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posted by mistymaydawngo
100.coconut (its fun to say! Cooocooonut.......yea)
99:flip flops (I know its 2 words......SHUT UP! Gosh people)
98.Lolipop (lolipop lolipop o loli loli loli lolipop!)
97.refreshing (I don't know why I just like the word it sounds cool!)
96.growl (groooowwwwlll like groooowwwl........I don't know)
95.theif (theif! Theif! Once again I don't know)
94.swiftly (I like the word!)
93.Tuna (tuuuuunaaa this ia also fun to sau)
92.freak (we are all freaks here aren't we?)
91,moist (it sounds weird and like epic at the same time)
90.oyster (I don't know........again I just like the word!
89.manatee (come on who DOESN'T like that word!!)
88.pop (like tu can just come out of nowhere POP!!)
87.candy (the candyman can....CANDAY)
86.tomorow (toomooorrroooowww)
85.biscuit (its a fun word!)
84.stumble (I may stumble I may trip I may dislocate my hip but ill never ever fall!)
83.dislocate (see number 84)
82.Swiss (Swiss!.....another fun word)
81.classic (CLASSIC! It even más fun when tu say it in an accent like CLASSIEK!)
80.Maraca *probaly spelled wrong* (like maraca! más fun words!)
79.penninsala (fun word!!)
78.nucleus (the brain of a cell.......epic......also fun to say)
77.ping-pong (piinngg poooong.............FUNESS)
76.Twinkle (twinkle! Like say it like a baby twinkle its fun!)
75.Tinkle (lol XD tinkle!)
74.Foe (friend of foe.....FOOOOOEEEEE)
73.kung-foo (everybody likes kungfoo fighting!)
72.coffee (saw it like caaaaawwwfeeee o like a hyper chipmonk coffeeecofeeecofeee
71.vigeriously (I just like the word its fun)
70.HYPER (hyyypppeeeeerr it fun 0_0)
69.ocho *once again probaly mispelled* (ocho like 8 in spanish yea............more fun*
68.traffic (I don't like it but its another fun word)

Ok tu know what? Im sick of escritura its a fun word!!! If I don't put a comentario on it then it means its a fun word ok? OK

67.irk (its a real word ya know! XD lolz)
62.Sparta (THIS IS SPARTA...........no this is patrick)
60.rampage (say it like raaaaaaampage)
58.butter (butter o as I say and mostly all meh friend budder XD)
56.ventriliquist (say it ventrilliqUIEEEEEEESSSST)
55.pac-man (pac pac pac pac pac pac)
54.cake (cake........and cake is not a lie.... yea I forget who says that xD)
52.mosquito (mosQUITo)
51.guitatar (geeeeetar)
50.banjo (ban............JO)
48.bicycle (biCYcle)
46.Zuccini *spelled wrong?)
44.cucumber (cucumba)
43.caviare *once again spelled wrong* (its caVEEEare)
42.piano (pi.........ANO)
41.Radish (radEEEsh come on EEESH is fun)
40.lobster (I was at the playa everybody had magic towels somebody looked uder a dock and there they saw a rock! But it wasn't a rock.....it was a rock lobster!)
39.blink (bleeeeenk)
38.bleep! (Don't swear! Always respect the beeps......bleep bleep bleepity bleep bleep)
37.classy (clawwsy XD)
36.spanish (spanieeesh)
35.charcoal (charcoooaaal cooaaalchar.......idk)
34.pie! (I like pie!)
33.turtle (turtlez!!)
32.zebra (it starts with a z......what's not to love??!)
29.plankton (awesome spongebob character awesome word!)
28.bulb (bawlb!)
26.pizza (I want a piece a pizza.......XD)
25.pineapple (who lives in a pineapple under the sea)
24.spongebob (exactly! XD)
23.surge (suuuurrrrgeee)
22.Zues (I really don't know why)
21.dentures (dentureaaassss)
20.protozoa (science has some fun words)
19.cereal (cceeetiiiAaAAAL)
18.plantae(another fun science word)
17.foolish (fooleeeesh)
16.animalea (anotha science fun word!)
14.christmas (say it Chriiiiiiieeeeeestmas)
13.goop (gooop goop gooop)
12.gloop (gloop gloop gloop)
9.immaturity (me!!)
8.symetrical (thank tu death the kid and TheNumber8 o and look at what number it is! =0)
7.muffin (come on? How epic is this word?)
6.injected (pain injected potatos!)
3.Ishtar (the godess of amor and war........more importantly she has an epic name)
2.Prussia (NOW ARE tu HAPPY)

posted by big-fat-meanie
I have a dream that one día this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one día on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the mesa, tabla of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one día even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children...
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found this on the net:

