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What is wrong with everyone?

Why whenever a black person is on a movie o voices a cgi character in a movie, people think it's racist? Examples: People think Jar Jar Binks is somehow racist just because he's voiced por an African American, same with Skids and Mudflap from transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen. They aren't racist. Who says Darth Vader isn't racist? He's voiced por James Earl Jones. It's not racist if a black person voices a movie character. What are your opinions?
misceláneo thought: When I first saw this pregunta on my updates, I at first thought, "Jesus, is this about the fucking layout again?" and when I clicked on it, thought in a dull tone of voice, "Oh, know. It's about the Hunger Games again." Lol, I guess if tu were to hear how I thought this to myself, it'd might strike some people as funny? :)
DarkCEpitome posted hace más de un año
^ xD
BeastBoyCahill posted hace más de un año
 CommanderCody posted hace más de un año
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Panda-Hero said:
Just like there's an 'African-American' section of libros in Wal-Mart, 'Black Hair' magazine, and the 'Black Entertainment' channel, Caucasians can't do a thing o it's racist. African-Americans have free reign. I'm not trying to sound racist por saying this but we all know it's true. I think that society has become so touchy and sensitive to our past sins that we try to hide every last bit of evidence. It's ridiculous.
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posted hace más de un año 
XxKeithHarkinxX said:
People are seriously effed up, they think there better than other animals, they're egocentric and ethnocentric, they couldn't care less about world hunger, o poverty.

It honestly sickens me to think of what people do, to other living things, the planet and themselves.

This world is sadly filled with, racism, sexism, religionism.

We try to stop it, but it still comes bouncing back.

There are always fights and wars, there will never be peace.

everyday we hear about rape, murders, kidnapping and suicide.

It is sad what humans have become, honestly sad.

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posted hace más de un año 
DarkCEpitome said:
You're asking me? o_O

And I agree. That is ridiculous, and people are pretty close-minded. I just walked away from a page of comentarios of complete idiots saying that the Holocaust was a hoax.


jesús H. Christ.
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posted hace más de un año 
BeastBoyCahill said:
Oh, wow, I know, right?
That is one of the things that bugs me about people. Racism paranoia!
Before, we had a big problem with racism in some parts of the world. Now we have a problem which is the exact opposite... people are accusing things of being racist when they're even not and not even close!
Here's an example of this: Mentioning people's skin colors. Get this: It is not racist to merely mention somebody's skin color! It really isn't. -_- It is mentioning a physical trait. Many other physical traits are merely mentioned and nobody even thinks about accusing it of anything. It's called description. Do tu get upset when somebody mentions somebody's being blond, brunette, tall, short (well, some people get upset about 'short' (Ha ha, I just reminded myself about Edward Elric) but tu know...), so on. What is racist is talking about a person's skin color being important to their character! I was talking to my friend at school today about durarara!! and told him about Mikado's first thoughts when he saw Simon, the sushi guy in the first episode... tu know, about the tall, black guy selling sushi. And my friend exclaimed, "He's racist!" Man, that annoyed me. If that's so, then why isn't Mikado also heightist because he thought about Simon's being tall?? *Sigh...*
Okay, I'm done with my guy-rant. For now.
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posted hace más de un año 
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