheet metal over, and around Papillon's cell so that no light goes through*
Papillon: *Lays down on his bed, and begins to have a dream*

In the dream, papillon was wearing a suit, and tie with a fancy pair of shoes, and a snap brim hat. He was walking along a desert when he saw seven ponies from court sitting on thrones.

Judge: Mr. Henri Charrière. tu have been sentenced to twenty years of prison.
Papillon: I didn't kill that pimp! I'm innocent!
Judge: That is quite true. We know tu were framed, but your real crime has nothing to do with that. *Stands up, and points at Papillon* I accuse tu of a wasted life!! How do tu plead?
Papillon: *Lowers his head, and walks away from the judge* guilty. guilty.

The word guilty kept going through his head. He knew he was guilty, and there was nothing he could do to change it. por the time he woke up, it started to rain, and thunder could be heard.

Papillon: *Sees a hole in the ceiling that lets out a small ammount of light. He smiles, and laughs at he looks out the hole*

Louis, and Andrew were talking about him in the prison.

Andrew: tu shouldn't have sent them.
Louis: Why not?
Andrew: Now he's on half rations.
Louis: What is he doing on half rations?
Andrew: He was asked about who sent the coconuts, but he didn't answer. So they put him on half rations.
Louis: That's not my fault. The warden is an idiot, it's his fault.
Andrew: If tu were in Papillon's place, would tu have talked, and told them who sent those coconuts?
Louis: Yeah. I would have. tu wouldn't have half rations on food, so you'd still have enough to survive, and the best part is, tu get to talk.

papillon was starving. Half rations meant he was receiving less soup, and water from the guards. To make matters worse, he had no light going into his cell, it was all dark. There was one small hole in the ceiling letting out light, but that was it.

Papillon: *Laying down on the ground with a spoon*
Cockroach: *Walking along the floor*
Papillon: *Hits cockroach with spoon, and puts it in bowl. He stirs it with a long bug, and eats both of them*
Guards: *Removing sheet metal from Papillon's cell which lets light come in*
Papillon: Ah! The light! *Hides under bed*
Guard: *Opens door on the door while blowing his whistle* Prisoner, mostrar yourself!
Papillon: *Sticks his head out of the door, and gets choked por two guards carrying a nightstick*
Warden: Just give us the name of the poni, pony who sent tu those coconuts.
Guards: *Stop choking Papillon*
Papillon: I don't know who sent me the coconuts.
Warden: If tu tell me, we'll put tu back on full rations.
Papillon: No thanks, I'm not that hungry.
Warden: You'll need that food. If tu don't have it, you'll starve.
Papillon: I was born skinny.
Warden: Then you'll die. *Pushes Papillon's head back into the cell, and closes the door on the door*

Eight más months passed. It has been a año since papillon was placed in solitary confinement. Now he only had to survive another year.

Papillon: *Feels a beard growing on his chin. He walks to one side of his cell while quietly counting* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. *Hits his nose on the wall, and blood comes out of it*

The siguiente day.

Papillon: *His head is sticking out of the door along with the other prisoners*
Doctor: *Checking a prisoner's mane for lice*
Papillon: *Looks to his left, and sees that nopony is in the cell to his left, but he sees someone in the cell to his right* Hey.
Right Prisoner: *Looks to Papillon*
Papillon: I'm Papillon. What's your name?
Right Prisoner: Hattan.
Papillon: Do I look okay? I feel fine, but I need somepony to tell me how I look.
Right Prisoner: tu look good.

The siguiente día

Papillon: *Feeling very hungry, and tired. He then gets angry, and throws the sopa bowl at the door*
Guard: *On catwalk above Papillon's cell* That's 30 days más pimp killer.
Papillon: I wanna see the warden! Tell him to get his butt down here so I can see him.
Guard 5: *Opens door on the door*
Papillon: *Sticks his head through the door. To his surprise no one is choking him, and he looks to the left*
Warden: Who gave tu the coconuts?
Papillon: Listen to me warden. I want to remember the name of that poni, pony who sent me the coconuts. I tried to remember. I tried, and I tried, but I can't remember. I think I'm growing a beard, and my mane is probably white.

But it wasn't.

