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Can tu please help me??

Continue the story below.. (5-10 lines)

Kevin and Kate have been best friends since they were born, twenty five years ago. Everybody thought they would get married on day, but...

Its very important, please.
Thank you!
 beeibe posted hace más de un año
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peterslover said:
..ever since that new neighbor, who claims to be a witch, moved in siguiente door, things haven't been the same. Strange things have been going on. Kevin has been actuación strange lately. He and Kate just don't connect like they used too. He claims that he must stay inicial in case the neighbor, Luccinda, needed him. For what Kevin didn't even know. He can't explain himself. He can't explain why his car just stopped working. o why he knew Luccindas' name before she told him.
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posted hace más de un año 
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