(Re-post, because the other one got deleted. Don't ask me how, became I don't know.)

1: I'm Non-Binary, Genderfluid.
2: And despite what tu may be thinking after lectura that, no, I don't experience dysphoria.
3: I was weird as a child.
4: And I'm still weird to this day.
5: I have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).
6: I have Aspergers.
7: I've attempted running away from inicial at least once (and failed).
8: Sometimes my social skills aren't always that great. But I manage.
9: I actually like "What Does The zorro, fox Say?" and I'm not ashamed to say that.
10: I can't stand Nicki Minaj.
11: I amor animals.
12: I've never watched one single episode of "Game of Thrones", and I don't care if I ever do.
13: I'm a virgin, and nothing will ever change that fact.
14: I don't really like Donald Trump o Hilary Clinton.
15: I was born on: 8/13/1990 at 11:37 PM central time.
16: I was born in: Nashville, TN at Donaldson Hospital.
17: I have hypersensitive hearing.
18: I'm Aviophobic. That means I'm terrified of air travel.
19: I dyed my hair completely red once.
20: I also learned the hard way that I am in fact ALLERGIC to hair dye.
21: I'm also allergic to hotel soap.
22: Unless you're an animal, I most likely won't want much physical contact with you.
23: I am affectionate towards people in my own way, just NOT through physical contact.
24: I can count up to 100 in Japanese.
25: I can also write, read and even speak several phrases in Japanese.
26: I actually taught MYSELF Japanese.
27: My political view is: Independent.
28: I like Justin Bieber, but I wouldn't call myself a die-hard fan of him.
29: While I may be Non-Binary, I don't consider my as Trans.
30: I suffer from the occasional depression every now and then.
31: I've had suicidal thoughts many times.
32: In fact, I often pregunta whether I'm gonna live to see my 27th birthday.
33: There are certain things in the Bible that even I don't believe.
34: My least favorito! color is: Yellow.
35: I'm a Miley Cyrus fan.
36: I'm a terrible human being, and a sucky Christian.
37: And that's probably why I'm going straight to Hell after I die.
38: I can't STAND the sound of my aunts' voice.
39: My original name is "Joshua", but now I go por "Felix".
40: I get scared sh*tless every time I watch a scary YouTube video. It never fails.
41: I'm afraid of new people.
42: Yet, I can't ignore that I do feel alone and I need a friend.
43: I can't stand most kids. Mainly the rude, obnoxious, bratty ones.
44: My favorito! colores are: Red, purple, rosado, rosa and gold.
45: New environments terrify me sometimes.
46: And I almost never leave my house because of this. But I am starting to venture out more, as of recently.
47: I'm most likely going to die alone, locked away in a mental hospital.
48: I have no f***ing idea why I'm even still alive.
49: I keep my dogs' old toys hidden safely in a small, plastic box underneath my bed.
50: The thought of having sex disturbs me to no end.
51: I honestly think life hates me, and sometimes I hate life right back.
52: I amor the movie: Tangled.
53: While I don't like a lot physical contact, I honestly don't mind holding hands with another male. I think it'd be a neat experience.
54: I amor chocolate milk.
55: I've worn a dress before, and loved it.
56: I honestly don't give a sh*t if tu "misgender" me. Use whatever pronouns tu want to.
57: I amor Shounen-ai (specifically furry centered).
58: I support LGBT+ rights.
59: I'm a Leo.
60: I'm a Furry.
61: I'm a Panhead (basically, I amor Skillet).
62: I don't know all the words to my country's national anthem.
63: I don't really like Neopronouns. They aren't my cup of tea.
64: My favorito! video game franchise on the playstation console is: The InFamous franchise.
65: I once had a dream where I was in a wave pool, and then the siguiente thing I knew, the water turned pick black, as if someone poured black limonada into it. It was honestly a scary dream, considering how I could somehow tell that I had stopped breathing during this whole thing. I woke up gasping for air. No lie.
66: I can't sing high notes worth a sh*t.
67: I've had many surgeries.
68: I was born with Hydrocephalus. It's a fancy term for "water on the brain". But thankfully, It's no longer there.
69: I can't stand sex-jokes.
70: I'm double-jointed.
71: I'm slightly colorblind in my right eye.
72: I can't stand it when people say the same damn thing más than once.
73: I'm a Vegetarian.
74: I enjoy talking to all my pets that have passed away sometimes, as if they're actually listening to me.
75: I was home-schooled since the 2nd grade.
76: I can't stand Hunter Avallone.
77: I hate a majority of today's slang words.
78: I know Japanese slang words.
79: I'm Asexual.
80: I'm Aromantic.
81: I'm just wee bit Irish.
82: I'm Necrophobic. Don't ever ask me to go near a dead body.
83: One of my favorito! old-school anime is: Sailor Moon.
84: When I was little, I use to believe the bank literally gave away "free" money. If only that were true.
85: Because of my knowledge of Japanese, I can use Siri's Japanese voice setting on my iPhone.
86: I always check expira dates on comida products before I even think of eating them. Never hurts to double check.
87: I've met an online friend in real life. Her name was Kayla and we met on MySpace, when MySpace was the sh*t.
88: I've never been outside the USA.
89: I've also never seen my entire country. I've only seen: Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Florida.
90: I have anxiety.
91: One of my guilty pleasure shows is: Hannah Montana.
92: I have a scare on my stomach that looks like a belly button.
93: I'm a twin.
94: I'm claustrophobic as sh*t.
95: I HATE the abomination known as Teen Titans GO.
96: I amor the movie: Zootopia.
97: I f**king hate tuxedos. Don't tu ever ask me to wear one of those awful things.
98: I want so badly to to wear a kilt.
99: I'm a night owl.
100: I have a crush on Nick from Zootopia <3