Top 17 Signs Your Airline Attendant is About Ready to Retire

17. Always grumbling about how things were much simpler when Orville and Wilbur ran the business.

16. For dinner, asks, "Ya want the white crap o the yellow crap?"

15. When pointing to the emergency exits, uses nothin' but her middle finger.

14. Occasionally tries to prop-start a 747.

13. Insists on mostrando tu pictures of her prom fecha with Bob Dole.

12. Loudly refers to pilot and co-pilot as "Opie" and "The Beav."

11. At the security checkpoint, her hip sets off the metal detector.

10. Replaces in-flight movie...
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Well,I thought it was about time this articulo was made. I've seen a lot of people insult others for liking a certain ship. This is NOT something tu should do. Oh,don't like the ship? Okay! Hate the ship but don't hate the shipper. It's even worse if tu dare just..hate on the person and their OTP. Leave them alone. They like what they like. How would tu feel if somebody insulted YOUR favorito! ship? Not happy right. Anyways,I have seen some of this argument like thing in two clubs. The Adventure Time club and the Powerpuff Girls club. I am honestly disappointed at the people who had the nerve...
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posted by Canada24
They dicho it’s a misceláneo club.. so misceláneo list

I always liked him, but I like that much más in his current stage, part of the Seth Rogan gang. He’s so fun.. But still low because he often does similiar roles in that stage..

He use to be higher. And when he’s funny, he’s REALLY funny., but I don’t like his new cine most times, so he’s lower..

He and Kevin Hart have funny voices, and seem to be aware of it, so uses them..

Who doesn’t amor this guy..

Marky mark is my number one.. He makes any movie better. Even The Happening, as it’s funny how little he gives the role.. Other than that one I never seen Mark do a bad prefamance, I swear. Not really much else to be said..
posted by SilentForce
Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what tu get. A 4channer uploaded a foto anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: "This is the lechuga tu eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on.

But that's even worse.

The post went live at 11:38 PM on July 16, and a mere 20 minutos later, the Burger King in pregunta was alerted to the rogue employee. At least, I hope he's rogue. How did it happen? Well, the BK employee hadn't removed...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

Tom: Now this section of the video focuses on parts of our mostrar where the Mane 6 made special guest appearances, o played as characters in skits. For instance, arco iris Dash played as Marisa Sayers in The culo culo Inn skit.

We're starting off with that female alicorn with the voice of Ice Cube, Twilight Sparkle

Audience: *Cheering*


Twilight: Whad up niggas?
Audience: *Clapping*
Twilight: Let's start off our first día of school with some arithmetic. What is one plus one?

Link to how Pinkie Pie is talking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoMgnJDXd3k

Pinkie Pie: Nein nein nein nein nein...
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Milleena tribute from mortal kombat.
posted by KataraLover

This is a film that has been out for a while but I'm just now getting around to doing a full articulo review of it because I've been really busy, stressed, and emotionally drained for a while and all of that has been keeping me from reviewing it. This musical was a big deal when the trailers came out and when the movie finally came out for various reasons. It was Zac Efron's first musical movie since his days in High School Musical and Hairspray, it had freaking Hugh Jackman who always draws in a crowd, it was a brand new...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Welcome to the block, where a group of ponies that are friends live on the same block in Ponyville. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering, clapping, and whistling*
Master Sword & Tom: *Standing in front of a house*
Tom: Something seems wrong here.
Master Sword: Why?
Tom: When we appeared, the audience was cheering, clapping, and whistling. However, I did not hear any laughter!
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: Thank you. The more, the merrier.
Master Sword: Who wants to hear about today's crossover parody?
Tom: Obviously, everpony. Otherwise, they wouldn't be...
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