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Based on personalities, what Vocaloid characters are the hetalia characters most like?

Looks don't count. For example, Russia is not Kaito just because the have similar hairstyles and scarves. Gender doesn't matter. Here's my idea:
China=Len Kagamine
Belarus=Rin Kagamine
Russia=Tei Sukone
Germany=Kaito Shion
Poland=Hatsune Miku
Italy=Kagami Kawaiine

Any ideas? tu can repeat characters.
 SymmaGirl2 posted hace más de un año
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Shadowmarioking said:
Yowane Haku- Canada
SeeU- Greece (for whatever reason~)
Oliver- Sealand
Rin Kagamine- Liechtenstein
Len Kagamine- Switzerland

I'll add más later when I think of'em.
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posted hace más de un año 
Haku fits Canada so well! Except Canada is never drunk... But no one ever remembers Haku, so she's perfect! And SeeU seems fitting towards Greece for some reason... Hm...
SymmaGirl2 posted hace más de un año
^Canada's drunk...on arce syrup-*shot down*
Shadowmarioking posted hace más de un año
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