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Name something that should be a trope: link

Here's one example: muro Banger Copycat.
This is what muro Bangers are: link

In fact this can be an example of Bad Writing( link ) as copying a muro Banger does not work as to quote this page: link
"In the Magical Record Lyrical Nanoha Force manga, they introduced a new character whose first act is soundly defeat Signum in a way that invokes the possibility that she might DIE (she barely survives tough). This mirrors the muro Banger in Super Robot Wars about a newcomer character killing Lamia Loveless (the character Signum is Expying); that the writer chose to replicate o invoke it in the original work even knowing the consequences. (Word Of God dicho he's a fan of Super Robot Wars) is a muro Banger on its own."
Faux Smart Girl: kinda like Faux Action Girl, but with Smart instead, if tu say a girl is smart, then actually make her smart, if she's stupider than she should be, audiences might hate her, like they did with Sarah Harding from The lost World: Jurassic Park.
MisterH posted hace más de un año
 MisterH posted hace más de un año
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