Hello ! welcome
if tu don't give a f**k ,then go on your life.
this means nothing ,i'm playing
pregunta 1:who are you?
Answer :i'm just human being with alien benefits.
Q2: do tu have any kind of personality?
Answer: may be mollete, muffin structure ,with cocktails zalamero, batido de frutas taste

Q3: 5+3*5=?
A: in math it equals 24
But in coding it's only 18
cause it counts 3*5 first then add 5 to it.

Q4 :why are tu here on fanpop?
A:good pregunta ,but don't know
may be my scary mollete, muffin structure called me here.
kind of unknown feelings brought me here.

Q5: Did tu ever write a journal?
A: with a lot swears just kidding, i amor writing
but i have boring personality who is not into looks

Q6: Do tu believe in segundo chances?
A: yes, but tu who would give it to yourself

Q7: What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?
A: i'm not into looks, so they think i'm poor o something
but i amor to live humbly and simple.
another thing fights o arguments ,most of time i want to break the ice ,bringing some fun ,change dead talking status not insulting o tiring them.

Q8: What did your past relationship teach you?
A: i'm thankful for not having lots of
i'm complete person on my own ,other people is extra addition to me.
which means happiness is my own choice.