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posted by Americsson1776
Just a tip for all of tu writers out there. A good method of character development that 8theGreat and I have been using, is to imagine them in normal every día situations, such as:
1: How would he/she react to accidentally walking into a glass door?
2: What kinds of cine o shows would he/she watch?
3: What social group would he/she be in while in high school? Extra curricular activities?
4: favorito! celebrity o person in history?
5: favorito! music, books, o movies?
6: What kind of car would he/she drive?
7: How would he/she react to being invited to see a horror movie with someone he/she likes?
8: His/her computer is being outrageously slow, o even locking up completely? What would he/she do?
9: How would he/she react to being rejected por a long-time crush?
10: Which religion (modern o ancient) would he/she likely follow?
And so on, feel free to come up with your own, o even add to this list. I'd be happy to see what sorts of preguntas o respuestas tu all may come up with.
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