Warden: He's dying.
Guard 5: *Pushes papillon back into his cell*
Papillon: *Laying on floor, and coughs. As he stands up, he goes to the hole in the muro where the note is. He takes it out of the wall, and eats it. Then he goes back to the bed, and lays down*

papillon started to have a dream after he ate the note. He imagined being in a parade with his wife, and both were celebrating him being out of jail.

Marching Band: *Playing music*
Car Pony: *Slowly driving a car with Papillon, and Metal Gloss inside it*
Ponies: *Cheering, and whistling*
Papillon: *Waving to everypony*
Metal Gloss: *Blowing kisses to everypony*
Ponies: *Throwing confetti*
Papillon: *Kisses Metal Gloss*
Metal Gloss: *Hugs Papillon*

Then suddenly, everything disappeared. papillon was standing on the calle with nopony else around him at all. Then he saw Frank, and Johnny from the barco he was on, taking him to Devil's Island.

Frank: *Standing siguiente to Johnny*
Papillon: *Gets excited, and runs to Frank, and Johnny*

When he started running, it was in slow motion. The world turned upside down. Then papillon got sad when he realized something.

Papillon: *His face turns white, and his eyelids turn red. When he gets closer to Frank, and Johnny, he sees that the same thing is happening to them*
Frank & Johnny: *Standing still*
Papillon: Yooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu're deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Ten más months passed, and papillon barely had any energy.

Guard: *Opens door*
Warden: Your two years of solitary confinement are over.
Papillon: *Slowly walks out of cell*

When he got out of the cell, papillon blacked out, and fell on the floor.

Warden: Get the doctor.

After the doctor got Papillon, he was taking him to the infirmary, but papillon wanted to stop, and talk to one of his friends.

Louis: *Sitting at stand listening to the warden talk to other prisoners*
Warden: Welcome to the French Guiana region. tu will be here until your debt to France is fulfilled. First attempt of escape will have tu sent to two years of solitary confinement. segundo attempt, add five more. Of course, más serious charges will cost tu dearly.
Papillon: *Stops in front of Louis* hola Louie.
Louis: Hey. It's great to see tu again.
Papillon: Two years in there, but it felt like ten. *Listens to the warden*
Warden: Make the best of what we offer you, and tu will suffer less then tu deserve.
Guard 33: *Plays drums*
Papillon: I was making the best of what they offered, and they punished me. I still can't believe it's 1940.
Louis: Listen, Andrew told me about tu not telling the warden about those coconuts. Thanks.
Papillon: No problem, just keep your voice down. Otherwise they'll hear us.
Doctor: *Arrives* Alright Mr. Charrière, it's time to continue going to the infirmary.
Papillon: Right behind tu doc.

The infirmary, unlike the rest of the prison, was a beautiful place. The garden had lots of colorful flowers, and the infirmary itself was painted white.

Papillon: *Laying down in bed*
Andrew: *Looks at papillon who is to his right* Hey. Remember me?
Papillon: Andrew?
Andrew: Yeah, it's me.
Papillon: What happened to you?
Andrew: I put some squashed frutas on my eyelids, and they think I have some kind of disease.
Papillon: The guards here really are idiots.
Andrew: This place is nice. They say I have to stay here for a long time.
Papillon: I gotta stay here for only three days.
Andrew: hola listen. Not to change the subject, but when are tu planning your siguiente escape?
Papillon: *Thinks* Soon. Let me talk to Louis about it.

The first night at the infirmary, papillon was sleeping with the rest of the prisoners. Then he woke up, and saw one of the ponies working at the infirmary named Andre Maturette awake in his bed.

Prisoner 1: *Opens door*
Andre: *Staring at prisoner*
Prisoner 2: *Looks at flores in vase, and takes one out*
Prisoner 1: *Takes flower, and shows it to Andre*
Andre: *Moves back an inch*
Prisoner 1: *Puts flor in Andre's mouth*
Prisoner 2: *Looks around room*
Papillon: *Turns his face away so that the prisoners won't know that he's awake*
Prisoner 2: *Looks back at Andre*
Papillon: *Slowly turns his head around to look at Andre*
Prisoner 1: *Slaps Andre, and drags him out of the room*
Prisoner 2: *Follows prisoner, and Andre*

siguiente morning, Louis came to visit.

