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Cincinatti Ohio. Four men were in a black Suburban were driving towards a warehouse called M&M Metals International Inc. One of them was Johnny Lightning.

Johnny: *Looks to the man sitting in the back with him*
Narrator: Before joining the CIA, I was a member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I didn't like the fact that it was corrupt, and decided to transfer. Some federal boys on the other hand, did not want me to transfer to the CIA. Once a mes since my transfer, they've been sending me at least five E-mails, trying to make out deals to get me back.
Driver: *Stops the Suburban* Get him inside.
Narrator: I was on a mission, trading information with a Chinese agent. They wanted to know about North Korea, and we wanted to know about the reciente terrorist attacks in England. I still had the files on me. I was just hoping the Feds wouldn't find them.
Johnny: *Gets pushed onto the floor*
FBI Man 2: We've been nice to tu Johnny.
FBI Man 1: And we've worked together on many missions.
Driver: Why are tu so interested in working with the Central Intelligence Agency?
Johnny: It's más organized.
FBI Man 2: más organized my ass.
Johnny: *Quickly gets up, and kicks one of the men*
Driver: AH! *Holding his nose* Shoot him!!
FBI Men: *Grabbing Five-Seven's*
Johnny: *Shoots both men*
Driver: *Opens his eyes, looking at Johnny*
Johnny: *Pointing his gun at the driver* Let me go. tu don't need to risk your life.
Driver: *Runs for one of the other pistolas dropped por the other men*
Johnny: *Shoots the driver*

After that, Johnny was outside.

Narrator: Plus, when I joined the FBI, I never got a chance to do this.
Johnny: *Hits the red button on his watch. He begins to run as he hits the 58PB button on the screen. He jumps, getting into his Plymouth Belvedere, and drives away*
Narrator: It was time to bring my info to Langley.

The song fades away as the opening credits begin.

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Johnny: *Sits down looking at a screen. He sees a wanted sign on it for a bad guy. He nods and gets up*

Johnny: *Looks at his watch, and presses a red button activating it*

Starring SeanTheHedgehog as Johnny Lightning

Johnny: *In a parking garage. He starts to run as he selects the 1958 Plymouth Belvedere. Once he selects it, he jumps into mid-air making the car automatically appear with him in it*

The 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

Johnny: *Drifts left out of the parking garage*


ISIS Members: *Walking together with AK47's*
Johnny: *Runs out from a building behind them, and bashes their heads together*


Johnny: *Jumps out of a helicopter with a parachute. After a few seconds, he deploys it, and slowly goes down towards a rooftop*


Johnny: *Slides down towards a gravestone with an M14, and fires five bullets*


Johnny: *Combing his hair, and then cleans the lenses of his glasses*


Johnny: *Running on a boxcar. He jumps on a gondola, doing a front roll once he lands. He grabs a guy in a black coat, and punches him three times, then throws him off*


Commander Kane: *Sitting behind his escritorio with his feet on them*

Jack Nicholson as Commander Kane

Johnny: *Drives back into the parking garage. He stops the car, gets out, and hits the red button. His Plymouth Belvedere disappears, going back into the watch*

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Narrator: I returned my intel to Langley intact after my tangle with the FBI in Cincinatti. They gave me más briefing about the Terrorist attacks in England, and sent me on my way to Londres via airplane.
Johnny: *Looks down at the Atlantic Ocean*
Narrator: I don't like flying unless I'm the pilot. That way, I have a very good guarantee of NOT crashing. On the other hand, these first class seats are nice, and they do give me an offer to enjoy the view down below.

Episode 2: Londres Bridge Is Not Falling Down

Special Guest Stars

Daniel Radcliffe as Mark Henderson
Jeremy Clarkson as Lewis King
Rhys Davies as Derek O'Rourke

The plane landed, and everyone got ready to get off the plane. The song fades away as everyone walks off board.

Narrator: To make sure that no one would find out about me being here, I used a regular flight, instead of a private CIA jet. I wanted my presence here for the bad guys to be unknown.
Johnny: *Walks off the plane, and heads for the passenger terminal*
Derek: *Holding a sign that says Yanks Are Idiots*
Johnny: *Walks up to Derek, and speaks in a Scottish accent* Well that ain't very nice.
Derek: If tu think this is bad, tu should see what they're saying about the Canadians.
Johnny: *Speaks in his normal voice* No thanks, my friend already told me. *Shakes Derek's hand* Johnny Lightning, CIA.
Derek: Derek O'Rourke of MI6.
Johnny: We should get out of here, and go somewhere más private.
Derek: Agreed. Come with me.

They both walked out of the airport, and towards a parking garage.

Johnny: No cameras, perfect.
Derek: For what?
Johnny: Wait here. *Hits the red button on his watch. He begins to run as he hits the 58PB button on the screen. He jumps, making the Plymouth Belvedere appear*
Derek: *Watching Johnny appear in his car*
Johnny: *Backs up to Derek* This maybe a bit big, but it should still fit on the narrow streets.
Derek: *Gets in* Right then. Let's go.
Johnny: *Drives out of the parking garage* This beats a taxi any day.
Narrator: We arrived at MI6 headquarters. I met a lot of people there once I arrived with Derek.
Johnny: *Gets out with Derek*
Derek: Our valet could have parked for you.
Johnny: No, that's alright.
Narrator: It only runs when I'm inside, but I didn't feel like trying to explain that to Derek.

They walk into a building.

