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Please help me with this! D:

So I'm escritura another story and I need some help. I need título and name suggestions.
It's set in the future and it's about 5 teenagers. They get captured and forced to work as slaves. They are filmed everyday and they have to take pills to make sure they never get tired and never want to leave. One of them is a former actor and singer. He starts canto as he takes his pill and the música stops it from affecting him. He goes along with the other 4 and while they're working he stands up and starts singing. It erases the affects of the pills from the others and they escape.

The characters are:

Singer/actor: he has purple hair and he wears black lipstick and eye shadow. he has a rosado, rosa shirt, green jacket, black boots, and jeans.

Other boy: He's not to important, so any name will do.

girl 1: She's from japón and she has black hair. She wears a red dress.

girl 2: She has long red hair. she wears a brown dress.

girl 3: She has braided blond hair. She wears a dark grey dress.
 misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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BlondLionEzel said:
Title: Sing a Tune


Boy 1. Adam
Boy 2. Pauly
Girl 1: Mariko
Girl 2: Faith
Girl 3: Mary
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posted hace más de un año 
Thank you! ^-^ I was actually thinking about using Adam for him.
misscrazel posted hace más de un año
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