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starting a youtube channel

hola guys! I have started a youtube channel, I've already publicado 2 videos but I'm going to start posting daily/weekly vlogs! I also do lyric videos. Could tu please subscribe to my channel it would mean alot! I need as much feedback as possible, when I'm older I really want to do media related things as a career so your feedback would mean alot! As I dicho I have 2 videos so if tu don't mind checking them out and giving me opinions to improve on!
Thanks guys x
Link to my channel >>>>
 EmLuvsSprinkles posted hace más de un año
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EgoMouse said:
I only really subscribe to Lets Players/gaming channels, and science channels.
Eh, I watched one of your videos and it was nice. tu seem to be a really happy person. Though, your channel is más for people that are close friends of yours.

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posted hace más de un año 
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