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What do tu do when tu feel uncomfortable, anxious, and/or nervous?

If I am sitting I tend to oscilación my legs around. One woman in my college asked me if I had restless leg syndrome because of that. When I am standing I tend to play with my hands.
 Siren-Lamia posted hace más de un año
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DaringDevil said:
Well I just sweat a bit and then I blush and then I ask something o think o something funny to make my nervousness go away
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posted hace más de un año 
kittyluv57 said:
Um . . . Let's see . .
I bite my nails
I mutter in Japanese
I talk to the people in my head
I destroy whatever is in my hands
I bite down on my own fingers like I'm trying to eat them.
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posted hace más de un año 
Zeppie said:
I suffer from some pretty bad social anxiety so ohhh boy, these are regular habits for me >.>

-put my hands on my face o keep brushing my nose o cheeks.
-scratch my neck
-pick off non-existent fluff from my clothes
-look at the ground
-swing around in my chair (uni has those wheely chairs)
-keep fixing my hair
-can't keep eye contact if someone talks to me
-clench my teeth
-straighten out my clothes
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posted hace más de un año 
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