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hola Please Help Out My Friend...

We need some suggestions. She's currently dating a guy she doesn't like. She wants to make sure the guy starts hating her because if specific reasons.

Could tu guys state some things she can do to piss him off and get him to dislike her and dump her?

Thanks :)
 justingurl99 posted hace más de un año
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DarkCEpitome said:
No offense, but why couldn't she just grow a pair and tell him she's not interested and break it off? It'd be better if she was honest and upfront with him rather than doing petty shit like manipulating him into hating her. o_O

Sorry, I've had a broken corazón myself. I have a soft side and feel passionate concerning these issues. xD
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posted hace más de un año 
*sigh* But to give tu what tu asked for 'cause I'm feeling nice today and a perra already shot my nerves earlier; She could act flirtatious around another guy o two, not enough to make her into a slut but enough for her boyfriend to notice. Believe me, this will drive him crazy.
DarkCEpitome posted hace más de un año
I was about to answer the same thing about breaking up with him
Mrs-X posted hace más de un año
adultswimperson said:
Instead of asking people on here, why can't tu just buscar on google how to get a girl to make a guy mad and break up with him.
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posted hace más de un año 
Hmmm, a valid point, adultswinperson... XD
blackpanther666 posted hace más de un año
RetroAngelz96 said:
she can call him an ugly bastard...
O_O that's all I can think of xDD
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posted hace más de un año 
blackpanther666 said:
1. Not have sex with him

2. Insult him daily

3. Be melodramatic all of the time

4. Ask him to help her do her make-up

5. Tell his friends he has a small -well, tu know-

I have no idea why I'm responding to this, since it should be in a different club (relationship advice), but okay. XD
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posted hace más de un año 
Mrs-X said:
Why doesn't she just break up with him?

Anyway, here are some ideas:

She could be rude to him
She could ignore him
She could tell him about guys who are interested in her and that she also likes
She could try to look like she's bored when she's with him
She could argue with him for anything, just little things that are not important

But seriously, it would be nicer if she would just break up wirh him because he definitely won't appreciate all that stuff...
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posted hace más de un año 
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