Langley Virginia, CIA Headquarters.

Johnny: *Has his watch connected to a laptop*
Ted: *Walks into the room* Hello Johnny. What are tu up to?
Johnny: Something I did with Commander Kane once. I got a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia por typing in a ten digit code, and now I want to see what else I can get.
Ted: This oughta be interesting.
Johnny: *Typing in the numbers* 7250589605. Let's check it out.
Ted: *Watching Johnny walk from the laptop*

In the parking garage, Johnny was ready with his watch.

Johnny: *Looks at his watch* 69DC.
Ted: DC? tu got a Dodge Coronet.
Johnny: Oh hell yeah. *Runs as he selects the Dodge Coronet*
Ted: 1969 certainly was a good año for cars.
Johnny: *Driving towards Ted* tu want to go with me on a cruise?
Ted: No.
Johnny: Well I'm heading home. Catch tu later. *Drifting as he turns around*
Narrator: My inicial is all the way in New Jersey. Milford, New Jersey. tu might think that it's a pain in the culo to drive from New Jersey to Virginia and back, but with the cars in my watch, it's much easier than driving normal cars.
Johnny: *Heading towards a green light*

A man in an audi ran through a red light, cutting off Johnny.

Narrator: But, I still have to deal with the other drivers.
Johnny: *Shrugs* Don't know what his problem is.

Opening Credits Song: link

Johnny: *Sits down looking at a screen. He sees a wanted sign on it for a bad guy. He nods and gets up*

Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *Looks at his watch, and presses a red button activating it*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *In a parking garage. He starts to run as he selects the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Once he selects it, he jumps into mid-air making the car automatically appear with him in it. He drifts left out of the parking garage*


ISIS Members: *Walking together with AK47's*
Johnny: *Runs out from a building behind them, and bashes their heads together*


Johnny: *Jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*


Johnny: *Slides down towards a gravestone with an M14, and fires five bullets*


Johnny: *Combing his hair, and then cleans the lenses of his glasses*


Johnny: *Running on a boxcar. He jumps on a gondola, doing a front roll once he lands. He grabs a guy in a black coat, and punches him three times, then throws him off*


Commander Kane: *Sitting behind his escritorio with his feet on them*

Jack Nicholson as Commander Kane

Johnny: *Drives back into the parking garage. He stops the car, gets out, and hits the red button. His Plymouth Belvedere disappears, going back into the watch*


Johnny: *Playing Overwatch. He is on the defensive team in Eichenwalde, playing as Symmetra*

Episode 6: Call Of Duty

Special Guest Stars, Sir Topham Hatt as Ted Esler

Ian Lafferty as Trevor

Oscar Isaac as Henry

and Matt LeBlanc as Chris Edwards

Narrator: During my time off, there's many things I like to do. I have a model train layout, and I also have videogames. When I want to spend some time outside, I ride my bike, go swimming, o play tenis and baseball with a few friends. One of my friends was coming over today, and we were going to play videogames. I was hoping I could squeeze in one last match before he arrived.
Trevor: *Knocks on the door*
Narrator: Ah, never mind.
Johnny: *Quits the game, and heads upstairs to the door*
Trevor: *Checks his watch, then looks through the window at the door, to see Johnny walking towards him*
Johnny: *Opens the door for Trevor* Hello.
Trevor: Good morning. *Walks into the house*
Johnny: I already got the PS4 turned on, so we can just jump into the action.

St. Louis

Chris: *Sitting at a big mesa, tabla with eight más people* This user, Spiderman_338 has caused me to lose seven matches in a row on Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Because of this, I am not getting enough XP to level up, and prestige.
Man 79: Aren't we being a bit drastic sir?
Chris: Do tu enjoy your life?
Man 79: *Looks down at the table* Yes sir.
Chris: I was able to locate the player behind this account, and found his house in New Jersey. I have sent Henry to deal with him.

