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I've never had a gaming system before, but I was recently dado an Xbox 360 and several games por someone who no longer wishes to game, but I don't have a controller. Does it matter based on model o anything what sort of controller I purchase?
Simplest thing to do is to buy an XBOX 360 CONTROLLER from amazonas, amazon o Gaming store !!!!!
Stalag posted hace más de un año
 X-Rose17 posted hace más de un año
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BlindBandit92 said:
The only thing that really matters is that the controller feels right for tu to handle and it doesn't feel awkward o anything like that. But as far as I know the model doesn't matter apart from that aspect. And you'd want a controller that's a good quality and doesn't break after constant use. So those are the main things tu should look for.
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posted hace más de un año 
Mrs-X said:
It doesn't matter, tu can just go for the standard xbox 360 controller.

Just make sure tu pick an Xbox 360 controller and not an Xbox One (which is the siguiente generation console) controller.
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posted hace más de un año 
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