Papillon: *Eating chicken soup*
Louis: *Sees Papillon* Hello.
Papillon: Hi Louie.
Louis: The warden made me one of the guards. Though I don't have a gun, o any kind of weapon.
Papillon: Perhaps he doesn't trust you.
Louis: Why would he make me a guard then?
Papillon: Too many of the real guards must have gotten killed o something.
Louis: *Looks at soup* Say, that looks like real chicken in there.
Papillon: It is. tu want some?
Louis: Are tu kidding? I want to get my own. The comida they serve in the prison is most likely made out of garbage. It tastes like it too.
Papillon: hola listen, I need to tell tu something.
Louis: What is it?
Papillon: Andrew asked me if I was going to make another escape yesterday.
Louis: What did tu tell him?
Papillon: I'd let him know as soon as I told tu about it.
Louis: What are tu saying?
Papillon: You're coming with me.
Louis: Oh, are tu sure tu really want me?
Papillon: Yeah. What's the matter Louie?
Louis: My lawyer, and attorney called me, and dicho my wife was making an attempt to bail me out. There's also a possibility that I can get my lawyer to help tu out with the murder of that pimp tu never made. tu wouldn't be framed anymore, we could get out of here with no trouble.
Papillon: Sorry Louie. That'll take too long. It's now, o never.
Louis: Then, I'll go.
Papillon: *Smiles*
Louis: I have to go now. *Walks away*

It was now time for Papillon, and the other patients to be shaved. All of the facial hair on their faces would be removed. Andre was the barber.

Papillon: *Sits down*
Andre: *Placing shaving cream on Papillon's face* And how are tu Mr...?
Papillon: Just call me Papillon.
Andre: *Sees the mariposa tattoo* That's cool.
Papillon: It took a long time for me to do.
Andre: It really is cool.
Papillon: Mind if I ask tu a question?
Andre: *Starts shaving Papillon's face with a knife* Ask me anything.
Papillon: What was going on last night?
Andre: What are tu talking about?
Papillon: I couldn't help, but notice two prisoners with you. One slapped your face while another one put a flor in your mouth. Is that something that always happens between you, and those prisoners?
Andre: *Puts cuchillo at Papillon's neck* tu think I'm gay, don't you?
Papillon: Take it easy.
Andre: Well you're wrong. *Takes cuchillo off Papillon's neck* Next!

papillon was surprised about what Andre did. After all, he did say ask anything.

papillon went to see Andrew. They were both laying down in their beds siguiente to each other.

Andrew: Did tu ask Louie about the escape?
Papillon: Yeah, he dicho he'd be joining us.
Andrew: That's great. When do we go?
Papillon: Tonight.
Andre: *Arrives* Did I hear tu two are planning to escape?
Papillon: Yeah.
Andre: May I registrarse you?
Papillon: The más the merrier.
Andrew: Yeah, you're in.
Andre: Great. I know the perfect time to escape, tomorrow night.
Papillon: Why not tonight?
Andre: A band is coming here tomorrow night. One of the guards told me about it.
Papillon: Good idea.
Andrew: And that way, we'll have time to tell Louie about it. We may not see him again until tomorrow morning, so that'll be an excellent idea.
Andre: Well, thanks.

Later that night

Andre: *Sleeping in his bed*
Prisoner 1: *Slowly walks in with prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Grabs flor from vase*
Papillon: Psst.
Prisoner 1: Hm?
Andre: *Hits Prisoner in the head, then attacks prisoner 2*
Prisoner 2: *Knocked out*
Andre: *Smiles*
Papillon: Nice work.
Prisoner 1: *Looking at Papillon*
Andre: *Punches prisoner* Get out of here.
Prisoner 1: *Leaves with prisoner 2*
Papillon: *Laughs* Nice work.
Andre: *Smiles*

siguiente morning.

Louis: *Walks into the infirmary*
Papillon: Louie.
Louis: Yes?
Papillon: We're escaping tonight. Me, Andrew, and Andre. Are tu still interested in joining us?
Louis: tu know I am.
Papillon: Good.

That night, the concierto was playing música just like Andre dicho they would.

