Before I talk about my complaints, I want to say that I'm not homophobe, nor do I hate the lgbt community. Throughout the years, many bisexual and transexual people have faced prejudice and hatred for no reason, other being romantically interested in the same gender. I support their decision, because it makes them different and unique from others. Heck, if my child was gay/lesbian, I wouldn't mind.

Now, the reason why I wanted to write this articulo is because I have 4 complaints about community that bother me. Again, I'm not attacking anyone who is gay o anything like that; it's just there are some things that bother me.

This is smaller one, but it's something that really irks me. When I typed in "Pride", I thought I was going to get information about the noun, the 7th sin, o even the character from Fullmetal Alchemist. But instead, I found imágenes about people dressing in arco iris outfits, and promoting "Gay Pride". I'm not against promoting it, because it's nothing to be ashamed off. But I don't see how "pride" could be related to be gay. According to, pride is defined as: "a high o inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, o superiority, whether as cherished in the mind o as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc." o that being prideful is the equivalent of being arrogant o even egotistical. So, am I supposed to believe that all gays are arrogant? Okay...I was just joking with that question, but I don't like how every time I type in "pride", all I see is más lgbt stuff. Now, also defines pride as: "a becoming o dignified sense of what is due to oneself o one's position o character; self-respect; self-esteem." This could be related to beign honest with oneself, and being proud of who we are, which includes gayness. But still, I don't like how that word became associated with it. Every time someone says they're proud of something, it could be taken the wrong way.
For instance: if I had a son, and say "Son, I'm so proud of you" others might translated to "Son, I want to suck your dick." o if they're proud of themselves but they're straight, other may think that they're gay.
o if I said, "The Lion is a prideful animal", people might think that I dicho "The Lion is a really gay animal".
I simply don't like how the word "proud" has been reduced to "being gay". Nowadays, people might take it the wrong way and judge others for it. Isn't the lgbt community's goal to prevent prejudice and misjudging?
This is just a small complaint, but not one that I ignore.

2.The rainbow.
Again, this is just a small complaint, but I still want to talk about it.
Now, unlike with "pride", when I buscar for information about the rainbow, it's not just lgbt stuff. But like "pride", the arco iris has become the symbol/flag of the community. I have nothing against the community having their own flag, but I DO mind it being the rainbow.
A arco iris is a meteorological phenomenon that is caused por reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicolored arc. Rainbows caused por sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun. Many art classes/schools use the arco iris since it has all 7 colores of the spectrum, that many artists use in their work as an inspiration. I know this because I go to an art school.

Again, I get what they're going for. The arco iris encompasses all 7 colores of the spectrum, which could represent the lgbt community's way of welcoming all types of people and sexualities. But what happens if I had a child who wanted to draw/paint a rainbow, and people would judge her/him of being gay, even though they don't even know that being gay is, o what it even means. if I had a son o a daughter that was gay, I wouldn't care; if anything, I'd support him/her. But what I don't want is my child facing prejudice for being different; either in personality o sexuality.
Back in Elementary School, most of my classmates thought I was gay and even pocked fun of me, all because I had a feminine appearance and an introverted personality. They did it for years and years, and it left a big scar. I don't hate gay men, but every time I see something related to them, it always reminds of those horrible times when "people" bullied me with it. I don't want my child to suffer the same fate, especially if they're straight.

3.The Misrepresentation.
This one really bothers. before I explain why this is a problem, this requires some history and what it has to do with me.
When I was a child, I never knew about same-sex relationships. And even if I saw it on TV, it was mostly for a joke, o just to look silly - not really implying any romantic relationships. For instance, I used to watch a sitcom called "My Spy Family", that's about a family of spies. The father was a James Bond analog, the mother was Russian dominatrix, and they had three children: a teenage hipster daughter, a teenage trouble-making son who uses his technology to mess with his most hated teacher, and the youngest boy who only spoke Russian, but was a child whose actions spoke louder than his words, and was an intimidating character. I bring this up because there was one episode where the first boy uses amor potion troll his teacher, but accidentally ends up getting sprayed por it, and fells in amor with the first person he sees: the teacher. In one scene, the boy brings a bouqet of flores to his teacher...who's a middle aged man, and he freaks out at this absurdity.
I bring this up because that scene was my first introduction to same-sex relationships, and the very idea seeming completely ridiculous. Again, I was just a child, and I didn't know that it existed.

