Because why not, right?

1. My favorito! foods are dill pickles and potatoes.
2. I do not like coffee. o tea.
3. I can't think of a joint in my body I don't crack on a daily basis.
4. I amor amor amor amor retro advertising, mostly from 80s and down. It makes me feel very nostalgic.
5. I have been dying my hair since I was a young teenager.
6. My favorito! colores are brown, purple and gray.
7. I consider myself a contrarian.

8. I lived in England for 6 months when I was 4 years old.
9. I suffer from all manner of link.
10. My humor is so dry and sharp, my own parents can't tell when I'm joking o not.
11. I have a Pinterest.
12. I collect DVD's. I have many. Many.
And this isn't even all of them...

13. My favorito! TV mostrar is and always will be 24.
14. I even met my hero Kiefer Sutherland and got my picture taken with him!
15. navidad is my absolute favorito! holiday and I always go all out with decorations.
My navidad árbol

16. My first ever pet was a 3-legged chihuahua named Max.
17. Tears for Fears are my favorito! band. Hands down the best concierto I have ever been to.
18. 2016 was the best personal año I have ever had.
19. Horror is my favorito! genre. Overwhelmingly.
This is my horror shelf.

20. I am literally in constant pain.
21. I never forget and I never forgive.
22. I'm a homebody. I will always choose to be inicial than anywhere else.
23. When I was little, I used to make up customized dances for every Spice Girls song with my friends. Obviously missed my calling as a choreographer.
24. I amor cats. I have ever been without a cat for más than maybe a mes at a time in my life.
This is my cat Henry.

25. I amor playing casual games whether its on mobile, computer o Facebook. link are particularly a favorito! of mine. As is link.
26. I have a Galaxy S8 Plus. Best phone ever.
27. My sweet tooth is my achilles' heel. 🎂🍧🍫🍰🍭🍨🍩🍬🍪
28. I really genuinely do not care what people think of me.
29. My favorito! kind of libros to read are link.
30. I have been in a committed and very stable relationship for 5 years now.