Papillon: *Wraps four wrenches around in blankets* We each get one. We'll give the other one to Louie when we see him.
Louis: *Serving drinks to guards at concert*
Guard 34: *Standing at infirmary entrance*
Andre: *Sneaks over to the guard, and knocks him out*
Papillon: *Grabs extra blankets* Let's go. *Gets out of infirmary*
Andre: *Following Papillon*
Prisoner 93: *Grabs Andrew* Where do tu think you're going? *Wrestles Andrew*
Andrew: Go, I'll catch up with tu later.
Papillon: *Crouches behind wall, and goes right*
Andre: *Follow Papillon, and is also crouching*
Andrew: *Gets out of infirmary, and crouches behind Andre*
Papillon: *Sees that none of the guards are looking, and runs to the wall. He climbs over it, and lays on parte superior, arriba of it*
Andre: *Runs to the wall, and starts to climb*
Papillon: *Helps Andre*
Andre: *Gets over the wall*
Andrew: *Sees a guard, and waits por the infirmary*
Prisoner 93: You!
Guard 85: *Looks at prisoner 93, and shoots him*
Andrew: *Runs past the guard*
Guard 85: *Knocks out Andrew with rifle*
Louis: *Runs towards the guard*
Guard 85: *Sees Papillon, and aims rifle at him*
Louis: *Knocks out the guard with the tray*
Papillon: Come on Louie.
Louis: *Runs to wall*
Papillon: *Lowers blanket*
Louis: *Grabs blanket, and tries to climb*
Papillon: *Pulling on blanket* I'll pull tu up.
Louis: *Gets to parte superior, arriba of wall*
Papillon: *Jumps down*
Louis: *Falls down*
Papillon: Where's Andrew?
Louis: The guard got him. *Feels pain in one of his hooves* I think I may have sprained my leg.
Bribed Guard: *In a boat* Hey, are we going o what?
Papillon: Yeah, let's go.

Papillon, Andre, and Louis got into the boat, and they left the prison.

Papillon, Louis, and Andre got to a small island with the bribed guard on the boat.

Bribed Guard: Okay, your barco is on this island. Give me three thousand dollars.
Papillon: *Gives bribed guard three thousand dollars, then gets off the barco with Louis, and Andre*
Bribed Guard: Oh, one más thing. *Gives papillon three rifles, and ammo* Use them wisely.
Papillon: *Gives rifle, and ammo to Louis, and Andre* Thanks.
Bribed Guard: *Rides away in his boat*
Andre: How come he can't get us all the way back to France?
Papillon: It would make things too obvious. Let's find that boat, and get out of here.
Louis: *Loads his rifle, and keeps a lookout* Those bounty hunters better not mostrar up.
Papillon: *Finds boat, and drags it out of bush* Here it is. *Finds a bag* What's in there?
Andre: I'm not sure.
Papillon: *Walks into boat, and his legs go through* Aw, shit!! *Gets out of boat* This barco is a worthless piece of shit!!! *Finds tape on boat, and takes it off* There's a bunch of holes in here, and it's all patched up with tape!
Andre: Now what?
Louis: May I tell tu two something?
Papillon: What?
Louis: That leg I was telling tu about. I didn't sprain it. I fractured it.
Papillon: tu broke your leg?!
Louis: *Knods*
Louis: I thought if I told you, tu would leave me behind.
Louis: *Irritated* Look. I got tu the money tu needed for the escape, and if it wasn't for me, that guard would've shot tu after he knocked out Andrew.
Papillon: He probably would've missed me.
Andre: Listen tu two, we need to stop arguing. We lost three thousand dollars, and we don't have a boat. We need to think about how to get out of here.

They heard a loud bird, but they weren't sure what it was.