Another example is the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "The Mask". When a masked woman arrives at Courage's farm, she constantly beats up courage because he's a dog. She says over and over again how perros are evil, and how they took away her best friend. Replace "dogs" with "men" and "best friend" with "lover". And tu understand why she's doing it.

I bring these two up because these were my first impressions of same-sex relationships. With the first one, it was played as a joke, but the segundo one was completely serious - to be honest, I thought they were just really good friends.

One night, I watched that same Courage the Cowardly Dog, dubbed in Hungarian on YouTube, but because I found knew what lesbianism was, I realized that's what Kitty and Bunny were.

One time in my 6th grade Winter Brake, I visited my father, and played some poker. While we were playing, a movie was shown on TV, and in one scene a girl asks what the world "lesbian" means. I asked my father the same, and he dicho "Two women who are in love". I was older this time, and I was más acceptable to it. Same thing goes when I watched an episode of F.r.i.e.n.d.s. where two women get married.

On the very last día of my 2013 Summer Vacation, I watched a video that competed The Simpsons and Family to see which is the better show. Before that video, I had absolutely no interest in either shows, o any Adult Cartoon for that matter. I thought they were boring, predictable, weird shows with limited budgets and is filled with sex jokes. After watching it, I became very interested in both. But I decided to watch Family Guy first, because it seemed más interesting to me.
I bring this up, because its portrayal of homosexual people irritates the ever living crap out of me. Lesbian women are portrayed as sex symbols that are there so the audience can masturbate to it; and gay men are represented as flamboyant, annoying, overly-emotional, and promiscuous wusses. In fact, anything that Seth MacFarlane touches that has to do anything with homosexuality is always irritating, especially with gay men: Jasper and Bruce from Family Guy; Greg and Terry from American Dad; the knight from the Cavalcade of cartoon Comedy; etc. Not just Seth Macfarlane's work, but many others as well. For instance, Robot Chicken feature homosexual relationships, but those might as well be made por Seth, because how annoying it is. The most frustrating of all is the "Franken Berry is Distraught" skit, where Franken Berry is sad how he broke up with his boyfriend, but he does it in the most irritating and más stereotypical way possible. His voice is annoying, his flamboyant attitude is annoying, and despite being an emotional person, I find him to be the biggest crybaby I've ever seen.
Here's the skit if tu want to see it for yourselves:

As a result, I became disgusted with homosexual people because of how they were portrayed; which was made even worse when I was called a "faggot" (Sorry about that.) for my feminine appearance and gentle nature. I'll talk about that later.
Also, that voice they give them is the worst thing I've ever heard.

Another awful portrayal is the character por the name of Maureen, played por my favorito! Broadway Actress: Idina Menzel. Now, just to clarify, I amor Idina; her voice is beautiful and powerful, she's a kind, loving, open woman, and is generally a great person. However, Maureen, like every other character from RENT is an absolute bitch. But what irritates me the most about her is her "slutty" perra attitude. It makes lesbian women look like whores who only think of sex and how promiscuous they can be. Just like how I hate gay men being portrayed as flamboyant wusses, so do I hate lesbian women being portrayed as slutty sex objects. Which is very ironic because both Seth Macfarlane and Idina Mezel are gay rights activists and support the lgbt community.

Not all portrayals of gay characters are awful, though - some of them are amazing: violeta and Corky from Bound; Chromedome and Rewind from Transformers: más Than Meets the Eye; Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire from Steven Universe; and possible Shinobu Sensui from Yu Yu Hakusho; etc. Portrayals of bisexual characters/relationships can be done well...but they choose not to do it.

