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hola guys! Do tu have any fanfictions to recommend?

I'm bored and I can't find any good fanfiction to read, so if tu could please help me out~ The kind of fanfiction I'm looking for:

anime (preferably Kuroshitsuji)
Romantic (any rating is fine)
Long, so if tu could avoid one-shots please but honestly I don't care if tu do end up posting one.

That's all, I guess~ thanks to those of tu who answer! <3
 CielXlizzy19 posted hace más de un año
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Bond_Of_Fury said:

This is a fanfcitionb my girlfriend and me are working on... It's a Kingdom Hearts fanfic... technically not anime, but a japanese video game. It's long from complete, but we would amor to hear people's thoughts on it! :)
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posted hace más de un año 
Oh, I've never played KH before...
CielXlizzy19 posted hace más de un año
So... you're not going to read it? *puppy eyes*
Bond_Of_Fury posted hace más de un año
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