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Tell me your parte superior, arriba ten favourite Songs/Soundtracks.

Those are mine

1. Im not Justin Bieber Bch - Gunther (Song)
2. Skyfall - adele (Song)
3. Dangerous - Cascada (Song)
4. ángel of Darkness - Yasmin K (Song)
5. Williams Theme - Code Lyoko (Soundtrack)
6. Bo Tem Mel - Nelson Freitas ft C4Pedro (Song)
7. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (Song)
8. I want it thatw way - Backstreet Boys
9. Piradinha - Gabriel Valim
10. Bring me to Life -Evanescence
 Mollymolata posted hace más de un año
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pearlxashxdawn said:
kpop songs~

1. 2ne1's Missing tu (song)
2. SNSD TTS's Baby Steps (song)
3. EXO's Growl (song)
4. BAP's Power (song)
5. B2ST's Beautiful Night (song)
6. Girl's Day's Something (song)
7. Ailee's I Will mostrar tu (song)
8. That One Person, tu por SNSD's Jessica (OST)
9. Let it Go por Sistar's Hyorin (Frozen OST)
10. Troublemaker's Now (song)

APOP songs~
1. Demi Lovato's corazón Attack
2. Taylor Swift's Ours
3. Ariana Grande's Almost is Never Enough
4. Avril Lavigne's Wish tu Were Here
5. Big Time Rush's Till I Forget About You
6. Christina Perri's A Thousand Years
7. Miranda Cosgrove's Shakespeare
8. Demi Lovato's Let it Go (Frozen OST)
9. Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You
10. Kelly Clarkson's Stronger

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posted hace más de un año 
cool1234girl said:
Here's mine-

1. Young and beautiful- Lana Del Rey
2. Speak up- Pop Etc (Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Soundtrack)
3. Eyes on fire- Blue Foundation (Twilight Soundtrack)
4. One way o another- One Direction
5. Hips Don't Lie- Shakira
6. corazón Attack- Demi Lovato
7. Toxic- Britney Spears
8. Skyfall- Adele
9. Rumour has it- Adele
10. Mutemath- Spotlight (Twilight Soundtrack)

We have a song in common for your playlist :)
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posted hace más de un año 
Makeupdiva said:
Here's mine, not in any order:

1. The Devil within por Digital Daggers
2. Sing for the moment por Eminem
3. Rock me por One Direction
4. Gimme más por Brittany Pierce/Heather Morris(soundtrack)
5. Roar por Katy Perry
6. For your Entertainment por Adam Lambert
7. Mary Jane Holland por Lady Gaga
8. I knew tu were trouble por Taylor Swift
9. The Scientist sung por The glee cast(Soundtrack)
10. Survival por eminem ft. Liz Rodrigues

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posted hace más de un año 
Liquid-Dice said:
1. The Blister Exists - Slipknot (song)
2. Stricken - Disturbed (song)
3. Du Hast - Rammstein (song)
4. Sons of Plunder - Disturbed (song)
5. The Heretic Anthem - Slipknot (song)
6. Ich Will - Rammstein (song)
7. People = Shit - Slipknot (song)
8. (sic) - Slipknot (song)
9. Diary of Jane - Breaking Benjamin (song)
10. Pulse of the Maggots - Slipknot (song)
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posted hace más de un año 
Book-Freak said:
In no particular order...
This is War por 30 segundos to Mars
Suds in the Bucket por Sara Evans
Man I Feel Like A Woman por Shania Twain
The Story of Us por Taylor Swift
I'll Be There For tu por The Rembrants
In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
Rohan from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
Evenstar from the Lord of the Rings Soundtrack
Harry's Wondrous World from the Harry Potter Soundtrack
Leaving Hogwarts from the Harry Potter Soundtrack
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posted hace más de un año 
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