4.The oversaturation of it.
June was Pride mes - where people dressed up and painted themselves with rainbows to celebrate people of different sexualities. However, I never got why they'd make such a fuss about it, to the point of even dedicating a entire mes to it! I don't want to hate on people for celebrating it. As I said, I think bisexuals are great people, but what irks me is that they celebrate it for a mes - it jut seems extreme.
Not only that, but also forcing lgbt stuff in things where they don't belong. For instance, The 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot tried to shoehorn-in a unicorn character that's supposed to represent transgender people - thing is, it sucked. The character Donnie didn't even come up with the idea of becoming a unicorn (aka: have a sex change operation), it's Bubbles and poor Donnie goes for it because he thinks Bubbles is his friend. If this is really about gender identity then Bubbles would come up as that person who would lure a gay/crossed dressed person into changing their sex because they are okay with them being a bit different,but not too different. This is even más relevant in the 3rd act where she's like "you're beautiful the way you're are" only after she turned him into a monster (aka: ruined his identity and his life).
That's what that reboot does - it's trying to be deep and progressive, when in reality it ends up pandering and insulting. Which is why I refuse to call it "Powerpuff Girls", but rather "Panderpuff Girls".

And there's a debate whether o not Elsa from frozen should be a lesbian. I absolutely hate this idea, because it's an absolute betrayal of a wonderful and relatable character. Here are a few reasons why:
-By making her a lesbian, they'll make her less relatable because she will strictly be relatable to bisexual people only. One of the things I loved about Elsa is that anyone who have to hide something, whether their true identity o secrets, can relate to her, including bisexuals. I related immensely to Elsa, and I'm not gay.
-By making her a lesbian, they'll turn her into a tool. Many of characters I listed off that were gay weren't great because they were good representation of homosexuality, but they felt like characters, and the homosexuality wasn't their only identity and it felt natural for them. For Elsa, it doesn't expand on her character, it makes her into tool that panders to the community, rather then actually represent them.
-By making her a lesbian, they'll destroy what her character stands for. She's not supposed to be with anyone, because she's happy and contempt with being with her sister, and that people accepted her despite her powers. She doesn't need a man o a woman to make her happy, because she does everything she that her people and her sister are happy. If they're happy, then she's happy.
-By making her a lesbian, they'll make her amor for Anna look romantic and platonic. It makes their relationship look like a incestious one, and it's disgusting.

They're forcing this lgbt stuff on things where they don't belong. I'm glad that it's getting más attention, and I'm glad that the world is becoming más progressive and accepting towards lgbt people - but I don't like how it's being forced on things that has nothing do with it.

However, there are instances where it does work. While I'm not a player, I'm a fan of the FPS series, Overwatch. The reason why is because of the diversity of the characters. These aren't your usual brown and green marines. These are people of different nationalities, different professions, different personalities, etc. The mascot of the series is character called Tracer, a young and energetic British woman who can travel segundos in the future, and is an expert with shooter. Back in navidad of 2016, they released an Overwatch navidad comic, that showed what the characters were doing during the holidays. In on scene, it's revealed that Tracer is a lesbian and has a girlfriend. I had mixed feelings about it. I liked it because we didn't know that much about Tracer before, and this was a great way to not only mostrar diversity, but also develop her character more. But I also didn't like it because it came right the hell out of nowhere, with no built-up whatsoever.
However, I've warmed up to it, and I find it very adorable.

My point, tu can have bisexual characters in a story, but only when it's necessary.

