in case u forgot waht my icono looks like
1. he is going to try really hard to type nicely for this even tho he is kind of high

2. he did this same thing with a wiki once but no one noticed i think??? he tried to makeit like wikipedia but he is bad at this.

3. oh i guess the wiki thing is here link

4. idk if he can make it to 100 facts???

5. idk he's a gay japón if tu did not no that

6. he ha a hard time typing things nicely

7. he was born on the spooky day

8. this is al in the wiki articulo that no1 red

9. typing is hard.

10. when he wrte this he has 106 fans

11. exactly 100 props

12. zero medallas

13. he thinks death note is cool

14. he is not that 1 specific pic of l he spams on his

14. he has pics of his face burried in his gallry if any1 wants 2 hunt 4 those

15 he is not doing very well at the typing thing he promised

16 mauserfan1910 is a slut

17 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

18 number 16 was a fact about mauserfan1910

19 thaslimjim is not v good at facts

20 o is he

21 how did he make it to 21 facts how is he stillnpaying

22 he likes birds a lot

23 all animales r cool tho

24 he llikes 2 go 2 the zoo

25 8thegreat is literally a ramen

26 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

27 he has a typerighter nd he rlly likes to wirite derpy
thing on it

28 his bf says it is a good outlet 4 him

29 he used 2 work at quiznos but he does not now

30 he loves his loro

31 little non fact is he actually likes 2 draw

32 he is not that good but he likes to

33 bein gay is not a choice

34 subway is better then quiznos srry not srry

35 candylover246 is a alien

36 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

37 thaslimjim is alos technically a alien tho

38 he gave up on typin good srry

39 he doesnot even like slim jims

40 pizza isnt even his fav comida omg wow

41 thats probs goin 2 b the most shocking thing on this lista honestly

42 he loves pizza dont get me wrong its justhe also rrly misses his moms cooking sometime s

43 he had a fanpop accunt like 40 yrs hace but no1 remmebers it nd he is rlly glad

44 he will nto tell u what it is

45 the zanhar1 is actually the zanharchy

46 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

47 he likes cats

48 he rlly likes cakes nd ice cream but especilly ice

49 he is a empty shell of a man

50 wow i did not axpectr to stick with this so long

51 hre likes dogs

52 he is actully kind of shy nd stuff but h e tries

53 he is almost 2 depressd 2 function wow this got serious

54 he frogot he was even wroking on this and hr found it just now he does not even kno when hestarted wroking on it

55 blindbandit92 is probbly not actually blind

56 that was not a fact about tha slimjim

57 how tf is he goin 2 make it 2 100 facts

58 he has 2 poo rite now

59 no1 wanted to kno that

60 palomitas de maiz, palomitas de maíz is good

61 he put number 14 twice nd he did not notice until just now

62 idk how many numbers he messed up oop s

63 im runnin out of facts but that has not stppoed me up to this point

64 oshit that was not in 3rd person

65 shadowfan100 wrote a 100 fact thing once nd he likes nick wilde nd that is cool

66 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

67 thaslimjim is not named jim

68 that was a fact about thaslimjim

69 hahaha fact 69

70 these r not v good facts

71 im rlly trying 2 make it 2 100 facts

72 i went to a colleg e once but that was a bad idea

73 i do not care much 4 tv

74 my bf is rlly into like game of thrones nd rlly nerdy stuff nd i think that is cute

75 coketheumbreon likes música nd umbreons

76 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

77 i main mariovon smash

78 i like 2 play smash w my friends nd eat a lot of donas nd basura comida

79 i rlly like basura comida

80 i do like other non junkfood foods tho so i eat real comida sometimes

81 animls r nice

82 té > coffee

83 coffee is ok tho

84 i am asia so i am a expert on té

85 TheLefteris24 is greek

86 that was not a fact about thaslimjim

87 i dream about caves a lot

88 i have been 2 many countries be4, i like to go to them

89 my foot is asleep

90 oshit i made it all the way 2 90

91 that means there r only a few left

92 vanilla coca cola is the best to hell w all ur inferir sodas

93 i like 2 go swimming

94 i have had the same hair cut 4 a rly long time

95 thaslimjim rlly likes it in america

96 that was a fact about thaslimjim

97 i dyed my hair a lghter color 4 a littl bit

98 it is not a lightr color now tho

99 omg we r almost there

100 wow i made it 2 number 100