Louis: *Points his rifle at some trees*
Andre: *Pointing his rifle at bamboo*
Papillon: Wait here, I'll go see what that is. *Goes through bushes, and sees a bird in a cage*
Moss: *Standing behind Papillon, and points a sawed off shotgun at his head* Freeze mister. tu just so happen to touch that bird, and you're dead. Drop your weapon.
Papillon: *Puts rifle on ground*
Moss: Now turn around.
Papillon: *Turns around, and faces Moss*
Moss: tu ran away from a prison camp. Correct?
Papillon: *Knods*
Moss: tu paid somepony three grand for a boat.
Papillon: Yup.
Moss: And the boat's no good.
Papillon: Yeah.
Moss: *Puts shotgun away* Been expectin' ya. *Walks to a bush, and moves it revealing the two bounty hunters, dead* I caught these two snooping around. They wanted tu killed.
Papillon: Thank you.
Moss: Mind if tu take me to the rest of your group?
Papillon: Follow me. *Walks back to Andre, and Louis*
Louis: *Hears bushes rustling, and aims his rifle at them*
Papillon: Hold your fire, it's me with a friend.
Moss: Pleased to meet you.
Andre: Who are you?
Moss: The name is Moss. I killed those bounty hunters for you.
Louis: *Staring at Moss' facepaint*
Moss: tu like it?
Louis: Yeah.
Moss: I did too when I got it. I was drunk. Now let's get tu three a boat. Gather as much bamboo as tu can, and we can make a raft. I'll get some rope to tie it all together. We have until sunset. If we finish in time, tu can go to an island four miles north of here. There are some ponies that can give tu another boat. One that's reliable.

At sunset, the balsa was complete, and papillon rode it with Louis, and Andre to the island Moss told them about.

When Papillon, Louis, and Andre got to the island, it was dark. The island was part of a leper colony, for treating ponies with leprosy.

Papillon: Don't point your weapons at anypony.
Louis: Why not?
Papillon: Better idea. tu two stay here. I'll go alone. *Gives Louis his rifle*
Andre: Why are tu going alone?
Papillon: I don't want anypony here to see your rifles. We wanna make peace with them, and get a boat. *Walks to a hut*

Inside, he met the colony chief, Toussaint. He was affected por leprosy.

Toussaint: Is there something we can help tu with?
Papillon: *Staring at Toussaint's face*
Toussaint: Why don't tu have the courtesy to speak when tu are spoken to?
Papillon: How long have tu had that?
Toussaint: What, the leporosy? Four years. Now what is it that tu want?
Papillon: Me, and my friends came here to buy a boat.
Toussaint: Do tu have any money?
Papillon: No.
Toussaint: We will accept your weapons as payment. Where are the other two?
Papillon: On the beach.
Toussaint: Take me to them.
Papillon: *Walks to Louis, and Andre*
Toussaint: *Follows Papillon*
Papillon: Louis, give the weapons to Toussaint. He's accepting them as payment for the boat.
Louis & Andre: *Gives rifles to Toussaint*
Toussaint: Thank you. We will let tu spend the night before tu take off. It is dangerous to leave here at night.
Papillon: Thanks.

siguiente morning

Papillon: *Walking to boat, and stops in front of Toussaint*
Toussaint: I wanted to give tu something. *Holds a coffee can, and gives it to Papillon* In it is coffee beans, and powder for making coffee. You, use it wisely now. Understand?
Papillon: Loud, and clear.
Toussaint: Good. tu should go to Trinidad. It's far from France, and nopony from the prison will find you.
Papillon: Alright. Thanks for the advice.

After talking to Toussaint, papillon got in the barco with Louis, and Andre. Things went smoothly at first, but a storm arrived.

Andre: *Sees the sail fall on Louis*
Louis: AHH! It hit my leg!!
Papillon: Hold on. *Gets sail back into position*

Hours later.

Andre: *Maintaining a small campfire on the boat*
Papillon: Now Louie, this may hurt. If tu wanna scream, let it out.
Louis: Okay.
Papillon: *Holds two spoons in the fuego for two seconds, then place it on opposite sides of Louis' leg where the pain is*
Louis: *Puts bandana in his mouth, and screams*

After attempting to fix Louis' broken leg, the three of them made coffee with the beans, and powder that Toussaint gave them.

siguiente morning, they reached a tropical island that was part of Trinidad.

Papillon: There it is.
Andre: What a lovely island.
Papillon: *Feels the barco hit the sand, then gets out to pull the barco onto shore*
Andre: Louis is sleeping, we should wake him up.

But they didn't have time for that. Seven soldiers were walking towards them with a prisoner.

Captain: Hey, ¿qué estás haciendo aquí?
papillon & Andre: *Carrying Louis*
Andre: Vivimos aquí.
Captain: Usted está mintiendo.
Andre: No, no lo somos. ¿Por qué crees que estamos mintiendo?
Captain: *Grabs his pistol, and shoots the ground near Papillon's hoof*
Papillon: *Drops Louis*
Andre: *Lets Louis down*
Louis: *Wakes up* i don't believe it. We made it.

