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It all started back in November of 2013 - I finally received a new cellphone, a Nokia Lumina 520, and along with it, I finally got my own correo electrónico account and password.
While it was nice having those, I didn't really use them, not even to make a facebook account. However, in navidad of that year, while watching some YouTube videos, it suddenly dawned on me: I could use the correo electrónico and contraseña to create my own google account and comentario on YouTube videos. I liked lectura other people's comentarios (When they were not rude.) and I wanted to do it, myself.
After creating my google account, I immediately started commenting on YouTube videos (Mostly AMV's and parte superior, arriba 10 lists, in random.), however, because I was inexperienced, my comentarios were of very piss-poor quality. Heck, I didn't even know how to reply to other comments.
A comentario I remember very well, was the comentario I made on the: "Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs Szayelaporro Granz Full Fight English Dub" video, where, at the end of the video, Mayuri apparently raped her unconscious daughter to wake her up. I was surprised, to say the least, so I had to comment.
A few days later, while at my father's house, I received a notification on my cellphone, and it was a reply to my comment. It was the very first reply I ever got to a comment.

Another thing I highly remember was when I first received my very first notification. I was sitting at my laptop, when suddenly, that campana thing went black and had the number 1 in a red box, on the top-right of its icon. I remember being very curious about it, and when I opened it, it turns out someone gave a +1 to a comentario I made about the song "Crash" por Decyfer Down; about how it was a perfect workout song. I was surprised to see someone appreciating my opinion.

After that, I started commenting on videos, receiving notifications about the respuestas and +1's I got, etc.

Another thing I highly remember was in August of 2014, when I comentó on how shocked I was, when the 2003 TMNT series wasn't included on the "Top 10 Superhero animated series", and instead the '87 TMNT was on the list. Because I comentó early, my comentario received over 20 likes, and it was my very first comentario to get that many.

When my 8th grade started and became obsessed with Disney's Frozen, I made dozens of comentarios about the movie, even meeting my best friend Dan, in the YoutTube comentario section, trying to defend Elsa against a critique. Heck, back in my 8th grade, I mostly communicated with Dan, and another friend I made online before him who was also a frozen fan, called Paty Valentine, through YouTube comments.

During December of 2014 and January of 2015, I made lots of comentarios that got multiple likes.
I especially loved it when I was notified that my comentario got a +1.

However, all of that changed in August of 2015, when Google+ and YouTube separated.

Whenever, I left a comentario on a YouTube video, I could go to my Google+ page and see all of them, which allowed me to keep track of, read, take a look at who liked them, read the replies, watch the videos, etc.
Back then, I didn't know about the separation of Google+ and YouTube - so, when I looked at my Google+ profile, I didn't see the latest comentarios I made. I was honestly confused. I thought I accidentally did something that prevented the mostrando of later comments.
When I found out that they separated, I was incredibly furious. So furious, in fact, that I wanted to puñetazo, ponche something.
I told Dan about this, and he was also very angry.
The reason why this separation angered me so much is because it feels pointless. They worked perfectly together. I could look at my comentarios and keep track of them, receive notifications about likes I've got, and many more!

For instance, when I watch videos on YouTube o clips from shows/movies, I sometimes bump into someone who shares their honest opinion, that I can agree with. I would amor to become friends with them - but in order to make sure they're truly trustworthy, I have to look at all of they're comentario to make sure I didn't befriend a troll, o a liar. That's how I became friends with not only Dan, but with many others as well.
Plus, it's fun to read what they think about the video o what's going on, in it.
With YouTube and Google+ separating, however, I can no longer do this.

I'm not trying to invade their privacy, I just want to make sure they can be trusted, o not; to simply read their opinions. It's no different from lectura other people's articles.

Back in August of 2015, I met a guy on YouTube, called MegaFriendlyCreeper, who also loved Elsa from Frozen, and when I asked him about why he loves her so much, he dicho he will tell me in time.
To make sure he was telling the truth, I looked at his YouTube comments, and he turned out to not only be a big fan of the movie, but is also a very intelligent and helpful person.
I befriended him, and whenever I had a doubt of some kind, o just something wrong with me, I could always ask him for advice.
With the separation, however, not only I can no longer see his latest comments, but there's also something that prevented the mostrando their older comentarios - but I'll talk about this, later.