5.Religious controversy.
I hate these religious idiots. They have nothing better to do, but hate on things that people like, just so they can please God.
Now look, I'm a loyal Catholic - while I don't go to churches, I do pray a lot, and I'm a firm believer in Christianity. But these religious numb-nuts are some of the stupidest people ever: they hate on Pokemon because they believe it promotes animal abuse and satanism; they hate on Ice Cream Sundaes because it's named after the día people go to Church; they hate on homosexuals for loving the same gender.
This unnecessary hate is the reason why athiest people hate religion. These religious a**holes make any people who believe in God look like a bunch of overly-critical and hateful idiots, when in reality there are many religious people who can still be intelligent and logical, without hating on things for religious reasons. I don't hate incest because it's sin against God (In fact, there is a lot of stories in The Bible that have incest in them.), but because it's icky and unnatural. Same-sex relationships are perfectly natural, since they have romantic interests in the same gender. It's no different from a white woman being romantically interested in a black man. I see no reason to hate on it, especially por these religious morons.
Religion is supposed to be about: love; compassion for our fellow men; kindness; decency and humanity; and these morons turned it into the one thing it's meant to fight against: a hateful and judgemental community.
God hates you, too.

I've mentioned in many times before how I was bullied and mocked at school when they called me a "faggot". I was different from everyone else: I had/have long hair, was a lot más gentle, was introverted, had different interests, and I can be overly emotional. One time, we were dado lollipops, and I started playing the one I got, in my mouth, and one guy called me gay because it looked like I was sucking a penis.
Another good example is when the boy who was sitting right siguiente to me had his back showing, so I poked him on that side to mostrar that it's not covered up, but everyone immediately thought I was gay for him.
It continued until the end of my 8th grades first semester, when Winter Brake started, and my mother signed me up for a different school.
Still, it left a huge scar inside of me. I couldn't even look at anything gay related without being reminded of the awful times I was bullied.

Nowadays, I've become más accepting and open to bisexual people. But this is not the only reason I'm talking about this.

Before I started escritura this article, I asked a pregunta here on fanpop if there were instances when straight people were misjudged and called por the people around them. There were a lot of people who answered that question, and suffered the same fate of being called gay, for no reason, other being different.

For straight people like me, being called gay is insulting. It's insulting because it has become the equivalent of being called a "freak" o a "loser", all because I look different. I bet if I met with Idina Menzel, o someone else, they'd immediately think that I'm bisexual.
I'm not trying to say that being gay is awful, I just hate being misjudged for something I'm not.

The reason I made this articulo is not to hate on the lgbt community, o even supporters of it. Sometimes they do stuff that I don't like, o are represented in awful ways that paint a bad picture of them and can cause other people to hate on them.

I'm not trying to hate them for being different. I just wanted to express some of my complaints about the community in an honest but healthy way, without seeming like a homophobic jerk. But I'm pretty sure there are people out there who think I'm a homophobic jerk because I have a few complaints. That I shouldn't criticize them and should just accept them for who they are. Thing is, I DO accept them for who they are.
For Politically Correct idiots who don't know the difference between criticism and hate, here's a speech from Toonami host Tom:
"Haters! We've all got one! It's the person who says "That Sucks!", no matter what you're doing. Now, this isn't the same thing as criticism - criticism serves as a healthy function, sometimes it can even help tu get better - that's because it comes from a good place. Hating, however, is when someone just wants to cut tu down, who want to watch tu fall. Toonami's had a lot of criticism and a lot of haters in our time. We welcome the criticism, because this is a working progress, and we wanna hear what tu guys think, because we amor you. But when it comes to haters, (Old Tom learned his lesson a while ago.) tu can't let them get to you. So, keep your head up; Keep doing what works for you, and don't be afraid to listen to your critics - but always, always ignore the haters. We all deserve better."

I'm not hating on the community; I just have some complaints about them, that I hope will one día see and try to become better and make better decisions. As I said, it's not the fact that they amor the same gender that bothers, but the huge fuss they make about it, both from supporters and haters.

I'm más of a realist than an idealist, but I hope one day, everyone can treat each other as equals, without being judged because of sexuality o nationality.

As always, Smell ya' later!
This is the reason why I hate Political Correctness.