Papillon, and Andre started to run away into a jungle, leaving Louis behind. The prisoner that was with the guards also started running.

Soldier 5: *Shoots Andre*
Spanish Prisoner: *Signals papillon to follow him*
Papillon: *Follows Spanish prisoner*

They ran out of the jungle, and alongside several dead trees.

Papillon: *Gets tired, and stops*
Spanish Prisoner: *Stops, and turns around to face Papillon. He offers him an energy pill*
Papillon: *Takes energy pill, and swallows it*
Spanish Prisoner: *Runs to another part of a the jungle*
Papillon: *Follows prisoner*

As they got back in the jungle, a truck was seen heading towards them.

Papillon: *Hiding behind a arbusto, bush with the Spanish prisoner*
Soldiers: *Running away from them*
Driver: *Drives truck*
Spanish Prisoner: *Runs the opposite direction of the soldiers*
Papillon: *Follows the Spanish prisoner*
Spanish Prisoner: *Steps into a trap, and gets hit por five spikes*
Papillon: *Walks away from the Spanish prisoner, and continues to run*

He ran into an open field, where a bunch of ponies in a tribe started shooting sleeping darts.

Papillon: *Gets hit por a dart, and begins to feel tired. He takes the dart out of his body, and runs away from the tribe, but he falls off a cliff, and lands in a river*

The current was strong, and papillon was asleep from the darts. His body was heading out to sea.

Papillon: *Wakes up*
Tribe Ponies: *Standing in a circulo, círculo looking at Papillon*
Papillon: *Slowly stands up*

The tribal ponies were very pleased to meet him, and accepted him into the tribe.

Tribal Mares: *Walking out of the ocean carrying buckets full of waters, and oysters*
Papillon: *Sitting on a barco that has been placed upside down*
Tribal Mare: *Smiles at papillon as she walks past him*
Papillon: *Smiles*

The siguiente day, the chief saw Papillon's mariposa tattoo, and wanted his own.

Tribal Ponies: *Staring at the chief who is laying on a bed*
Papillon: *Makes a mariposa in red*
Tribal Ponies: *Impressed*
Papillon: *Makes the wings in blue*
Chief: *Relaxed*
Papillon: *Makes red circles, then switches to making blue circles*

When he finished, everypony was pleased with his work. Two hours later, the sun was setting. papillon was standing on the playa with the mare that smiled at him, and they kissed each other.

But the siguiente morning when papillon woke up, he saw that the tribe left. He also found a small bag containing seven pearls. Six were white, and one was black. After the tribe left, papillon got on board a bus

Papillon: *Sitting in the back*
Bus Driver: *Stops at a military checkpoint*

Another car was in front of the bus, and the military was checking it. papillon knew if the soldiers found him, he would be sent back to prison.

Papillon: *Looks behind him*
Nun: *Riding a carro being pulled por two humans*
Papillon: *Sneaks out of the bus*
poni, pony in car: *Drives past the checkpoint*
Bus Driver: *Stops at checkpoint*
Papillon: *Gets in cart, and gives the nun one pearl*
Nun: *Makes the carro mover slowly past the bus, and past the checkpoint*

The nun took papillon to a church.

Nun: What was the crime tu committed back in France?
Papillon: seguro cracking. I estola money from safes.
Nun: What were tu sent to prison for?
Papillon: Killing a pimp, but I was framed.
Nun: What did tu plan to do with your freedom once tu received it?
Papillon: I don't know. I didn't have much time to think about it.
Nun: Why should I give tu refuge at this church?
Papillon: *Takes pearls from bag, and pours them on the desk* These are mine. The chief of a tribe gave them to me. Take 'em.
Nun: Your room is to the right. tu have one hora until supper.
Papillon: *Walks to room*
Guard: *Hiding behind wall, and knocks out Papillon*

papillon was brought back to Devil's Island prison, and was placed in solitary confinement for five years. His mane was losing it's color, and one of his hooves were chipped.

Warden: Your five years of solitary confinement are over. You've paid part of your debt to France.
Papillon: *Sees two guards carrying Andre*
Warden: He's dead in case you're wondering.

