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Advices plzz :(

I have no friends :s

That's why I'm on fanpop to make new friends :s but no one seems to be interested :(

I wish I could die :s what is life without friends ? I have no one to talk to, no one to tell my feelings, no one to act crazy no nothing :'(

Half of my old "fake friends" every time they see me they turn around :s everyday I recieve a fake call from someone who's insulting me o making fun of me :s I swear por God and my mother's life that I've never done something bad to anyone ! :s

My mum told me that they're jealous but jealousy never leads to HATE ! :'(

I have a big corazón and I amor people I swear ! :'(

Everytime I look at friendship frases o pics I cry :s its hurtful , plz respect my feelings and dont make rude comentarios :s
that's almost everyone's problem dear no need to be sad~
jessy_an posted hace más de un año
 -Yusha- posted hace más de un año
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Shadowmarioking said:
Making new friends isn't something that can happen right out of thin air. Making friends takes time and effort, and through it all, tu should be able to find someone who can relate to tu and understand who tu are, and accept that.

Your fake friends were not people who could understand who tu are, shunned tu as something foreign, and chose not to understand who tu are, thus harming tu in the process. tu may not have meant to do anything bad, but to them tu live a life and have interests and beliefs that aren't appealing to them.

It's good tu have a big corazón and amor others. I consider that a rare trait nowadays, since people have grown cold towards each other. Heck, this site is a good example of how far hatred can really go. Seriously have tu seen the shit on here?

If it makes tu feel any better, I've had a rough past with friends as well, with all of them leaving o moving away. I can understand what you're going through, and if it helps, I'll be your friend.
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posted hace más de un año 
I'm really thankfull for ur support, it kind of opened my eyes on people's personalities and the way they live. You're a nice person u deserve the best in ur life :)
-Yusha- posted hace más de un año
You're welcome, and thank you. I do what I can to help others.
Shadowmarioking posted hace más de un año
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