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If tu have gone to school with o are an exchange student what's the funniest/embarassing thing thst's ever happened while at school?

When my family was staying in Paris my understanding of French wasn't great (still isn't) so I kind of insulted my teacher (she spoke English too).

Me: Skinny is mince. Fat is gros.
Teacher: We do not say the 'skinny' and the 'fat', there is only,thin and big.
Me: isn't that the same?
Teacher: No one is skinny o fat!
Me: But you're fat.
Teacher: ....... >(

And one time when my family was in California, there was a German exchange student who didn't understand the meaning of 'gay', and only basic English, so when he looked in a dictionary and saw that it dicho happy he announced to the whole cafeteria, "I am so gay! Especially to be here with all om my nice new friends!"

The saddest part, he actually was gay and didn't understand that he was coming out of the closet

 childofaeolus posted hace más de un año
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Jeffersonian said:
Not major awkward, but anyway this Indonesian exchange student sits behind me in English and since we get along well she borrowed my worksheet to get what she'd missed. I'd shortened what Lady Macbeth had dicho to Macbeth as "Man up." and had to explain to Dewi what "man up." meant.
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posted hace más de un año 
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