That evening, as the sun was setting, papillon watched the guards drop Andre's body into the sea. Sharks ate him.

siguiente morning, papillon was moved to another part of the prison. He was now on parte superior, arriba of a high cliff.

Guard: I'd find a place to stay in here if I were you. The prisoners don't like newcomers.
Louis: *Feeding comida to pigs*
Papillon: *Sees Louis* Louie? *Goes towards Louis* Louie, it's me.
Louis: *Walks away from Papillon*
Papillon: Louie? What's wrong? *Goes after Louis*
Louis: I wish tu didn't come here.
Papillon: If you're angry at me for leaving tu behind with those guards, tu have every right to be, but I escaped. It's too bad they caught us after a week of freedom.
Louis: *Ignores Papillon*
Papillon: *Walks away from Louis, and sits on a bench made out of stone*
Old Prisoner: *Walking by* That's not your bench. Who do tu think tu are sitting there?
Papillon: No one.
Old Prisoner: And keep it that way. *Walks away*

After the bench incident, Louis finally let papillon into his home.

Papillon: What kind of prison let's tu have a small house with a garden, and animals?
Louis: The kind that prevents prisoners from escaping. They let us have all of this so we won't escape.
Papillon: Yeah, well I'm still gonna get out of here. I'll get a bag, fill it with coconuts, and it should be good enough to be a raft.
Louis: It's a far drop down into the ocean.
Papillon: Well it's worth it.
Louis: Not with those waves. *Hears his pigs arguing* Gain way! *Runs outside to stop the pigs from fighting each other* No, tu share the comida equally.

siguiente día

Papillon: *Carrying balsa towards cliff*
Louis: Would tu like to grow your own vegetables? Maybe tu would like to grow some carrots, o tomatoes.
Papillon: o maybe, I would like to buy myself a one way ticket to freedom.
Louis: Are tu really gonna do this?
Papillon: I thought about what tu dicho with the waves. So I'm going to test this out, and see how it works. *Throws balsa into water*
Louis: *Stands siguiente to Papillon, and watches the raft*

The waves started to mover the balsa towards some sharp rocks. The balsa started to fall apart.

90 minutos later.

Louis: *Sitting in his house*
Papillon: *Arrives* I found out the solution.
Louis: To what?
Papillon: The waves. I watched them, and every seventh wave rebounds from the rocks and it's powerful enough to carry me out to sea.
Louis: That's nice, that's nice. *Looks at table, then back to Papillon* Oh, if we're going, I better harvest those beats.

After collecting the beats, Louis, and papillon got to the edge of the cliff. Waiting for them were two rafts.

Louis: I don't know if I can do this.
Papillon: Don't tu want to get out of here?
Louis: I do, but my wife says she's close to bailing me out. She can still help tu with the framing of the pimp's death.
Papillon: *Watching the waves* Three.
Louis: Did tu hear me?
Papillon: Yeah, but that's too long for me.
Louis: Okay.
Papillon: Five. por the time I jump, that seventh wave will arrive. Bye Louie.
Louis: Farewell Papillon, and good luck.
Papillon: *Jumps off cliff with raft*

papillon landed in the water on his raft, and the wave started to push him away, and into the sea.

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Fifty miles to France. It sounded like a long distance, but papillon didn't mind. He knew he would make it.

Papillon: *Laying down on the raft. He looks up at the sky* hola tu bastards, I'm still here.
Narrator: papillon made it to freedom. And for the remaining years of his life, he lived a free man.

Eight years later, the prison closed down

Narrator: This, the infamous penal system in French Guiana, did not survive him.

The End

Starring the ponies in order of appearance

Pierce Hawkins as papillon
Louis Dega as himself
Frank as himself
Johnny as himself
Warden as himself
Andrew as himself
Metal Gloss as Papillon's wife
Andre as himself
Moss as himself
Toussaint at himself

This fan fiction was based off of the movie Papillon, por Warner Brothers in 1973.

Created por SeanTheHedgehog, 2015

Song: link
 As the green lines come closer, so do the words.
As the green lines come closer, so do the words.

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This is the spoof of like a G6.Its por nigahiga!He is sooo funny!!!XD
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