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post a deleted scene video

okay here's the 411 on why this was not put in the movie but became a deleted scene

1. the little axe , drill and mini chainsaw almost touching pleakey instead of the tooth paste , comb and tooth brush part

2.the working chain saw chasing lilo.

3.stitch removing the stove out of it's current postion and revealing it's gasoline cord.

4.the realastic explosion instead of a green plasma explosion.
these four types of basic scenes are not appopriate for children under age to watch , this is why this scene became a deleted scene
what did tu just dicho after holy ?
pinkmare posted hace más de un año
 pinkmare posted hace más de un año
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boytoy_84 said:
Here's a deleted scene of my favorito! movie, The Hot Chick. It's actually a alternate ending but I call it a deleted scene because it was never shown during the movie.
Anyway, this shows Jessica (Rachel McAdams) & April (Anna Faris) in their graduation vestido then it shows Jessica (McAdams) and her friends and family bowling then it shows Jessica's boyfriend, Billy (Matthew Lawrence) driving to the stop light and Rob Schneider walks up and cleans Billy's wind shield with soap and they recognize eachother from earlier from the film, before Rob's and Rachel's character switch their bodies back. Billy freaks out and drives away knocking Rob to the ground.
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posted hace más de un año 
what was the real ending like ?
pinkmare posted hace más de un año
The girls graduate and the siguiente scene Rob Schneider pops out of the bushes wearing a rosado, rosa bra and purple underwear his hands are handcuffed and gets help por a car that stops Rob jumps in the back asiento and thanking the driver, as the driver looks back at him with a smile and drives away Rob screams. The driver was interested in him.
boytoy_84 posted hace más de un año
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