Derek: Mark, Lewis, our help from the U.S is here.
Lewis: Oh good! *Shakes hands with Johnny* It is very nice to meet you.
Johnny: Likewise.
Mark: How'd tu find out about our predicament?
Johnny: Traded Intel with a Chinese agent. She wanted to know about what North Korea had planned against her people, and I wanted to know about the terrorists attacking you.
Lewis: We recently discovered that it's ISIS.
Mark: tu will help us stop them. Won't you?
Johnny: Sure, but it won't be easy. Many of their members are well trained in stealthy attacks.
Derek: Even with explosives?
Johnny: Sure, when it comes to planting them. They use trackers to locate their bombs, and detonate them in the right place. When they're planted in vehicles at least.
Lewis: Like that one bus last year.
Johnny: Right.

During their conversation, several ISIS members were having their own meeting.

ISIS 63: What is our siguiente plan of attack?
ISIS 78: Big Ben.
ISIS 63: What are we going to use to bring it down?
ISIS 78: Missiles, but first we need to wait for them. Until then, we'll explore the city. Enjoy ourselves, and look for new targets.
ISIS 63: Understood.
ISIS 78: England will pay the price for helping the United States, along with France, and other European countries. They will be the first country to back out of this war.

Johnny was outside, walking with Derek, Mark, and Lewis in a park.

Johnny: tu boys weren't lying. This is beautiful.
Lewis: Londres has many excellent landmarks.
Derek: May we take him to Big Ben?
Lewis: I don't see why not.
Mark: Just remember to stay on your guard. ISIS might plan another attack on us.
Johnny: I don't know about you, but that's why I have my gun with me.
Derek: tu took a regular flight though. How did tu get past security with it?
Johnny: tu remember the car that came out of my watch?
Lewis & Mark: What?
Johnny: I'll explain later. When I got out of the car, I hit the red button to make it go back. I left my gun in the trunk, and took it out before we went together on this walk.
Mark: What if it got flattened?
Johnny: I tested that with a soda can. Any items tu leave in the car are perfectly safe.
Lewis: So, explain to us how this watch of yours makes a car appear.
Narrator: I told them all about the watch, and how it made my car appear. Meanwhile, Big Ben was the destination of some other folks.
ISIS 63: *Gets off a bus with four other members* Thank you.
ISIS 78: *Walks with the other members*
ISIS 55: *Holding two suitcases*
ISIS 67: *Wearing a backpack*
ISIS 71: *Holding another suitcase*
ISIS 63: It's only a couple of blocks away. Keep your eyes open for other targets.

Johnny and his friends left the park. Big Ben was in their sights.

Derek: We need to take him inside.
Mark: Alright, let's go.
Johnny: *Walks with Lewis, Mark, and Derek*
ISIS 63: *Walking towards Big Ben with his friends*
Johnny: *Inside Big Ben, admiring everything with Derek, Lewis, and Mark*
ISIS 63: Hurry up. Plant the dynamite.
Mark: We must take him up to the top.
Derek: That is the best part of Big Ben after all.
ISIS 78: *Pointing a misil launcher at the parte superior, arriba of Big Ben* Goodbye Big Ben.
ISIS 55: It won't be so big once we're through.
ISIS 78: *Launches the missile, and watches it hit the top*

A couple of cogs shook, and went out of place because of the missile. They fell towards Johnny, and his three friends.

ISIS 63: *Lights up the dynamite* Go! *Runs away with the others*
Lewis: Quick! To the door!
Johnny: Hold up!
Derek: What?!
Johnny: Look!! *Points at a cog which lands on it's side in front of them* If we rushed to the door, we'd be dead.
Mark: Thank tu Mr. Lightning.

The dynamite went off, blowing the doors towards them.

Derek: Duck!! *Gets down with the others*
Johnny: *Looks up, seeing más cogs falling towards them* Let's get out of here!! *Running with the others*

They got out just in time.

Johnny: If that wasn't from ISIS, I don't know who did that.
Lewis: *Watching five people drive away in a 1978 peugeot 504*
Mark: What is it?
Lewis: They look suspicious.
Johnny: *Walking towards them*
ISIS 78: Go! Go!!
ISIS 63: *Floors it, but the engine stalls*
Johnny: *Runs towards them*
Lewis: *Follows with Mark, and Derek*
ISIS 63: *Turns the key, but the engine won't start. The same thing happens when he turns the key again*

With the MI6 spies pointing pistolas at the terrorists, Johnny opened the door to the driver.

Johnny: What a poor taste in automobiles. Nothing says unreliability better than a french piece of basura such as this.

Two police vans arrived, along with más MI6 spies.

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Commander Kane: Any word on Johnny Lightning?
CIA Agent 64: He helped the British sir, but he's still in London.
Commander: Why hasn't he left yet?

The answer was because he was back in Big Ben with Derek, Lewis, and Mark.

The song fades away as they reach the parte superior, arriba floor.

Lewis: See what we've been telling you?
Johnny: *Looks back at a damaged section of Big Ben* Still gotta get a couple of cogs fixed.
Mark: We're working on it.
Johnny: *Spots Londres Bridge*
Derek: What is it?
Johnny: Since we pushed the terrorists out of your country.....*Points at Londres Bridge*....London Bridge is not falling down.

They all laughed at Johnny's joke.

Commander Kane: Well, wherever he is, I hope he's fine.
CIA Agent 64: I'm sure he is sir.
Johnny: *Laughing as he walks with Derek, Lewis, and Mark*
Narrator: I was más than fine. I was great, having the time of my life with my new friends from MI6.

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The End

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