And don't think that YouTube is innocent either.
Nowadays, whenever I want to read their comentarios , I have to scroll deep in the comentario section in order to find them; which is not only very tedious and time consuming, but is also very boring!
Whenever I leave a comment, I'm not sure that it will remain where it is, o it will be cast down into the "Read More" comentario section, where it will be lost forever.
The only way to prevent this from happening is to highlight my comment, so it won't disappear. This is annoying to me, because I doubt that I have to do something like that for my comentario to stay and have people read it.

One thing I also absolutely hate is the new Google+ theme/font/look, however tu want to call it.
The anterior look was great. It had two posts on both sides, so it was organized; it had Hangouts, which allowed me to talk to my friends, much like how facebook has Messenger; it even had a function, where, if I go to my perfil page, I can choose the "mentions" option, and look at the conversations I had.
Conversely, the new look has three posts on three blocks, making it very crowded and unorganized. Not to mention, they got rid of the Hangouts function, which was one of the best things about it.
Whenever I was on Google+, I could talk to my friends, o when they want to talk to me, o reply back to me, it would inform me. But now - every time I want to use Hangouts, I have to go the Hangouts website, and use that.
Another thing I absolutely hate about the new look is the deletion of older YouTube comments. From now, not only are your latest YouTube comentarios not show, but the older ones aren't shown either! Which, like I said, hurt a lot because now, I can't read their opinion anymore, keep track of what they say, o even talk to them.
Speaking of which, my friend, MegaFriendlyCreeper, as well as other YouTube commenters, only left YouTube comments, which means, every time I go their Google+ perfil page, there's not one post. It's completely empty! I mean, how ridiculous is that!

The new look appeared on October of 2015, but because I hated it, I had to option of returning and using the anterior one - but a few months ago, it dicho that I need to update it because the old look was outdated. I ignored it, of course, because the old look is far superior in just about every way - but one day, when I opened up Google+, it permanently changed to the awful new look.

And they can't leave the notifications well enough alone!
Recently they changed the look of the notifications. Now, every time I open it up, there's a blue bar that I have to wait for it to load up, and the new look of the notifications is boring.
Before that, whenever the campana had notifications for me, it would be colored black, and had the number of reciente notifications on the parte superior, arriba right within a striking red box; and when I open it up, the notifications would mostrar the face/name of the person who replied/liked my comment/post. And even showed the numbers of likes it got. And when there are no notifications left, there was a campana who told me I read all of my notifications.
Now, I have to wait for the blue bar to load up, in a very tedious fashion, and the notifications are all slimmer, and whenever I want to look at older notifications, instead of mostrando it to me in the notifications box, it brings me to the notifications page, instead!

Another problem is that every time, I want to buscar for someone, I have to click on the buscar bar, but every time I do, it instead brings me to some page with community recommendations, instead of letting me write the persons nombre de usuario into the buscar bar.
It honestly feels like they want to become as tedious as possible to troll people who liked how it originally worked.

And, like I said, YouTube isn't any better either.
Not only does YouTube have the most uncaring attitude to YouTubers, but they will basically allow any misceláneo company, to copyright them of their videos, even though Fair Use exists. YouTube, however, laugh in the face of Fair Use, and will let anyone copyright any YouTuber's videos for no reason, even though they have rights.

Another problem I have with YouTube, is that, in the past, I could go to other people's discussion page, and talk to them, that way. Now, the tabs are all missing.
I know this may sound like I'm some kind of a creep, but before we used Hangouts, the Discussion site was how me and my friends (Mostly Dan.) talked.
Let me tell tu a story:
Back in February of 2015, on a Saturday night, me and my parents were having an argument about my introversion. That I should stop talking to internet friends, and instead talk to the others around me; that I should have a hobby, not just be on the internet all of the time; that I should open up to people and share my feelings; that I should quit my addiction to my laptop so much, etc.
After my father left, I told my mother my secret and explained why I relate to Elsa, and being a fan of Frozen. She dicho that I should quit my affections for her, since it's not healthy.
It got to the point of me crying, and my mother sleeping over. While she was sleeping, I was escritura my "Analysis of Let It Go, and Elsa's facial expressions during Let It Go" article.
After she went to sleep, I went to a comentario that Dan publicado on the official Let It Go música video, and after that, he told me that he left a message on my discussion page. After lectura the message he left, I was again in tears, because of how honest he was with me.
Because he publicado a message on my discussion page, I used his, and we were able to talk there.
I also used MegaFriendlyCreeper's discussion page, we also talked there.
That's why it bothers me so much, that the discussion sites have become unavailable - because while, yes, we can use Google+ posts and Hangouts to communicate, the discussion page was something I will never forget.
However, it's not completely unavailable. There are ways to access it, but much like with Hangouts, I don't think that using methods like these are, at all necessary.