Back at Johnny's house in Milford, New Jersey

Johnny: *Playing as Zenyatta in Ayutthaya* Take over for me, I gotta use the bathroom.
Trevor: Okay.
Johnny: *Gives Trevor the controller, then walks upstairs*
Trevor: *Switches to Moira* Now we can have an actual healer.
Henry: *Opens the door, and walks downstairs. He points a silenced Glock at Trevor* Turn off the PS4, and come with me at once.
Trevor: *Stands up. He gets Overwatch out of the PS4, then turns it off. He picks up the remote, and turns off the TV*
Henry: Now come here.
Trevor: *Walking towards Henry*
Henry: You're doing very good. Let's go. *Walks out of the house with Trevor*

Johnny flushed the toilet in his bathroom, then walked out, heading back towards the basement. As he entered the kitchen, he saw Henry taking Trevor away.

Johnny: *Running down towards the basement* I gotta stop that person, whoever he is. *Puts Overwatch back in it's case, and goes to his bed. He moves a pillow, and grabs his .45, with three clips of ammo*
Henry: *In a truck with Trevor, still pointing his gun at him* You're doing very good. Now put your asiento cinturón, correa on.
Trevor: *Puts his asiento cinturón, correa on* Didn't know tu were concerned about my health. Who are tu anyway?
Henry: *Starts the truck, and drives*
Trevor: *Looks through the front window* Right.
Johnny: *Watching the truck take off. He runs after it, turning on his watch in the process. He selects the 1969 Dodge Coronet, and jumps, getting into his car* I gotta catch up to them.
Henry: *Turns right, and slows down* Now we don't have to worry about anyone following us.
Johnny: *Turns right, and sees the truck* Let's see where you're taking my friend.

Johnny followed Henry to the Sky Manor Airport. A helicopter was waiting.

Johnny: *On his phone* Kane, it's Johnny. I need tu to get Esler for me. Someone kidnapped a friend of mine, and I need tu to track down a helicopter.
Commander Kane: Where does Esler fall into this?
Johnny: Ask him if he can pick me up at Sky Manor Airport. It's a small airport near Flemington.
Commander Kane: Alright, and tu dicho tu had a helicopter for me to track.
Johnny: *Watching Henry and Trevor leave in a black helicopter* It's taking off right now. My friend is being held hostage por two people. They're leaving in a S-97 Raider. Tail number, N554SS.
Commander Kane: I'm tracking it now. Ted should pick tu up in about 45 minutes.
Johnny: *Gets out of his car, and makes it go into his watch. Then he looks at several people having desayuno tardío, brunch inside the airport* Ask him if he want's anything to eat.

Ted arrived in a helicopter. Johnny was waiting with a plastic bag.

Ted: Did tu get my pancakes?
Johnny: With the bacon, and syrup just like tu asked.
Ted: Alright, get in.
Johnny: *Gets inside*
Ted: *Leaving the airport* Your target is heading west. They just took off from Buffalo after stopping to refuel.
Johnny: How far can we go before we have to refuel?
Ted: We can make it to Cincinatti. We will catch up to them, and rescue your friend.

St. Louis, Missouri

The helicopter that Johnny and Ted followed was about to land on parte superior, arriba of a skyscraper.

Ted: They're going inside. Quickly, make your way down there, and rescue your friend.
Johnny: I'm on it. *Jumps out of the helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*
Narrator: The wind was pushing me towards another skyscraper, but I was able to control my parachute, and go towards the building where Trevor was.
Johnny: *Lands siguiente to the helicopter*
Guard: *Turns around* Hey, what are tu doing here?
Johnny: *Kicks the guard*
Guard: *Walks over the edge, and falls down*
Guard 94: *Sees the guard fall towards the streets for half a second* Damn. I must be seeing things.
Johnny: *Places a silencer on his .45, and shoots the lock. He is able to open the door*

Making his way downstairs, Johnny was very cautious.

