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Brown bombardeo, bombardero jacket.... that's cheap?! Please help....

I'm going cosplay-hunting online, but I can't find ANY CHEAP bombardeo, bombardero jackets. It's getting me frustrated. Really. I have the rest of the outfit, I just... need... the...jacket o_e *twitch*. Do tu guys know any places where I can get one? I'm looking for one that looks like America's from Hetalia.... I was just going to add the extra things on to it. My budget is around... eh, $40 bucks o so. I can go a bit higher, though. $60 at best. Please. Hear my pleads!!

I'll give tu candy. =3=
 kaboomgirl posted hace más de un año
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Mango21 said:
This was all I could find.


It's the whole costume but it come with the jacket.
It costs $74.39. It's like $15 above what tu dicho and it's the whole costume, but it's on sale. :)

Sorry if this wasn't any help. It was the best I could find. :/
When do tu need it by?
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posted hace más de un año 
Oh my gosh.. $75 is amazing. Thank tu so much. I need it por October, at the most, and I can deal with the whole costume xD I'll just have an extra, in case some hamburguesa con queso gets on it. THANK YOU. tu are on my favorito! people list. *gives candy*
kaboomgirl posted hace más de un año
You're welcome! Glad I could help. I think in the reviews someone dicho it comes in like a mes o something. You're welcome again! :D *takes candy* YUSH más CANDY!!!
Mango21 posted hace más de un año
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