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Can tu restore text to a blank document that is stored on a USB drive?

I have a document stored on my flash drive, but every time I open it, it's blank, yet I can still highlight the text that is there. It's like the text is invisible, because when I buscar for words I used in the document it appears in the buscar results. I REALLY don't want to loose this document so does anyone know how to fix this and restore the text that's still their without the use of the original? Keep in mind, this document is on a flash drive and I had already scanned the drive for problems.
 IshidaSado posted hace 11 meses
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BlindBandit92 said:
Perhaps tu accidentally encrypted it? So that's why it wouldn't mostrar the text?

I was lectura this foros site (link) and someone appeared to be suffering from a similar problem. tu could perhaps attempt to perform some of the fixes the he tried to do in hopes of trying to figure out your issue.

This person on site site offers some respuestas too: link

The main issue with these incidents is that they are fairly old. It's possible if you're on a newer windows they won't never apply to tu but I'd try them nonetheless.

I don't know myself what could be the issue but at least I've attempted to point tu in the right direction. If this doesn't work (If I remember to do so alter) I'll ask my brother since he is a tech.
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posted hace 11 meses 
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