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What bugs tu most?

When people still try to convince me to say yes even after I've clearly dicho NO!
 Jekyde posted hace más de un año
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hetalianstella said:
Oh lets see....

-When people capitalize every word in a sentence.
-Overly obsessed fans.
-Most reality TV.
-When people purposely act like perverts around me when they know, I am not a pervert!
-Kids who are disrespectful towards their parents, teachers, elders, ect.
-When people turn things like rape into a joke.
-People over obsessed with appearance.
-When people are way over patriotic.
-People who use "gay", "fag", "faggot", "retard" "hobo", ect. as insults.
-When people announce things like "I gotta pee!" We do not want to know that...
-How there's thieves that are punished más severely than murderers.
-Disrespect towards great people. Like disrespect towards amazing historical figures.
-When you're on the internet and tu go to click on a picture to make it bigger and it doesn't get bigger it actually gets smaller....
-When kids want to grow up too fast.
-Adults who are setting a bad example in front of kids.
-Hollywood stepping in a turning a great book o mostrar into a terrible movie *cough*avatarthelastairbender*cough.
-People who harass homeless people, disabilities, elder people, ect.
-Food being wasted.
-When lights are left on in a room no one is in. Waste of electricity.
-When people use txt tlk leik tis ovr ta intrnt ...................It hurts my brain.
-Overusing lol. Especially when there is NOTHING FUNNY!
-Kids shows that are a bad influence on kids.
-Most modern music
-People who leave their car running for no reason.
-Drivers not bothering to stop for pedestrians.
-People who go on and on about how awful their life is when tu complain about one little thing like it's some kind of contest!
-When people are way too desperate for attention.
-People who don't bother to put others feelings into consideration.
-Annoying overused youtube comentarios actually getting parte superior, arriba comment.
-When restaurants will stop serving breakfast too early. I don't want lunch at 10 in the morning. It's the morning!
-I hate how when Neil Armstrong died, everyone thought it was the guy who won all of the freaking Tour de France's!
-Turning things like 9/11, the Holocaust, ect. into a joke.
-Complaining when there's nothing to complain about.
-Parents who brag way too much about their kids.
-Some celebrities
-Environmental problems.
-Followers and Fakes
- People who make claims and they can't back up anything they say.
-....The Westboro Baptist Church.

That's all I can think of right now.
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posted hace más de un año 
tu just summed up pretty much everything that annoys me.
ErnieHannah333 posted hace más de un año
Yup.. I agree with every single one of those. Nice list.
RedPineapple posted hace más de un año
Shadey_Grey said:
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posted hace más de un año 
mintymidget210 said:
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posted hace más de un año 
Makeupdiva said:
Being indoors everyday. It makes me very antsy.
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posted hace más de un año 
ShadowFan100 said:
What bugs me most? Well how about I just lista everything, hmm?

1: Slow internet
2: People who whine and moan about crap
3: When perros bark constantly
4: Babies/toddlers
5: People repeating what they say
6: Trying to sleep when I can still hear noises behind my door
7: Waking up early
8: When I'm on the internet doing crap and I get disconnected somehow
9: Waiting (in general)
10: Females (Not all of em just...ones that annoy me)
11: Racism
12: Sexism
13: Agism (Yes, that's a real "ism". google it.)
14: Killing, and fighting of any kind--for any reason. I'm a non-violent dude.
15: Those who seek revenge and hold grudges.
16: Inappropriate TV shows, música and whatever that's bad.
17: Animal abusers
18: Dumb girl poses in pictures
19: tatuajes and piercings. I don't hate those who wear em, I just don't believe in them.
20: Authority of any kind. I'm sorry, it's just that...I don't always trust authority. U never know who's really there for u o who's wanting u dead.
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posted hace más de un año 
Dreamtime said:
when someone interrupts me while i'm talking
and when my computer shuts down
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posted hace más de un año 
herpinaderpson said:
-People who still think homosexuality is an illness
-Insomia and ADD
-Narrow minded freaks
-Children who have unprotected sex(not rape) then make YouTube videos saying 'Pregnancy wasn't my fault.' Everyone is responsible for their own acts.
-My English teacher
-People who say 'YOLO'
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posted hace más de un año 
RedPineapple said:
If I listed everything we'd be here all day. Many things irritate me, whether it's a minor annoyance to a large one.
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posted hace más de un año 
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