And I know what tu might be asking:
"But, Renegade! If tu hate how both YouTube and Google+ work, why don't tu use facebook o Twitter, instead?"
That's because most of my friends use Google+, and most of the posts I see on facebook are things that don't interest me in the slightest, while Google+ does. And YouTube is the Number 1 video streaming site in the world, and there are no other places I can go to watch what I want.
I absolutely hate that both of them separated, and the absurd changes they made, but I'm dependent on both of them.

I know it's very stupid what I'm about to say, and I'm very sorry for it, but I really wish that Google+ and YouTube would registrarse forces, again, and go back to the way they were.

And I also know what most of tu are saying:
"Well, you're just someone who doesn't like change! tu think that, because they changed it, now it sucks!"
First of all, why is change inherently good, anyway? The assumption is that if you're changing something, you're attempting to make it better. However, as I have seen over the course of my experience on the internet, and in real life, things are changed all the time and sometimes for the worse. Sometimes, changes are nonsensical o unnecessary. Sometimes, the changes in fact create más problems than they solve. Change CAN be good...assuming that something needed to be changed...! And in case of these two, they changes they made couldn't possibly be any worse.
And I KNOW what tu guys are going to say:
"Well, tu just don't like it because it's different?"
My problem is not that it's different, but that it sucked out the practicality and fun of how they originally worked. As I said, they worked perfectly, so why ruin it?

It really feels like, because they're separated, they want to change their look and functionality to that of the mobile apps, instead of being different.

In conclusion, Google+ and YouTube separating was an unnecessary decision, at best, and a horrible idea that is executed poorly, at worst.
The changes they make are beyond annoying and horrible, and in fact create más problems than they solve. And the sad things is, that I'm dependent on both of them, which feels like a major stomp on my crotch.

I'm sorry if I sounded pretentious or, for a lack of a batter term, nostalgic, in this articulo - but all of the changes the both make is infuriating to me, as regular user of both sites, and I wanted to express that.

As always, Smell ya' Later!
 Oh, how I hate their separation!
Oh, how I hate their separation!
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when tu feel the dream is over...

feel the world is on your shoulders

and tu lost the strength to carry on....~

even though the walls may crumble

and tu find tu always stumble through
remember never to surrender to the dark

Cuz if tu turn another page
you will see that’s not the way
the story has to end
and if tu need to find a way back
feel you’re on the wrong track
give it time, you’ll learn to fly

tomorrow is a new day
and tu will find your own way :)

you’ll be stronger with each día that tu cry
then you’ll learn to fly ~~

in your head, so many questions?...
the truth is your possession...
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Who dicho car names don't have meanings





VOLVO 🚖 🚖 🚖 🚖

🚖 Very
🚖 Odd
🚖 Looking
🚖 Vehicular
🚖 Object

PORSCHE 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘

🚘 Proof
🚘 Of
🚘 Rich
🚘 Spoil
🚘 Children
🚘 Having
🚘 Everything

OPEL 🚑 🚑 🚑

🚑 Old
🚑 People
🚑 Enjoying
🚑 Life

TOYOTA 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨

🚨 The
🚨 One
🚨 You
🚨 Only
🚨 Trust
🚨 Always

HONDA 🚔 🚔 🚔 🚔

🚔 Hanged
🚔 Over
🚔 Now
🚔 Driving
🚔 Away

bmw 🚘 🚘 🚘 🚘

🚘 Biggest
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Proeski was born in Prilep[3] and grew up in Kruševo[3] as the son of an Aromanian family.[4][5] After his musical talent was discovered at the age of 12, he was chosen to perform at the popular children's song festival Zlatno Slavejče (eng.: Golden Nightingale) in Skopje, performing the song "Јаs i mојоt dеdо" in Aromanian language.[6][7][8] This was his first public música performance; however, his successful career began in 1996 when he participated in the teenage música festival Melfest in Prilep.

Following this public exposure, he was awarded for his strong vocal capabilities. This...
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