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Anyone good at maths/physics? Help needed!!

Global rainfall estimated to be 505 000 km3 annually. A cubic kilometre is a trillion litres

On average how much rain falls in a second?
a}64 billion litres
b}32 billion litres
c}16 billion litres

explain why, if tu can! thank you
 karolinak1999 posted hace más de un año
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True-Finn-Fan said:
do tu mean liters?

well if so, first thing tu have to do is convert km cubed into liters,


based on that information we simply times 505000 por 10000000000. which is 5.05x10^15

now we know how much liters fall annually, we need to get it into seconds.

so 365 (days a year) times 24 (hours) times 60 (minutes) times 60 (seconds)

so 31536000 segundos in a year.

5.05x10^15 divided por 31536000

which is 16,013,444,951.801116184677828513445

rounded, it's closest to 16 billion
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posted hace más de un año 
summer2987 said:
i hate maths class and i still hate maths class.
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posted hace más de un año 
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