Narrator: I would have to fight my way towards Trevor in order to rescue him. I had no idea who, o what would lay in my path.
Guard 46: Sir, Henry is here with our prisoner.
Chris: Send him in.
Henry: *Walks in with Trevor*
Chris: Good job Henry.
Henry: Thank tu sir.
Chris: You're welcome. tu brought me Spiderman_338. The one who kept sabotaging me in Call Of Duty, and Overwatch.
Trevor: That's what this is about? Videogames?
Chris: Your time has come to an end.
Trevor: But my nombre de usuario is Phone-Destroyer. I play X-Box.
Chris: tu expect us to believe that?
Trevor: Look at my youtube channel. *Pulls out his phone, and goes onto his youtube page*
Henry: *Looking at the phone*
Trevor: *Gets a video of him playing Assassin's Creed on X-Box 1*
Henry: I'm not buying it. tu could have both accounts.
Trevor: Fine. I'll mostrar tu that I'm telling tu the truth. I actually know the guy you're trying to find. *Goes onto Johnny Lightning's youtube page, and shows a video of him playing Gran Turismo Sport on PS4*
Henry: He's not lying Mr. Edwards.
Chris: Well, that's the problem with trying to find someone on the internet I suppose.
Trevor: You'll never find Johnny Lightning. *Puts his phone away* He's too smart for the likes of you.
Chris: I know his address is right, but perhaps we should send más people over there.

Inside a closet, Johnny strangled a guard, and estola his AR15.

Johnny: He also told me where Trevor is. I'm not far away.
Guards: *Walking out of the main room* Time to find Johnny Lightning.
Johnny: tu just found him. *Shoots both guards*
Henry: *Hears the gunshots*
Chris: Get out there!
Henry: Yes sir.
Johnny: *Opens the door, and shoots Henry. As he moves Trevor towards him, he shoots Chris* Take this. *Gives Trevor the AR15* We need to get out of here quickly!
Narrator: We were currently on the 15th floor, and had a long way to go down to the first floor.
Trevor: Why don't they have any elevators?
Johnny: What are tu asking me for? I didn't build this place.
Narrator: Luckily for us, we didn't run into any resistance until we hit the 13th floor.
Johnny: *Shoots two guards with his .45*
Trevor: *Shoots another guard, making him fall out a window*
Guard 96: Shoot them!
Guard 85: *Shoots thirty bullets at Johnny, and Trevor*
Johnny & Trevor: *Dodging the bullets as they go over the railing to the left*
Guard 85: AH!!!!!!!!!! *Firing más bullets*
Johnny: *Shoots the guard in his head* Good thing he was a few inches off.
Trevor: Yeah, he nearly hit me.
Johnny: Let's keep moving.

The two of them continued making their way towards the first floor. por the time they reached the fifth floor, they hit más enemy guards. Five of them fired at Johnny, and Trevor at the same time.

Johnny: *Backing up with Trevor. Once they stop firing, he shoots the five guards*
Trevor: How are tu so good? It's like you're in a Western.
Johnny: Standard CIA training.
Narrator: After that, everything seemed clear as we made it to the street.
Johnny: *Running as he selects the 1969 Dodge Coronet. He backs up to pick up Trevor* Real life Hotwheels. Get in.
Guards: *Shooting at Trevor*
Trevor: *Returning fuego as he gets into the car*
Johnny: *Driving away*
Guards: *Shooting at the car*
Narrator: We got away. It was a very close call, but me and Trevor didn't have anymore trouble after leaving St. Louis.

Johnny made it back to Milford with his friend Trevor. They were back at his house playing Call Of Duty.

Johnny: With the two of us playing on the same team, they'll never stop us.
Trevor: I just got a double kill with a grenade.
Johnny: I just got a head shot with an MG15.
Trevor: *Picks up an MP40, and is exchanging shots with an enemy soldier using a Sten* I got him. *Kills him*
Enemy Player: Spiderman, whoever tu are, I will kill you, and your friend!!!
Johnny: What, are tu going to track me down o something?
Enemy Player: Shut up!
Trevor: *Laughing*
Johnny: *Laughing* We've already had that problem my friend. Don't even think about trying it.

Song (Start at 1:04): link

The End

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